DONT Push the Wrong MYSTERY BOX into the Water ! (you decide)

Three…… Two……. ONE AAAAAAAAAaAaAAAAAAAAAAAA What’s going on guys today i’m here with Gloom and we’re doing the don’t push the mystery box into the pool challenge What are you so sad? I’m scared. This is one of those ideas that like sounds really fun on paper But you can actually get really hurt. :'( Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention, that we’re gonna be in the boxes that we’re pushing. I hope you pick the wrong box. I hope I pick the right box I don’t want us to get hurt but I want us to get pushed in cause it’s fun. Azzy has really really bad luck But she asked you guys to vote So hopefully… hopefully the luck runs in the family. Hopefully, so you guys voted whether it’s the right box or the left box But we also have a life guard so we’re kinda safe right? Let’s hope so (introducing Twinkie the lifeguard) I’m not a very good swimmer. Neither Am I Oh no I can’t even save you Are you okay with this? Are you okay with the potential danger? I laugh in the face of danger HAHAHAHAHA Okay fine lets go Okay guys, so I posted it on Instagram and you guys voted so let’s open it up you guys voted for right For right Oh But it was a really close call 59 and 41. Mm-hmm Cassie is gonna get into the box see her right there I’m gonna close my eyes and she’s gonna get in. She doesn’t know what you guys voted. So whatever she goes in HA She’s gonna get, maybe wet Maybe not, we’ll see *wiggle wiggle* You’re gonna get wet Cassie NO We’ll keep going until she does *evil laughter* Okay, so now I have to choose which box to get into and here’s my logic Usually when people look at pictures they look from left to right her votes that left to right. So I assume more people voted left So I’m gonna go right, does that make sense?? You don’t know??? Come on, I’m scared Okay, I’m gonna get into a box now *into the box she goes!* *Unnecessary box sounds* Hey Terry Your skirt is poking out Is it?? Yea *weird noise* Quit touching my skirt Terry: Get in there I am far more terrified than I should be, just because I feel like this is how people get hurt, and uh I don’t like it. Also, as I talk the box moves *breathes* whatever. Ok I’m going… Oh god i just can’t, I can’t move too much cause she’s going to know She’s going to know where I am I’m so uncomfortable and I can’t move Okay, guys I am down here I didn’t see where she went But she’s in one of these boxes. Am I scaring you Cassie? Am I scaring you? Aha! So I don’t know which end she’s in but you guys know what time I push I’m not gonna say right now because she can’t *mouths right* So, I’m gonna push it. Cassie are you ready I’m coming to push you, in three, two wait, wait wait Three, two, one!! *pushes poor Cassie* Come here, give me your hand let me help you My theories were wrong! Your theories were wrong Oh my god! How did you not cheat I don’t know. I’m not a cheater they said right? They said right. i swear Show it to me. Okay I’ll show it to you. Show it to me! *queue depressing music* it was so hot in there, I was like sweating for 10 minutes Azzy Look, it says 59 right there. WHAT! *shook* Yep Wait thats not fair you you put left on the right and right on the left That’s because I’m stupid Not because I meant to. The reason why I went and like I thought left is me on the left side Oh, he thought people were after Because people always look left to right, so I was like, okay I got this but then you I screwed it. I screwed the chances. You trolled me! i mean you still look really pretty. Doesn’t she?? Yes, the camera agrees Im so, that was So amazing for the first push I’m so happy that Was so scary and it was so hot in there because you don’t you’re not Expecting that I was scared too because I honestly thought you’re gonna be the other one when you were like that when you’re counting on the box you’re like aAAAa When when I was up there I heard you say something by the left and I was like damn it She’s going to the left one because I could hear her but I couldn’t see her but I heard you say left and I was like she’s gonna go in the left one Then I was like, oh dang in not gonna get her When I pushed it I felt wait and there we go a human a human okay here take this This is yours now. Oh am I going in already? Yep *Here is where I die* Sorry She just peed a little Okay so I Feel like Azzy’s is gonna go on the right because that’s where I was last time or I feel like that’s where she thinks That I think she’s gonna go because that’s where I went last time, right? So reverse psychology, so I hate up with this 50/50 because I don’t know I don’t know if she’s gonna do reverse psychology or reverse reverse psychology But I think, I think I’m gonna push the box on the right Also, if I don’t get her this time, which I really hope I will I’m at least gonna get her phone Cuz I’ve convinced her to put her phone in the box as well *into the box Azzy goes* I’m in the box and I’m terrified I don’t know what’s going to happen, am I gonna, am I gonna go underwater She might push me. She definitely will push me if i keep making this loud sound *whispers* gotta be quiet. Im so scared. actually I think i hear her right now so sshhh It’s an interesting thing because it’s so scary being in the box, but I couldn’t be more glad to be on this side of this situation Ohh Azzy Which one could you be in girl Huh?? *panics* I kinda want to like karate kick it is that bad You want me to do that? You can karate kick it, just don’t kill Azzy Okay im just gonna give it a shoulder okay?? alright Alright. Three…. Two….. I feel mean! Okay Three….. Two…. ONE *Azzy lives!