Doing 720 Martial Arts Kicks : Doing a Jump Reverse Crescent Martial Arts Kick

CALEB LABARDA: Okay. Now, the next kick we’re
going to learn how to do is a jump reverse crescent kick. So you must learn how to be
able to jump in the air and do a spin reverse crescent kick ’cause that’s going to also
be part of our 720. You gotta be able to do one spin before you do two spins, or 1 1/2
spins, okay? So a jump reverse crescent is going to look like this. From here. One more
time, from here, come all the way across, then all the way to a land. Okay, now you
see how, as I did that, I came all the way from here, okay? I put my kicking leg in front.
I’m going to step, together, step right here. I’m going to jump, spin all the way around.
As I come in the air, I’m going to pick up my left leg and do my reverse crescent kick,
okay? Same thing like you do with standing, but you’re going to do it jumping. So from
here, sit together, jump here, look over your shoulder, and get the leg kicking, and your
body should all the way through the front, and you land with the kicking leg behind you.
And that’s going to be a jump reverse crescent kick. All right, so one more time. From here,
go, sit, jump, down, all the way up here with your guards up.

80 thoughts on “Doing 720 Martial Arts Kicks : Doing a Jump Reverse Crescent Martial Arts Kick

  1. i'm sorry, but just because you stepped 180 degrees in preparation for the kick and span 180 when you landed doesn't mean you add them on to the actual kick. its a awesome kick, no doubt, but a 720 reverse cresent kick is damn near impossible. still though i even have trouble with, well this is actually a reverse butterfly kick but w/e u wanna call it.

  2. just a 360 lol so if i spin 3 times on the ground and the do that will have done a 1080 crescent kick? rename the video

  3. degree kicks are always counted as how many spins in the whole maneuver from start to stop. its not necessarily how many spins you do just in the air. thats why even though this is considered a 720, he only does a 360 in the air

  4. It's not even 720 degrees counting the movement on the floor if you have the ability to count. He spins 180 degrees – to face the mirror – before he lifts off properly, and then the final 180 with the kick. It's a similar style of jump (not kick) to one in a karate kata called Unsu.

  5. oh man if you guys would realy STUDY this stuff then you would know that you cant use this kinda stuff in a regular fight..

  6. true, true. i think that jujitsu is one of the best for street fighting b/c no one knows how to grapple properly

  7. I would say that this are only 180…

    In our nomenclature, we start to count from the position the leg leaves the ground until it reaches its (imaginary) target – in this example 180 degrees.

    If you count all steps before, you could perform an 7200000000 kick or whatever you want, as long as you don't get bored of all those rotating steps before the kick 😉

  8. all the momentum is put on the kick, his whole body weight, in addition, its in a revolving motion which adds more speed.. the kick is going downwards which is going with gravity as opposed to a normal kick. thats pretty dangerous if hit in the right spot, enough to knock someone out.. lol im just trying to sound smart =

  9. odd…looked like a 360 to me…but I can actually do this kick so I'll agree with him and say it was a 720…

  10. cool vid but if you want me 2 learn it trust me this isnt enoeugh to learn me that!! cool vid peace

  11. Don't you ever fucking read the description? This is only a part of the 720 kick maneuver. You need to learn this before you try a 720 kick. Try actually reading next time, dumbshit.

  12. might as well be called "doing a 1080 kick"
    and then strange when ppl feel they waisted a minute of their life when they come to watch it and see a 360kick that everyone knows how to do^^

  13. as soon as he jumped up i would just push him. then ide bull rush while he is on the ground. To much flash and turning ur back to your opponent is really risky.

  14. he wouldnt do that technique if u were close enough to push him, thatd just be retarded, if u were close enough to push me id front snap kick ur knee backwards


  16. Eh… if you incapacitate someone, you can win by poking your enemy to death. Using that kick would be a waste of energy. The kick is worthless. Only for show.

  17. ive been kickboxing for four years and im a blue belt in bjj. i know that, that move is completely circumstancial, and while it is falshy, it will probaly only work against someone who doesnt no anything about fighting.

  18. shit, wrong video, im trying to learn more jiu jitsu moves and real self defense, why would I need to do a stupid flying kick on the street if im trying to defend myself

  19. @sk8pirata Can you really not read??? i said it was for demonstration purposes only and not for actual combat. Use common sence and think about these things and try not being obnoxious about little things

  20. @sk8pirata umm, clearly you dont understand the words demonstration purpose only. any person with a brain (excluding you) would know that.

  21. @lovelyladynostalgic

    "Some form of MMA" ?

    There are not different types of MMA.

    MMA itself is a combination of traditional martial art forms ie. Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu, Karate, Judo, Wrestling, Boxing, Kickboxing, Kung Fu, Tae Kwan Do etc

    All striking forms derived from Kung Fu. Karate and Tae Kwan Do and then kick boxing and muay thai.

    In fact, all grappling forms(judo, jiu jitsu, brazilian jiu jitsu, etc), except wrestling, also stemmed in some sequence from old Kung Fu.

  22. @2abandon1 I don't think it should be considered fighter unless you have been fighting, more like martial arts practitioner

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