Don The Magician – Motu Patlu in Hindi WITH ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH SUBTITLES

I am being destroyed because of Motu and Patlu. I am roaming with empty pockets and crying at my fortunes. Wow boss!! What a poetry!! Forget poetry think of ways to earn money. We are not able to rob anything because of them. Boss drive an auto rickshaw, you’ll earn a lot of money with that. People will laugh at me if they see me driving an autorickshaw. But I suppose we’ll have to do something to feed ourselves. Get in. Oh! This is John! He will probably rob us on the way. John has been brought down to driving an auto rickshaw!! Look, John is driving an auto rickshaw, haha!!! Give me something to eat. Look, what has happened to poor John. He has had to resort to begging these days. Mummy!!! Today the whole of Furfuri town is making fun of me. I will take revenge from each and every one, but how? Boss, look what is written in this. Magician Jhingooras magic wand is being displayed at the museum. Whoever manages to get their hands on the wand will be able to do anything they want in the whole world. John will be Don!!! You cannot hold one rope properly? Now, jump and come down both of you. Boss, we did not jump, it felt as if someone pulled us down. It’s the doing of this magic wand. My dear magic wand, take us up. My dear magic wand get me the kings crown and robes which are there below. Come, now let’s go and take our revenge. But first let’s ruin Motu and Patlu’s reputation in the town. Haha!! John, what is this get up you have put on? Are you working with a drama company now? You are looking very cute, haha!! Motu and Patlu after today you will never laugh again. My dear magic wand, these two are the superheroes of Furfuri town, make them wear super hero outfits. And send them up in the sky to catch that plane and bring it down. John, looks like you are not feeling well. Come, we’ll take you to Doctor Jhatka for a check-up. Patlu, what is happening? We have really become superheroes and we are flying. Looks like the wand that John has is really a magic wand. Patlu, what is happening? I cannot stop myself, this is all happening on its own. The same thing is happening to me. It is all the magic of that magic wand. Now the pilot and the passengers will beat up Motu and Patlu, till they are mince. Thank you, sir. The engine of our plane was spoilt; we really did not know how to land the plane. You have really helped us a lot. I will ask the government to reward you. Motu and Patlu have good luck on their side but this time I will not make any mistake. Let’s go quickly to Doctor Jhatka and ask him to give us a way to stand up to John. How did we get here? This is the magic of my magic wand. I made the mistake of making you into a hero. Now I’m going to make you a zero. Look your friend is here. Boxer, beat up Motu and Patlu so much that my heart gets filled with joy. Brother boxer, at least tell us why you are beating us? I don’t know why but I just feel like boxing you two. I am not able to stop my hands. Like someone else is controlling them. Motu and Patlu, you two have always harassed me, now its’ my turn. This is magician Jhingoora’s magic wand. I can do anything I want, by just waving it. Chingam sir, John has got a magic wand and he is getting us beaten up by everyone. Why fear? When Inspector Chingam is here! I will teach John a lesson. Constables, lets go. I will catch him and drag him back here. What sort of magic is this? I can’t stop myself. You two are entertaining me. This is the entertainment that kings enjoy. John, your days of entertainment are over, now it’s your days in jail have arrived. It’s not me but you, who will go to jail. This is the king John’s command. Constables catch the criminal Chingam and put him in jail. Oh my god!! Let me out. What are you doing? John,what sort of magic is this? He is the criminal not me. I am the king of Furfuri town from today. Everyone bows down to me with respect or else. How can I fight a magic wand? My brain doesn’t function on an empty stomach, Patlu, you think of something. Idea! If we manage to take away the magic wand from him then we can make things work. We will mix his magic wand with a whole lot of wands that look the same. But how? We will dig a tunnel that reaches up to his throne. Come on, I’ll tell you what is to be done. Start digging. Now we are exactly under the Furfuri town square. We are below Johns throne. If we set up the blast here then his throne will go flying and so will the magic wand. All these wands will also fly off in the blast and then John will not know which one is his actual wand. And we will get the opportunity to look for the real wand. What is happening? Where is my wand? Quick! Lets look for the magic wand. I wish I had boxing gloves. I think this is the one. I wish I could get samosas. I wish a book would appear. Let me get a lot of money. Let me get a lot of gold. Let all these people be jailed. Not them, you will be jailed. Let these handcuffs open up. The handcuffs have opened. I found the real magic wand. Idea!! Listen. I found it! I found the magic wand. Ghasitaram and Doctor Jhatka dance!! I command you. Now, the real wand is in one of these. We have to find it. Look carefully. It is a magic wand it will definitely look a little different from the others. I wish I had a whole lot of samosas. Long live!! This is the actual magic wand. Make everyone who is following me into pigeons. Boss! They did not turn into pigeons but you have turned into a fool. Patlu has made a fool out of you. This is a fake wand. Now with this magic want we can become rich! Gold, Silver, Money! Everything will be ours. We will rule the world!! We will do no such thing. If we keep the magic wand here then there will be attacks on us everyday to steal it. And if it gets into the wrong hands then things could become very bad. Then the wand should be returned to its’ rightful owner. But where is the real owner? He will have to come here. Sir, please take this wand and keep it with you. John had stolen it from the museum. I know that Motu and Patlu. I was aware of what was happening at each and every moment. But till the time someone doesn’t call me, I cannot come. Motu Patlu, you’ll are good human beings. I am very happy. Ask me for something and I will grant it. We don’t want anything just do something so that the magic wand never falls into the wrong hands. This is my wand, give it to me and who are you? I am the true owner of this wand and you are a thief. You will be punished. Hahaha!!!

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