Ed Roberts: Karate

Okay, now Ed and I are going to go through the content that you just watched Catherine do. I will be representing the attackers
that are are in front, behind, and to each side of Ed. Hiatch All right I’m done. All right. I’m grabbing and wanting to get ready to lift him up If he goes straight back. All right slowly. Remember this is actually going to happen fast. All right normal. Hold it, hold it, hold it. Turn to the left. Okay. All right. Now if he did that fast, I’m going to go sailing over here somewhere. Hiatch All right. Lead Hold it. Sunge A 90 to your left, blocking another kick. Hytch. Don’t look at my leg, watch me. All right. All right. What’s happening here, just as I’m trying to get the blade to him and he makes the impact, it completely destroys my balance. All right? All right. Hiatch. And it misses. Okay? Okay, same thing. I’m here, on the side, and gonna try to ram it in. All right, to your right. Hiatch. Okay. Front to me. All right, Oss.

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