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Today on InfertilityTV we are going to discuss
underwear. Specifically male underwear. Stay tuned for 60 seconds to get my fertility recommendations The following statements are well agreed upon facts. The testicles are located outside the body in the scrotum. The temperature of the testicles is a couple of degrees lower than inside the abdomen. When the scrotum is exposed
to heat over a period of time, this will have an adverse of effect on sperm production. Based on these facts, several practical questions comes up. Will wearing tight underwear increase the scrotal temperature? Several studies have
looked at this but the results have been inconsistent. The next question that scientists have tried
to answer is Does the type of underwear that a man wears influence sperm production? Several studies have also looked at this but again there are conflicting results. Some
studies say yes but other studies say no. A recent study, one of the largest ever performed,
found a 17% decrease in sperm numbers when men chose non boxer type of underwear. Why all the uncertainty? Well. for one, like
most lifestyle questions, it’s pretty difficult to rule out all other variables and to say
with certainty that one factor, such as underwear choice, makes a difference. Second, there
is a huge variation in the type of underwear that mean wear. It’s not just a difference
between boxers and briefs but the length of the underwear and how tightly fitting it is.
The material is also important Cotton, nylon, silk, polyester, flannel– all may have a
different impact. Finally, studies show that up to ⅓ of men will change their underwear
to a different type before going to bed! Here are my InfertilityTV recommendations
for men If you like boxer shorts, knock yourself out.
No one has ever suggested any adverse effect from boxers But, if you like briefs, keep wearing them. There isn’t sufficient evidence that this one
factor, by itself, will make you less fertile. In fact, the largest study to look at actual
fertility potential found no impact of underwear type. Have a question? Leave it in the comments below. We’ll answer. Subscribe to new episodes of Infertility TV weekly Click the link in the description to visit our website where you can register to become a patient

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  1. i am 31 years old and 8 never wear briefs in my life i wear jockey boxer, because i feel uncomfortable in briefs,

  2. I dont ware underware and i am going to gym like its been 3months….will it effect my orgasm i mean the size? i never wore underware… will it effect the size of the orgasm…pls reply🙂

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