Do Fancy Martial Arts Moves Work in Real Life?

How did I end up here? Again?
What the BLEEP. How do I keep getting here? The question isn’t how did he get here,
the question is how did I get here. I’ll tell you in a minute. Hey. Ando again from Happy Life Martial
Arts. Look who’s back! it’s Sifu Matt of the Rising Fist Kung Fu San Soo school, and Sifu, I have a question for you today. A lot of
people think that so-called “fancy techniques”, even wrist locks, hip throws,
all kinds of different tie ups, just don’t work in the real world. We’ve had
this discussion many times, what is your answer to people who think fancy moves
don’t work?>I think the question isn’t about whether or not fancy moves work,
the question is did you work?>Did you do you work, because you’re not gonna do
anything that you haven’t practiced. Not because you don’t believe yourself but
because your body doesn’t believe your brain and if your body doesn’t have
faith in a movement it won’t do it no matter what you want mm-hm
it’s just stop so the trouble here is not in the technique you’re saying to
put the problems within ourselves yes I am yes I’m not having done enough work
correct you don’t believe your body doesn’t believe in the thing you’re
asking it to do and therefore it will stop so how do you get your body to
believe in your so-called fancy techniques work work you got to work it
just give you a quick demonstration of a horse stance this is a horse stance yes
everyone knows what this is well if you don’t do this your legs your
body your you don’t your body doesn’t believe it if you don’t practice it
enough and then when the time comes to use
when it’s the right thing to do you will shy away from it you will not do the
right thing for that moment because you didn’t and you can’t fool yourself okay
fool yourself I like that it’s like speaking of horses that’s like when you
see an equestrian running up to the gate with the horse and horse the horse stops
the mind thinks it can do it but this body said no I’m not doing it right set
up for that I’m not doing the right rhythm whatever I don’t know what it is
but the horse is thinking but I know the horse is saving new rights so in the
same way we have this battle like this is your jockey this is the horse and if
you’re going in for a hip throw but your body say hey we haven’t done that a lot
or enough wherever what do you think you’re doing your body freezes itself
and says no no you’ll come up with something else in that moment which
won’t be the right thing to do and it would have been a lot better have you’ve
done the right thing I’m not easier on you if had done the right thing
that’s an amazing point so your intuition might see the right move to do
say hey oh my god this is the perfect time to set up for the hip throw he’s
practically falling over me anyway and you still won’t do it because you don’t
we’ll need it or your body doesn’t right even if you’re you force yourself your
body to do it you probably not skilled enough to carry it through wrong it’s
kind of hard anyway so it’s a disaster yeah so what is the recommendation you
can give to anyway this seems to apply to any style whether you’re just trying
to throw head kicks or you’re doing tricking or you’re doing an involved
submission and BJJ what’s the standard advice for everybody then you just have
to hi what broad not anything further to any endeavor any art even any you know
if you want to dance if you want to paint I mean you’re not gonna do the
thing that you really want to do or you envision if you haven’t practiced the
skills the fundamentals the nations of those things that make sense
so – I play piano yep play piano and then work on the thing that you need to
work on or else when you come to that difficult passage you’ll rush through it
and it won’t sound it right oh that’s I think that’s very helpful we
get caught up sometimes and looking over the fence and what other people are
doing we have ideas ideas ideas but it still comes down to execution you got to
just do the work simplify a little bit narrow it down to a few things you can
really grind out over and over again write it out get build up that trust
with your body so that under pressure they’re there for you that you have you
can do it that’s right because it’s all about being able to do it under duress
under pressure as you said if you’re not gonna do something under pressure that
you don’t believe in you’re gonna revert to the thing you know you do well
absolutely I think those are golden words I hope everybody takes that to
heart Sifu you’ve been helpful once again. Thank you. Thank you so very much.>Don’t forget, if you like this video, thank you for sharing it and
giving it a thumbs up. Until next time, keep practicing. Get down. Get deeper in your practice, deeper than you ever have before, so it’ll be there for you
under pressure. And keep fighting for a happy life.

56 thoughts on “Do Fancy Martial Arts Moves Work in Real Life?

  1. Eeeeeer so is he gonna show us how to do it? They don’t seem to teach any of this at my TKD class unless they plan to do it soon and I dunno🤷🏻‍♀️

  2. Can you do a video on Baji Quan? I see videos of it but I am uncertain if i can stop my bullies with it! Your take on this martial art would be greatly appreciated!

  3. This very true. Many times in bjj I've been able to pull off fancy moves which was fresh in my mind but later I couldn't do it because I either forgot or wasn't sure about doing it because of lack of practice

  4. Any martial artist with the Shifu's hairstyle is super scary on so many levels! He should come with a printed warning sign 'achtung, danger!'

  5. Yay! Sifu Matt is back! 🙂

    Great message! I remember reading a martial arts affirmation that said you can only fight how you train.

