Dubtown S01E06 – Jehovahs Witnesses & Martial Arts

this week Jimmy and his family have
unwittingly moved into DubTown Jimmy loves Taekwondo making friends in a new school is very important here comes young Chad hey Jimmy all right! whoa Jimmy! those moves man, wow! what are you doing there? Taekwondo. it’s proper martial arts so it is I’m gonna get me a gold medal in the Olympics one day so I am that’s pretty cool you look like you know what you doing yes, well, I could kill you with one finger well maybe not one, I don’t really have
fingers i’m made of lego haha you are funny Jimmy you should come over to my house
my dad will train us both awesome man anyway i got to get going, catch you later tatty bye Oh dad why not? its an Olympic sport no no no chad, if you love violence jehovah will hate you but it’s just self defense martial arts have roots in one of the ancient isms Buddhism or
Taoism stuff like that but it was only invented in the 1950’s sorry Chad but we
must be no part of the world oh just so unfair god! later Chad sneaks out hey Jimmy Oh your dad let you come over cool beans right lets do some warm up moves meanwhile over at one of the town’s
watchtowers oh no, what’s this young Chad is envolved in wrong doing this kind of activity is not sanctioned by Watchtower corporation but what to do hes an elders
son I should really call this in I think I will speak to Derek first oh dear it looks like young Chad has had a little bit too much to think oversight from Watchtower is always on hand to deliver loving discipline from Jehovah now what have you got to say for yourself to Roger I’m sorry I’m sorry for sneaking out and? I’m sorry for learning martial arts and who are you sorry for most upsetting uhhh Jehovah’s organization very good I think we can leave it there can’t we Roger yes I think you have seen the error of your ways thank you for your wise counsel Roger
now run along now Chad wasn’t that a wasn’t that a nice gentle slap on the wrist for young
Chad he is lucky his dad is a man of some power in the congregation another
person might result in a marking talk and being publicly shamed this really is
the most imperfect organization on earth

27 thoughts on “Dubtown S01E06 – Jehovahs Witnesses & Martial Arts

  1. On point…He's sorry for upsetting Jah"s Org but not Jah!!.. This is the crux of the matter, this is how they truly view things!
    Keep up the gr8 videos!! 👍

  2. I love the dude from the Watchtower spying and ratting on them! Yes, they are "the most imperfect organization on earth" LOL

  3. Okay, so Ti-kwan-Do is NOT sanctioned by JEHOVAH'S ORGANIZATION but child sex abuse is? 🤦‍♀️😱🤷‍♀️ OY!

  4. One of my biggest regrets was not continuing martial arts cause of WT policy. Still am doing some Kung fu training now despite age. It's great!

  5. The Jw stance on martial arts is a joke. most , MOST martial arts are not about violence , " the best was to fight is not to fight " -Bruce Lee. Martial arts are about self disciple , fitness and confidence. Jesus told his followers to sell their cloaks and buy swords , but Jws would say we abhore violence , we are peaceful. Guess Jesus was wrong…..

  6. My rebel JW husband enrolled me in Aikido for self-defense as I'd been a victim of sexual assault before I met him. It was a women's class, but since no other girls enrolled they opened it up to men and I was quite nervous, so he went with me and partnered me. He said it didn't offend his conscience so long as we didn't bow in the direction of the sun at the start as instructed. His elder brother said it was a 'matter of conscience' to still take part. As I got to pair up against all these other guys, some of whom were new recruits for the police force, I realised that having joined in order to fight off a man, I was now paying to be thrown around by several on a weekly basis. Hence I gave up and he carried on going.

  7. My dad was a black belt in karate before he became a elder in the JWs I asked him as a kid if I could do Martial Arts for self-defense he said no but been a rebel elder he taught me some self-defense as he thought a woman should be able to do self defense to protect themselves it makes you less vulnerable and more able to protect yourself in the least but this does not mean nothing could happen to you in some situations another great video .

  8. If a Jehovah's witness tries to read some crap to me(my mum used to be one so I know what to expect) I'm gonna show them my belts and my kobudo weapons.

  9. People nosing through the windows, the skeleton, just brilliant. Always funny, often profound, these are a real gem of the internet.

  10. My JW sister does yoga and acupuncture. I think she is doing it covertly because I can't imagine the elder gestapos approving of it. So many of them leading a secret double life.

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