Donnie Yen VS MMA Fighters | Kung Fu VS MMA

Bossman Jing! Shut up! You want to create trouble? Who told you to talk?! Better keep your mouth shut! It’s not your turn to talk! Let me out! Lee Way Chung! Sir! I’m in here! Help me! Sir! I’m in here!!! Wow!

100 thoughts on “Donnie Yen VS MMA Fighters | Kung Fu VS MMA

  1. Stop with the bullshit, this is not Kung-Fu vs MMA. It’s more MMA vs MMA. And sorry to break it to you, but Kung-Fu doesn’t work in real life.

  2. Yo people are fucking stupid…. Kung Fu is not MMA…. No shit…. And MMA is not a style… It is a mixture of styles hence for the MIXED. Kung Fu is one of the MANY styles Donnie Yen has practiced and can be seen here an there, in a yes….. A MIXED MARTIAL ARTS presentation. There was never a style developed or called MMA…. Practitioners practiced more than one style and then MIXED it….. Now creating a new method of fighting which incorporates other styles and learning how to transition from one to another. Donnie goes from Kung fu, to kick boxing, to wrestling, back to kung fu, then to judo, etc. Just an example I don't really know exactly what he doing, I wasn't part of making the video. But that's MMA, transitions from One style to another….. Which could absolutely include Kung Fu….

  3. That does not look like kungfu. Lol. If it were really kungfu vs mma, mma would most likely win. What donnie yen was using in this scene looks like mma with a mixture of other arts.

  4. i cannot take it seriously when the voice says something and the mouth says something else

    its 2019, like sync the dub audio right

  5. Donnie only wish he could fight a real mma fighter in real life….a dream only comes true in movies…..🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  6. Donnie is a boss he put a group of males 6 or 8 I think in hospital because they wouldn't leave his girlfriend alone and attacked him

  7. This does not imply which style is better.
    But remember that Donnie Yen plays a former marine in this movie. And anyone who has served in the military , let it be Navy Seal , Marines , or special forces ,they do not train to fight fair and square. They are trained to utilize the best of their situation,which is what Donnie did. He knows how to improvise and face multiple opponents

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  9. No offense but you need to fight micheal jai white
    He has not only learnt all the forms of karate to the T and has black belt fighting experience
    He also learnt wushu kung fu taichi jiujitsu BJJ and grappling techniques
    Plus his hand and technique speed is insane.
    Trust me you would be lucky to survive a fight with him Donnie yen

  10. If Donnie Yen fight like in Return Of Chen Zhen movie it will be more lit,that guy will go to sleep in a minute but if you put that guy fight with the Japanese General will be enough to make that big dude to sleep

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