Double Vengeance (Martial Arts Action Short Film Drama ) 報仇

In 2016 I went traveling across different countries with my best friend Will. It was supposed to be an exciting trip a fun way to spend the summer holiday after graduating from college. In the end it turned out to be a nightmare. We just finished touring Australia and landed at our next destination, China. Whilst sightseeing, triads came out of nowhere and started shooting. They were in a gun battle against the police. Will was caught in the crossfire. I couldn’t get any help. My best friend died right in front of me. The triads escaped. The police did nothing. There was no justice. I thought I’d be heading back to England knowing the people who caused the death of my friend would continue to roam free. But one day I stumbled across one of the triads I saw on that fateful day. I followed him in stealth and he led me to where the rest of his gang were. Seeing all of them in one place… … I had them all right where I wanted them. I charged in and took them all on. I lost all sense of reasoning. I just wanted to pound every triad member to death. After defeating the twenty eighth person I was beginning to get tired. I thought I would never make it out alive. Then I spotted a bomb. I instantly thought “if I wasn’t going to make it out alive, nobody will.” I went for the bomb and set it off. I found myself far away from the initial blast zone. I waited to see if there was any movement. There wasn’t. The news reported that ninety seven triads were killed in that blast. I returned to England before the Chinese authorities knew I was the one responsible. I know you’re there. You may as well just come out right now. What the hell did you just say? You do not spoke Mandarin? Listen. I only speak English, Japanese, Hakka and Cantonese. I don’t understand whatever it is you just spoke.” Fine. You no need to talk any. I kill you today. Who the heck are you? Jack Chan, you killed my brothers in China. All nine seven. Now I kill you. So you’re one of them. I guess you’ll be the ninety eighth to go to hell. Jack. What’s up, man? Jason, get your officers down here. I killed someone. The court believes Jack Chan was acting in self defense. Not guilty. Glad that’s all over. How’re you holding up? All things considered, I’m feeling great. Where will you go from here? I want to get away from England for a while. Maybe head to Japan. Will and I never made it there after what happened in China. I feel like I have to go… … complete Will’s journey. All right. Rest in peace, Will.

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