Distance vs Contrôle – KARATE – Lionel Froidure

Hello karateka, I hope you’re great! Today, can we control and be at the right distance? Control is essential in our daily pratice because I should have to change partner each time I am filming a new video. Right? To have a good control I have to got a good distance. The problem is and Chrisptophe show us just before… The thing is that in most case scenario… I am here. Was it a good control? My arm is straight. I am out of reach. And if I want to be effective with my punch I cannot be out of reach. So I need to reach him and be able to go through And that’s super imortant, why? Becasue in you Ippon Kumite, in your Bunkai, Jyu Ippon Kumite and Self If my partner gives me a wrong distance with his attack why would I defend it? Common people are trying to train and learn who to bloc on a WRONG distance. If I am learning from a WRONG distance, my defencecan only be WRONG. But if my partner gives me the GOOD distance that I have to block, defeclt, dodge …. the strike to protect myself, here I will learn the GOOD mouve, blocks. It is said in martial arts that you need 4 hands to train properly. Mine and his. That’s why I am always training 50% for me and 50% for him. So let’s the 50% work with a good distance of attack. Now watch my other video right here to perfect you karate. I am Lionel Froidure. Ciao.

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