Elias disrespects John Cena: Raw 25, Jan. 22, 2018

Ladies and gentlemen, Jimmy Fallon is right here.
>>[APPLAUSE]>>So.>>[APPLAUSE]>>Hey Jimmy, let me show you how it’s done. [MUSIC] Stone Cold saw me coming and
decided to run. Undertaker is a decrepit old man, he should buy a ticket to Elias and
sit in the stands. [SOUND] [MUSIC] Chris Jericho’s a big phony. And in the past, he’s stuck. And as far as The Rock goes, I’ve gotta say that The Rock, he still sucks.>>[NOISE]>>[MUSIC] Don’t know just more like
Brooklyn because he has no balls.>>[NOISE]>>And just so you know Elias, both myself and Brooklyn have balls
cuz there they are right there.>>[APPLAUSE]>>25 years of Monday Night Raw.>>Shut your damn mouth.>>[APPLAUSE]>>No one wants to hear you.>>[APPLAUSE]>>They came to hear me.>>[APPLAUSE]>>Well, then. Do something about it.
>>[APPLAUSE]>>That’s not how it works John. [NOISE]
>>I don’t take orders from you and I definitely don’t take any orders
from these Brooklyn scumbags>>[NOISE]>>And Elias went after Cena.>>And now Cena went for a shoulder tackle.
>>It’s John Cena whose made a career. Out of this.
>>[APPLAUSE]>>And now ready for a five knuckle shuffle.
>>[NOISE]>>And Cena has Elias positioned. But for the Attitude Adjustment. A blatant low blow dropping Cena. First he tried the sneak attack, and
then Elias dropped him with a low blow. And Elias with a blow right off of Cena.
>>Get up.>>[APPLAUSE]>>Elias showing that mentality that could help him go a long way this
Sunday in the Royal Rumble match.>>Elias is for real, Cole.
>>And Elias also just painted a big
target on his own back. And the franchise players are gonna
be the one hunting it down.>>And Elias with that Drift Away to Cena. A major statement being made
tonight to the 16 time champ.>>I can tell you that’s how you make a statement. [MUSIC]

100 thoughts on “Elias disrespects John Cena: Raw 25, Jan. 22, 2018

  1. I hate this Elias …..RESPECT JOHN CENA. …..

    When elias hit john cena with the guitar I nearly cried 😢😢😢😢😢

  2. Elias saying “shut your damn mouth” and the crowd reaction gets me every single time and I don’t know why

  3. 1:41 if anyone wants to repeat that over and over. Seriously stop bringing beach balls to the WWE arenas! If your bored then don't go to it at all!

  4. Now thats wrastling!! GReat drama performance. When does the estranged son of his ex wife come in? Maybe next episode.

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