100 thoughts on “Donnie Yen Training Wing Chun Chi Sao – [Best Of The Best]

  1. Best… of best..
    Wing chung… masters
    Ip chung and
    Donnie yen
    Who is the best fighter on the earth after great brucelee..

  2. Donnie Sir! Plzz learn this to my friend. He is the biggest fan of IP man and Bruce Lee. You won't believe that he can do movement very much similar to Bruce Lee only by watching his movies. He says his goal is to be the next Bruce Lee

  3. i can't wait 4 the final Ip Man….beautiful movie…well made and they know when to stop…not like other movies of 2day that turned in money makers

  4. Sifu put me through the Sticky Hands training routine.

    I’m stupidly happy to see that Ip Man’s son taught Donnie Yen.

  5. 99% of you guys in the comment are talking about real Ip Man’s son training Donnie Yen

    1% which is me enjoying how nice the song actually is, as remix

  6. Actually Sifu and Master Yip Man has two boy's trained in Wing chun. And as for my point of view ? Master Donnie Yen goes ? I feel he has been thee best actor martial artist to play the Master of the Southern Chinese boxing system. But in close the actual history and very real roots of wing chun actually did start in the the Temple in China and there once was a teenage girl named Wing Chun that was taught by a monk of the old temple. In close the Sholin Temple has within the past say 5 year's? Has begun teaching it's monks and young pupils again the art in addition to the other styles if the martial arts as well. I have much respect to Master Donnie Yen as his mother a Kung fu teacher started teaching Master Yen at the age of 3 in Kung fu the style is Wu shu and Donnie's mother still teaches in her school in ? Boston Ma. She to is incredibly talented in the martial arts. Anyway thanks for the post.

  7. couldn'tmhave picked a better actor Donnie Yen to be Ip Man, Ip man grandson has to teach somone if DY doesnt, DY only learned the basics for the movie, I dont think he learned the whole art.

  8. Because of the movies, wing chun enrollees soared high. I personally would want to learn it, but not because of the movies but for body training and discipline.

  9. I did chi sau with Grandmaster Ip Chun and Samuel Kwok who taught me the one inch punch since they came to upstate NY together in 1993-94. It was awesome. A privilege and an honor. Wow!!!

  10. When in pon sao you do not move your own hand from tan sao to bon sao. The opposition moves it by initiating a a push towards your chest. In reaction to that your hand goes from tan sao to bon sao, To which the opposition`s push turns into a fuk sao. If you break contact with that hand, the push naturally develops into a palm strike towards the chest. Here Donnie Yen doesn`t move Yip Chun`s hand and when they stop you can see that his hand is resting on Yip Chun`s hand pushing it slightly down. That hand is not supposed to move downwards, only forward. 90% of every Wing Chun hand movement starts out as a punch and changes according to the resistance it meets. That`s the point of the Chi Sao.

  11. It's best not to be indulged in this form of Art all the time…but to seek after the Lord with All your heart that brings forth everlasting fruit of Joy and Peace that last for eternity.

  12. The real legacy from Ip Man are happened sure on the family.(Example: The Original schools from the Ip family in over 100 country's. Not in Actor's, okay Donnie Yen is'n Actor and he knows very much& good fighting Technics (Wushu & Co) and sure Wing Chun, and I like him very much as Actor. My favourite (living) Actor after Jackie Chan! But (for me) are the Real Legacy's be in the Family. The two Son's (Ip Chin & Chun) trained personally from IP Man, and this Son's are trained the (inside family) opened school in all the World and having his personnel good student's, too.She beware of the really legacy Ip Man's. What I know it's that's so and hopefully for the future that's snowball effect never ends, too. Thanks!
    And R.I.P.: For the legendary Grandmaster: "Ip Man". And all goodness for the Family Ip = Wing-Chun (World-Family) be 💪🏼 & 👍

  13. I started wing chun when I was 8,I passed the 12 stages, I still have a the movement's and all, in real fight it will only help 40 % sadly

  14. Good to see Donnie Yen trained hard for his role. Just remember that he is an actor who needed to prepare for a movie, and not a full time Wing Chun student. The legacy of Ip Man will continue on through his students and their students. Remember that Ip Man had many students beside his two sons. Also in practice, it was mostly Wong Sheung Leung who taught Bruce Lee since Ip Man was too old by the time Bruce joined the fold. Despite his prowess with the art, Bruce never finished learning Wing Chun either.

  15. What we call 100% bad ass.
    A Real Mans, man.
    If you, really closely in slow-motion in this practice, some Thunder you, can see Chuck Norris being born.

  16. So let me get this straight. Donnie Yen knew nothing about wing chun and he was trained for the movie ?? I mean people spend years of training to become the 1/3 of what Donnie Yen has become. Wow

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