Drivers boxing and wrestling on the road 61 English subtitles

the truck with the crane the manipulator does not pass those who want to drive around the traffic jam on the side of the road will there be a battle now? oi oi oi big guy look blyat he is with a knife! Ilya is pizdez Look at this outrage! moron Does he have a mind or not? audiobook about amazons, wolves of mutants in the setting of sword and magic driving instructor’s car romantic pastime guys need to turn right on the side of the road overtaking prohibited! guys! right turn! right turn!
there is a traffic jam! 4 lines of traffic the cause of the conflict is not clear good neighborly relations Mexico tennis racket professional weapons Ukraine And what’s the reason? come here bitch! Timur! be careful here is a woman.
men – enough men, stop, there are girls right there yes you are a waffle stick!

go hell

go here! Are you afraid?

enough go to hell!

You pidras!

stop it men stop immediately condom! did you take video

I do not know idiocy

You called me a pidoras, and you will answer for this!

go to hell!

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