28 thoughts on “Eagle Martial Arts Hapkido Sparring/Technique Demo

  1. @i2ghost34 Sorry for the very late reply, it was loosely choreographed, we went in there with an idea of what to do… but as you can see some of that choreography was thrown out for improvisation on the day. It was simply a demo for students and guests after a black belt grading. We were pulling kicks and punches but still had a few bruises afterwards. Good times! 😉

  2. Choi Yong-Sool (Hangul: 최용술)'s training in martial arts is a subject of contention. It is known that Choi was sent to Japan as a young boy and returned to Korea with techniques characteristic of Daitō-ryū Aiki-jūjutsu (大東流合気柔術), a forerunner of aikido!! i Koera trying be like aikido? lol

  3. @dymbag98 haha yeah it's complicated. Hapkido was only called 'Hapkido' after WWII but it has parts of Korean (and Japanese) traditional martial arts that form it's technique base.

    Check out our website, then go to 'About Hapkido', then 'History and Major Figures From Korea' for more info. Keep in mind though that all Hapkido history is obscured and we'll probably never know the complete truth.


  4. @dymbag98 Hapkido and Aikido both have roots in jiujitsu. They are similar in many aspects such as the name (same meaning, they just have different pronunciations korean vs japanese ai = hap) and in the style of fight. However, there are many differences in the philosophy and the execution in the techniques. Hapkido is a very recent martial art and it would be idiotic to think that it is not based in another discipline.

  5. It's one of our sets. 2nd Dan Kibonsu (2nd Dan "Basic Techniques"). In our set it's simply know as "Number 4" ; )
    Block left hand (keep a hold of the arm if needed), as doing this launch off both feet and get behind him (holding his arm helps here) at the same time switch hips to face him, use right foot to take out his right leg while pulling down on his shoulders (shoulders to his heels, not toward yourself).

  6. That's a yes and a no answer. Your weight might limit your ability with the break falling side of things and some of the acrobatics but as far as size goes in regards to learning the art then No it should not stop you from learning.
    I think that we are really only limited by how determined we are to do / learn something if you want it bad enough then make it happen hope this helps

  7. trust me its not easy to master toke me 7 months to master only half of the basics plus training my body to do such things toke another 3 months but in my honest opinion Hakido will take atleast 3-5 yrs to master i'm on my second year of training of this martial art and let me say it is good to have a calm mind and body in order to utilize such prowess and understanding the art is drastic if you ever train in this art be sure to be known to yourself by yourself only you know yourself ^_^

  8. Yes weight does play a key role but just to verify what do you mean? Weight as in '' I'm large must i be fit to do this art? '' or Weight as in the opponent's weight?

  9. also i don't remember if i was in harmony with myself before, but i do know that hapkido is what helps me stay that way now

  10. This… I'd like to learn this… But I haven't the time nor the money unfortunately- I will accomplish this after my schooling in the academic arts is over

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