Elliot- 5th Character-Formation Martial Arts

I’m Elliot and I train martial arts I’m also a student, a baking and pastry student So I just do both To be honest with you I’ve been to business school, electronic engineering school I like
to teach martial arts and I just think that I can make my mark with
people better and my mark in life better teaching martial arts. I drove through here in 2012 clearing my mind for a fight So I was taking a drive through the mountains and I drove through this town and was like oh my god, there’s no gym here Basically said I was going to open a gym here, started telling everybody, I kept talking about it so much That it became a thing and so I just lived for it. It’s always in the back of my mind that Turner Valley was going to be my home and I just want to buy property out here Driving from Calgary I get here first thing in the morning and stay here until probably 10 So I’m here 14-15 hours per day That’s the whole thing, it’s for the community, to kind of bring martial arts here. I’ve watched how it changes peoples lives. and I think it just has a bigger impact on your life than you than all other sports because it teaches you self discipline, responsibility and just to be a good member of your community My goal is to give the youth martial arts, they don’t have a lot So I know it creates a family bond and pride within your community we’re setting up a community within the
community like martial arts community so you know that it’s like not quite a
secret society but it’s like it’s like a brotherhood. I’d like to have a lot
of students like martial art students a a good fight team. I’m 41 so retirement is not too far away. I want this business to boom and have my hobby at the bakery and making pastries as well.

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