79 thoughts on “Drunk Kung Fu Russian Starts a Fight at Family Festival

  1. OK Russia Rocks!
    A. Wear a t-shirt = you are a drunk D-bag.
    B. Wear a black leather jacket = you mean business.
    C. Wear a really shitty suit = make some really shitty music.

    Thanks god some of the women are smoking hot.

  2. Russian music is soooo awesome. Why they didn't took these musicians to Eurovision? They would have taken the first place for real 😀

  3. this reminded me of the scene in From Dusk Till Dawn where everyone gets slaughtered while the band just keeps playing music. HAHA

  4. I would have hit him also. Only because he pushed that guy into two different kids. If I catch a person putting kids in harms way; YOU'RE GOING DOWN!

  5. I like how the band just keeps playing, like la de da someone's punching someone out, oh well…True professionals.

  6. The guy that hit the old fuck, what hoodie did he have? The hoodie seemed so small, and it fit very well with the leather jacket

  7. Yes, believe it or not…the world was TERRIFIED of these assholes for decades!!!!!

    Unreal. What a fucking a joke Russia is. Poor, drunk…rhythmically challenged. I feel sorry for them, I really do.

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