    As someone who’s been recently studying hip throws (receiving end), you have my sympathy. 😅

  6. "Fancy moves." LOL A proper hip throw is all gross motor work. Throws from a joint lock are more complex. My rule of thumb is that I try to avoid or simplify fine motor skills in a technique and the least complex thing that works to solve the problem is the right choice in a fight. The more complex something is, the less resilient it becomes. Compare a good knife to a blender. If both are quality built tools, which will last longer? Which is more versatile? Which can survive an explosion or a flood or a fire and still do its job? The knife is a simple tool. The blender is complex. I apply this principle to everything about combat skills, self-defense, and…well…life. But Sifu's point is well-made, simple, versatile, and resilient. Well-rehearsed skills are the ONLY ones useful under stress. This is both because of confidence/familiarity and the physical conditioning (psycho-motor conditioning). Another thing I learned long ago about human behavior: when in fear, people "run home to Momma." We seek certainty amidst chaos. We seek comfort when uncomfortable. This is actually a terrific survival instinct: go back to the last place you KNEW was "safe" and regroup. But a strategist knows how to exploit this instinctive behavior to their own advantage.

  7. Hey i saw this video with fight tips don't do fancy moves do moves that fit and i do agree if you don't train your body your body will hesitate and say hay man we don't know how to do it training is a great way to do it

  8. Oh come on. Assuming a horse stance is the opposite of "making your body believe it". I do it every day, and that, if anything, is just a matter of training your leg muscles. It's not a matter of belief, but muscle tissue growth. You can argue that other body movements would be a matter of training your CNS, but the horse stance is pure thigh muscle strength.

  9. Legends say even the most basic thing… breathing need to be praticed… otherwise in adversity you wont be able to breath even!!

  10. As I was watching I thought "this can apply to so many things having nothing to do with martial arts…they need to mention that." And all of a sudden you did. Great minds :-)….

  11. I find that unorthodox moves are excellent for winning fights. I mean, think about; All it takes are a couple seconds to win a fight. If you hit then with a move that they don't know how to defend, then you win.

    Even in a sport scenario, when UFC fighters use unorthodox moves, they almost always succeed, because the other fighter can't defend that move. In a real fight, one good hit, and that may be a victory.

    But, those aren't moves that you would teach the Wife, or an office worker or something. They require a lot of training, but are legendary when pulled of.

    Think of it like you're building a house. The orthodox moves are your walls, foundation, and ceiling.
    The unorthodox moves are your windows, doors, furniture, etc.

    It's not much of a home without furniture, but you need that foundation to allow you to put the furniture.

    Orthodox moves are the ship to victory, but unorthodox moves are your oars.

    I hope that made any sense, good video, Sifu Ando.

  12. Great video, thanks! Do you have/may you make a tutorial on how to engage your core when punching and exactly what it means? Thank you!

  13. they do work, downside: they tend to put you on a position that would be hard to defend if it didnt work, and tend to waste your energy more than "normal" moves, regardless of working or not; you could discuss a little more this topic i think; greetings 🙂

  14. Really great video.
    It's funny I wrote about 2 minutes ago on another video "every martial art works, every technique works the question is do you?"

  15. Most "fancy" moves are more complex. The more complex a technique is, the more things can go wrong and the more variables there are. I'm not saying that they won't/don't work, but generally more elements have to either align or be aligned for a "fancier" technique to be successful. If I'm understanding what fancy techniques are.

    Still, appreciate the video! Keep up the good work!

  16. They work, when timed right honestly and with near flawless technique or unless on an opponent that doesn't know anything.

  17. WERY GOOD VIDEO . But its ok wen some one belives in him self , soon or later he is gona cacht hes target . The problem is how you convince some one who belives that he cant "doo it " ..

  18. My GM always says, "Practice does not make perfect… it makes permanent. Always make sure your not short changing your techniques when no one is watching."

  19. I can't do fancy moves I'm a rusty old Tin Man LOL… I let myself get out of practice once and tried to do a back spin kick in a weight room towards a punching bag, then I lost my balance and luckily I caught onto one of the benches because I would have fell and busted my backside

  20. I used to do the simplest move there is in wrestling, think it called headlock throw in english? nothing fancy with it, but with enough hip you can get a nice height and good slam down, got applauds from random people in the audience for it, but then you have the suplex, did 3 in a row to win by TKO and it was like they yawned 😛
    sometimes the simple is fancy and the fancy look simple

  21. I hit one with a tornado kick, but i had to knock him silly first.
    But all in all, ive been doing Muay thai, Boxing and Wrestling and honestly, personally, i say boxing and kickboxing is the best in a real fight.

  22. Another BS once again…Stop talking about how such moves "are efficient"…Go show us real life situation …Plenty of those fancy moves are impossible if you dont know how the enemy gonna approach…In many of the classes,you can hear the teachers saying:"Attack me like this !"….

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