Dirty Ho (1979) – The Prince’s Bodyguard

Shut up, continue You… Old Wang. How did you know me? Not only that I know you. Your voice… Sounds familiar to you? Oh, it’s you! You must be here to thank me since I’ve done a good deed on behalf of you. Being a Robin hood…I can do that on my own. You donated my jewelry, why didn’t you donate yours? Brother He, yours were all stolen goods. And yours… I’m a jeweler. Fine, then I’ll rob you now. How can you? Can’t I? Hand it out. My bonsai. Cuihong, help. Cuihong, you… I… She’s my bodyguard. 500 taels, quite a lot, right? Right. Bodyguard? Then you must know martial arts. But you couldn’t be my match, you know this is no joke. Are you scared? Yes. Scared to kill him? You don’t need to kill him, just teach him a lesson. Teach him a lesson? You want to teach me a lesson? Nice. You’re good. Your martial arts is as good as playing Pipa. Right, don’t hit so hard. Pipa. You’re quite deft at pipa. You know internal kung fu? Watch out, this vase is from Ming Dynasty. That must be “the Hen spreads her wings” Impressive. He grabs a knife. Help! Help! Call the officers. Madam Wang. It’s fair that both of you are armed. Get out from the window. Give up evil and do good deeds. What for? Alright, there’s no need to go after him. I’ll thank your supervisor another day. Head back, I’ll finish this. Yes. Let’s go… Cuihong, are you alright?

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