Drop Boxing is Toronto’s newest boxing gym

Recently I’ve been going on a little
bit of a fitness tour across the city, so today I’m gonna be checking out Drop
Boxing. It’s a brand new fitness studio in the city, so today I’m gonna learn how
to perfect my jab, hook, uppercut! Someone help me. I need help. Deepa: All right so this space is
awesome. Can you tell me a little bit more about what exactly Drop Boxing is? Lara: Drop Boxing is a boxing-inspired group fitness class. It’s a 50-minute
class. Half of the class that’s a mimic on strength training and the other half
of class, you’re gonna be doing rounds on the bag and it is an intense workout.
There’s no boxing workout that is not intense. Deepa: The group fitness
class, what exactly does that look like? Break it down for me. Lara: Okay so as soon as
you enter, you’re gonna learn what are the six punches. So we’re gonna cover
your jab, your straight, your hooks and your uppercuts.
And then finally that’s when we start our rounds. It’s ten rounds in total. Five
rounds are gonna be on the bag and five rounds are gonna be on the back strength
training stations. Deepa: That sounds intense. Lara: Yeah but you’ll be kind of going back and forth throughout the
room, not all at one time but it’s basically just when you’ve had enough of
boxing that’s when we take you over to strength training. Deepa: So aside from just
boxing classes, are there any other types of classes that you offer? Lara: All of our
classes include that boxing element however we kind of cater the class based
on what body part we’re going to focus on for the day. So if it’s a Monday, we’re
focusing on your legs and booty. Tuesday will be chest, back and abs. Wednesday we’re
focused on triceps and arms. So basically a total arm workout. Deepa: So I know you mentioned
that you guys do like personal fitness classes or like personal training
classes and then group in its classes. So do those look the same or are they
completely different? Lara: They’re very different. So our group fitness classes we can host up to 40 people in a class and that’s all inside the
drop room. The drop room is 1500 square feet. It’s a sound insulated space, our
personal training, it’s actually done within this space here, which is a very
separate space. It has a different feel and it gives you that one-on-one
attention for whatever your goals are. Deepa: Alright I like the sound of that class. I’m going to take that, I’m going to become a pro boxer and then you guys can
catch me in a ring me on you!

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