* NNNOOOO AZZY AZZY How are you so lucky *Muffled* I’M OUTTA HERE I SURVIVED Get back here I need to know some thought How did it feel in there It was so uncomfortable. Not only because I was terrified because you’re like crunched up and was like, yeah Yeah, and I’m trying to hold the camera and I’m like oh my calves are getting the workout of a lifetime right now was it hot in there It was hot, uncomfortable, and, and the ground for seconds that my knees on the ground sides literally like this Azzy I’m really mad right now I’m still dry. We’re gonna put your phone in and then my phone yeah, and then we’re not pushing anymore We’re tackling tackling. Tackling?! Yeah Im *rubber ducky* I’m mad. okay? Are you ready?? I’m ready. I hope my phone doesn’t get broken. I need it for life. I need it for you guys I don’t know what I’d do if my phone was like dead for a few days, right? It’s the most sad feeling in the world put it in. Let’s do it. Hey you give me your phone, Okay. I’m gonna plant it and then you’re gonna push it so it’s gonna be by your own hand *slowly regrets this* This is evil this is pure evil! how can i rig this so that she definitely pushes her phone in Maybe I can like reverse psychology be like, oh don’t push the left one Azzy. What? Give me your phone. Give me your phone! NO! Put it in my hands. I can’t, I can’t, I need it. I need it no no, no, no, but no gonna be not video over. No listen Azzy you can’t hate me for this *cri* Azzy Azzy. just do it Okay. Okay Azzy. I want you to scream cry really loudly. You can’t hear which box? *a louder cri* louder *loud cri* I can’t! Okay, that’s a bit dramatic ow ow, OW! my arm! ooww. What do you get your phone, my arm is scratched, okay Azzy. Yeah? Yeah, now the boxes are closed so you’re not gonna know immediately which box it’s in. not gonna so it’s not just gonna sink to the bottom. Nope. Okay, this is scary. This is scary I love this. I am terrified. I need that phone. Like I need my baby. It is my baby. I don’t have a baby Hey guys Can i like..? No. No that’s cheating. It’s like a Christmas present. You always shake a Christmas present. Okay, okay Three…. Two…. ONE! WAIT IS MY PHONE IS THERE?! Azzy! Thats not the one it was in! IS MY PHONE IN THERE?! Azzy! It’s not *screech* Azzy you picked the right one! OH It’s, it’s literally right here Oh, Oh NO! You promise? Ya. You, you just killed that box Here I guess telling you that the box was closed you didn’t know *kiss kiss* Ohh my god! I need a moment. Okay. I need a moment. Hey stop it that’s her private time Private time! Okay, here we are again *sigh* And this time This time Azzy isn’t just gonna push me and she’s gonna tackle me so This will be fun and you know what I’m going for the right box *hears something* I’m going for the right box again, because I don’t think she thinks I’m stupid enough to pick it twice I’M READY! I wOnDeR what box she’s in?? I wonder she must be in the left box. She’s for sure in the left box For sure. I I think I heard her. She’s in the left box Three…. Two…. ONE! *pushes Cassie for the second time* IM SINKING! NO SERIOUSLY, IM SINKING You okay? I can’t swim that well Sorry, I spat at you *ScReEcH* This box fell apart before we did. I call this a victory! So both of us are losers in this situation Some more than others this was so much fun. How did you feel? I felt very cold and scared for my life I felt scared for my life too but in the end it’s a lot of fun. I agree so much fun. I’m glad we did it I’m glad we did it too, and we also did one on Gloom’s channel. It’s amazing It’s actually little bit better because we use a slip n slide same idea But with the slip n slide like who doesn’t want to see that. same idea, but you can’t win at all. Yeah like your phone did My phone won It’s amazing, they should check it out. The link is in the description I had so much fun! There’s a lot of cardboard in the pool now we need to go fish it out- I’m not getting it. I’ll go dive in. Okay, go now. No, I’ll go after. I need to warm up first But you gotta warm up anyways guys, thank you so much for watching this video. We love you all so much Thank you for watching stay beastly awesome, and don’t forget to be nice to each other. Bye. Bye Azzy’s real nice

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