Doing 720 Martial Arts Kicks : How to Spin a 720 Kick Mid Air

CALEB LABARDA: Now, in this part, we’re going
to learn how to do our spin, okay? Our spin is very important. You gotta be able to learn–know
how to spin and get a lot of speed and momentum built up, and then know how to land on your
feet at the same time. Okay, so now, when you want to spin, we’re actually going to
use some science here. When you spin in a circle, if you notice you just spin like this.
You don’t pick up very much power. Now, try putting your arms out, okay? Now you’re still–you
don’t have much power. Now, start spinning and then pull your arms in tight, and you’ll
notice you’re going to go around really fast, okay? Faster and faster. So when you do your
jump spin 720, you’re going to jump and pull your guards in so you’re doing a nice, tight
spin, and then at the last second, you’re going to throw out your leg to do your kick,
okay? So spinning is really important. So when you jump–go and practice some jumps
and you gotta be able to do two spins in the air. So from here, jump, do your two spins.
There you go, and be able to land on your feet. So one more time, jump two spins. All
right. And that’s going to be a jump 720 spin. So as I do it, I’m going to step here, step
together. I’m going to step–I’m going to kind of cheat a little bit; I’m not going
to face directly to the front. I’m going to kinda go at an angle and jump from here, jump,
throw my arm, twist in, tighten and spin out, one, two, bam, and you want to get all the
way to a solid landing. Okay? So your jump is also very important and very crucial to
the 720.

40 thoughts on “Doing 720 Martial Arts Kicks : How to Spin a 720 Kick Mid Air

  1. i kind of agree but this 720 tutorial is in many different sections…wish it was all combined into one

  2. Thanks, I could only do a 540 and couldn't quite do the 720. But with your tutorial I did the 720 the first time I tried it! Thanks again

  3. how do i actually get around to do a 720? I can usually get a 540, 360 no prob, does it just take time and practice just to work out the kinks? Or is there some secret behind it??

  4. I tend to feel dizzy after a few attempts, is this usual? When I'm dizzy, should I still continue or stop for a while and go on?

  5. i think its usual as i am getting dizzy after a few tries too, just wait and continue when your not dizzy anymore

  6. yes when dancers turn they spot by looking at one object and whipping their head not sure if this guy is spotting

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