Hi, I’m Karl Romain sharing with you the eighteen
tactics. Today what we do is dragon subduing hand. Dragon subduing hand is what we call a chinar. Chinar means to seize and control and I’ll
be demonstrating that on my partner today. We’re gonna start with a basic wrist grab. Notice that when he grabs, he’s got a grab
where his thumb is down towards the floor. I’m gonna counter grab. From here I’m gonna pull him towards me. Naturally when somebody pulls you towards
him you pull away. I’m gonna follow him in bringing my elbow
up and then dropping it straight to the ground. Okay, let’s demonstrate this a little faster. And now I’ll demonstrate it from the other
side. He’s gonna grab. I counter grab. Notice that my thumb is up towards the ceiling. Notice his thumb is towards the ground. I cover, I pull towards me. He pulls in, arm bends and then I drop him
down. Okay, lets do it again full speed. I’m Karl Romain and that was dragon subduing
hand from the eighteen tactics.

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