Eagle Seizes Gullet from 18 Hands | Shaolin Kung Fu

Hi. I’m Karl Romain. Today I’ll be doing the 18-hand tactics, “Eagle
Seizes The Gullet”. Okay. So let’s break the technique down. And now I’ll break the technique down for
you. So, if Mr. Robinson comes in and punches,
I’m going to step back and block. Grabbing with my eagle claw, going forward,
and grabbing the throat with the eagle claw as well. Okay. One more time. Full speed. Blocking, sweep forward, and grab. And that was “Eagle Seizes The Gullet”.

10 thoughts on “Eagle Seizes Gullet from 18 Hands | Shaolin Kung Fu

  1. bad think here when you block you go back and so walk in for a punsh and when you go for punsh you target have the time he need move a step so not in balance. this is not good use for self defense and it look like ninjustsu.

  2. Very nice Shifu I teach a form of Eagle Claw our form is called Bagger stealing rice we call that Eagle catching the sparrow it actually a killing move I teach to only advanced students because it's a killing technique for crushing the thyroid cartridge then closing it shut with the Eagle Claw

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