Elite boxer fled the Commonwealth Games, now he’s fighting to call Australia home

For this boxer, fighting is in his blood. I didn’t start young,
but maybe cause I had that blood. My dad was also a boxer. Maybe it pushed me
to join boxing as well. Regarn and Bashir wandered in here late last year and said they would like to box. After one session of watching him I thought, ‘well, you can
already box. Who are you?’ So they told me they were from Uganda,
They’d been the Commonwealth Games. I did some research on Dr Google and I
was quite amazed what come up. Regarn was one of a group of athletes that went
missing during the 2018 Commonwealth Games at the Gold Coast. He was fleeing
his home in Uganda. Those who stayed back, we have different issues back home. Like politically and other issues. Me, I have. But the good thing is the government sometimes listens. It is not that it always pushes us
back but it gives us the chance to stay and look at our issues. Was it
something that put your life at risk? Exactly yeah. It’s been a bit of an eye opener to me. You hear all these rumors about how much
immigrants get given and how unfair it is and in these guys situation that’s
definitely not the case. They’ve worked really hard for everything they’ve got.
Nothing’s been given to them, so it’s hats off to them. Their dedication
and obviously they miss people from home, but they still keep plodding along. Now the top boxer is fighting for a chance to represent Australia. Regarn talks about it frequently that he
wants to represent Australia and he’s brought attention to himself as well
from his work at the Commonwealth Games. Being beaten in a split decision by the
eventual gold medal winners a pretty big achievement. He’s in a really good
position to possibly represent Australia and of course you always look to bring
home some sort of bling. Gold would be lovely. He does everything I asked of him
which is nice thing to have happen. Works hard and gets the reward. I know it’s not easy but I do all my best when I’m in gym so that the moment I get
that chance to reach there, I do it.

12 thoughts on “Elite boxer fled the Commonwealth Games, now he’s fighting to call Australia home

  1. That's awesome .

    Keep the spirit popping .

    Born a boxer I bet .

    Just keep on working hard and do your best as you said in video.

    Results will always show anytime.

    Just keep working mate.

    Goodluck 😊

  2. Champion Regarn , His a real definition of champion's are born not made from the Gym, He floats and stings at target … God bless you Regarn…. #Team Wiser . 💪

  3. I have full trust in our God and in you my love that one day , i said one day you will be one of the renown, great boxing 🥊 star 🌟 the world 🗺 has ever had. Go go love, heavyweight king of the ring, my God made international champion, as He purposed its shall come to pass


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