Elite Performance Boxing Interview – Erin McGowan

My name is Erin McGowan I’m a recently
retired professional boxer with over 16 years of international fight experience
I’m now a boxing trainer first eight years of my career I was Olympic style
boxer bringing home five Australian titles three Oceania and being ranked
number three in the world before turning pro another eight years in my pro career
bringing home three world titles from the from the content 16 years of the
pounding against my shoulders my upper body through boxing I’m now holding pads
full time so there’s a lot of impact going through my wrists elbows and
shoulders with the constant treatment from Jordan he keeps my body fresh and
it allows me to keep doing the job I absolutely love but as you could
imagine hours and hours every weekend of that
constant pounding pads against my upper body is a lot of stress so Jordan the
treats my neck back shoulders and arms and just keep me fresh and able to
work through my job

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