44 thoughts on “Dororo – Opening 2 Full『Dororo』by Asian Kung-Fu Generation

  1. Por fin lo he estado esperando todo este tiempo la versión completa del opening x3 gracias y creo que te debo un favor 😀

  2. I want the full version of ending 2 (yamiyo by eve) so badly but I can't find it anywhere, neither the information about the release

  3. I uploaded the radio edit of the second song Kaihouku on Vimeo.

    If you want I can send you this, so you can uploaded it

  4. No sé ustedes pero me suena un poco al opening de Naruto Shippuden X3 pero iguales buena rola uwu

  5. Slowly getting used to this op, I only fangirl some parts of the song at the Dororo x Hyakkimaru moments because I know it becomes canon ❤️

  6. Pls Support my channel by subscribing and watching my videos 😉 just promoting and its not a bot… most of my comments are copy paste even this.. i played this music every day

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