Elbow, knee and throw. Focus on what works. The Kissaki-Kai way. Guy Janssens 7th Dan.

.. so, he’s already on his way to attack, right .. and it’s OK to be first once in while, right … ? .. Now, we are going ..before something actually happens .. ..we are going to initiate this time .. So you’re standing here this way, like “common man, what ..” Push the arms away .. ..then first .. (Going) in OK? So a combination of … .. low … ..high .. .. and control. Alright? Is the position of the hands in the neck similar to that of (migi) koshi kamae? They to do not go that deep. So actually .. … this is the most important piece .. You need to push him a little away. .. with the hip! .. this one .. .. (also) with the hip … Now your going from here .. .. to the brachial plexus .. .. and control!

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