Drops 01 – Coleção Histórica Marvel – Mestre do Kung Fu

[Music] Hello, this is the Quadrilateros Drops in fact a new format, that we are
going to launch here in the channel, for a quick news,
a recent release of the comics stands, it’s a way to inform quickly, not exactly in the same
style as the normal programs in the channel. Let´s go. This Panini launch in the Historical Marvel Collection has a somewhat different
editorial format, paper rather brighter, remembering the old editions of Brazil América and it has these effects, like a
already manipulated, old, old cover. Visually I found it very interesting but this collection is extremely singular for being about
the Master of Kung Fu. These stories began in the 1970s and used the characters in
Sax Hohmer’s books, like Fu Manchu, Sir Nayland Smith who was the british agent
who went against him and his partner Dr. Petrie. And they used these characters that came out of the pulps, Marvel created
a differentiated situation, with Fu Manchu in these days,
in the days of the 70´s at least, still trying the goal
of world domination and they created a specific character
among them the son of Fu Manchu which is exactly the motto and
main character of the magazine. These stories
actually were not republished for a long time for a copyright problem. Marvel lost the rights of
the characters from Sax Rohmer so they could not republish anything who had Fu Manchu, Nayland
Smith, or Dr. Petrie nor the other characters
created in the books. This created a stalemate for Marvel
because it had the material, had created new characters, but
could not republish these stories. They ended up using the
Kung Fu Master in some other things changing
the name of Fu Manchu, using theoretically
his original Chinese name that was an invention but recentily, in an agreement,
this began to been repubished in United States and Panini is
bringing it here now to Brazil. It’s a wonderful edition, a timing of differentiated stories, It’s very different from the
things they creates these days when they want to reach a very fast goal
in the plots. The character, this version, was created by Steve Englehart, Jim
Starlin, who did the art, and was the co-author, and “Al” Milgrom
who made the final art. Jim Starlin was also
the creator of Thanos which is now in the movie of the Avengers, They are such exceptional stories, a slightly different look, interesting fighting sequences especially when the drawings
fall into the hands of Paul Gulacy which has a perfect
movement view. Jim Starlin, when he
drawn the third edition, was already thinking of moving away
of the title and it’s interesting that
the story begins with the Master of Kung Fu, Shang Chi, being
attacked by three people in an alley and in a quick conversation between them we see that onename is Jim,
the other is called Steve and the last is called Al, exactly the names
of the three creators of the character, and when they try to attack Shang Chi, to fight him, Steve and Al faced the character, and loses the fight, while Jim, that would be Jim Starlin, he runs away, sounds like: “I do not want to face it
no, I’m leaving.” and in the next edition you still have Al Milgrom, you
still have Steve Englehart, but Jim Starlin is no
longer, he really ran away, literally from one edition to the next, and that’s when Paul
Gulacy’s drawings begin. It has interesting special participations
of another characters the Man Thing which is the Marvel´s
version of the Swamp Thing It will be a inicial
collection of at least 8 numbers which were promised, and it’s a material
with a seal of approval from the Quadrilateros! [Music]

5 thoughts on “Drops 01 – Coleção Histórica Marvel – Mestre do Kung Fu

  1. Gostava muito de ler as histórias desse personagem quando era publicado pela Bloch ( que vc deve ter todos), e ver a Panini traze-lo de volta na sua versão clássica é muito legal.

  2. A história da criação é emblemática, Steve Englehart e Jim Starlin eram fãs da série Kung Fu, estrelado pelo David Carradine como o sino-americano Kwai Chang Kaine (a grafia muda, mas o nome do meio é o mesmo), ao consultar o jurídico da editora, descobriram que Kung Fu era uma série da Warner, que desde 1969, era a dona da DC, para isso, recriaram, o Roy Thomas sugeriu atrelar ao Fu Manchu, os artistas revezavam, o Starlin mesmo disse que a escolha do vilão foi criticada por amigos asiáticos, já que ele representava o perigo amarelo, Paul Gulacy começou seguindo o que o Starlin tinha estabelecido, até que um amigo o apresentou aos filmes de Bruce Lee e ele passou a se basear nas feições do Lee (algo seguido por outros como Mike Zeck), curiosamente, hoje já se dá como certo que Kung Fu é baseado no projeto de série que o Bruce Lee apresentou pra Warner e Paramount chamado The Warrior, a Warner sempre negou, Brandon Lee chegou a participar como filho do Kwai Chang Kaine num telefilme e bisneto num piloto de uma sequência que não foi pra frente, em 2015, Cinemax, canal da Warner, vai produzir uma série produzida pela filha Shannon Lee. Infelizmente, filmes e série sobre Bruce Lee explicam mal a história, misturam os fatos fora de ordem.

  3. Cheguei a conclusão que essas reimpressões são para o vindouro filme, os chineses estão divididos quanto ao filme, o fato dele ser filho do Fu Manchu ou do Mandarim gera controvérsias.

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