Difference Between Aikido and Aikijutsu

My name is Azu, and this is Aikido Flow, and
I’m here to answer the question: what’s the difference between aikido and aikijutsu.
Now, for me, aikido is something that we can practice at any age, when we’re old. It’s
all about movement, momentum, and blending – lots of blending. Aikijutsu is something
where you need to implement a bit of strength. And atemis as well – punches, kicks, strikes.
It’s more devastating. So for example (Ondrej can I borrow you , please?). Let’s say I wanted to demonstrate a kai-tenagi.
So, a standard kai-tenagi (let’s say a suki to the face please) – in aikido, I would
flow here, and i would absorb, and I would try and move with him, and I would come with
a nice bit of momentum, bit of flow. Now, aikijutsu, I would more come here, and I would
strike here, maybe even a strike here, then I would take him. Everything is more blows,
a bit more devastating; I’m using a bit more strength as well to implement it. Let’s say you came with a suki attack, in
aikido I would come here, and I’m blending here, and I’m taking him down and I’m
going with the flow, using momentum, and I’m trying to get my timing right. Aikijutsu,
I would maybe come here, and be more of a strike. Something with my elbow – I’m
using my strength. Something I wouldn’t necessarily be able to do when I’m old,
basically. But now I’m still slightly young, I might be able to still implement these things. Let’s say I was to do a tenshu-nagi. My
ideal aikido tenshu-nagi, if he comes with a yoku-men, I come here, I would try and break
his balance, I’m coming here and stepping through. I’m using my body weight to take
him down. Now, in aikijutsu, something I’m more likely to do on the street, is I’m
just blocking, and I’m coming straight through and I’m just taking his head off clean.
So it’s gonna be (thank you Ondrej) more power, more speed, less blending in aikijutsu.
In aikido I’m gonna blend more, I’m gonna use his momentum and more use my body weight
to take him down. Thank you for watching. If you have any questions,
please put them in the comments below.

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  1. They both seem to have a place in the art depending on the objective.Akijiutsu could more rightly be called "aki-mma" or something…

  2. Two minutes and fifty eight seconds of excessive talk.

    Simplified: The majority of Aikido utilizes circles right?
    Aiki-jujutsu is like utilization of semi-circles and smooth (though abrupt) tackles which are initiated upon where the circle is left unfinished. Just like the human-body rotates yet can also lunge or make angular movements, Aiki-jujutsu (according to my observation) operates similarly.

  3. for me the difference is mostly the intent behind each style in Aikijutsu the intent is to maim or kill the person trying to kill you. so much so i would have to think carefully about which technique to use in a self defense situation to make sure i wouldn't be the one getting charged. in many ways i think Aikido would be more practical in most cases.
    for example Nikajo in Aikido would be used to control an opponent but in Aikijutsu i was taught to break the wrist while taking them down ( actually the wrist then the elbow and finish it up by dislocating the shoulder ) and that's not an advanced technique.

  4. Dont forget that O'Sensei trained in Aiki Jutsu a long time before he founded Aikido 😉 Where is all the love peoples ? Sounds like angry MMA fans 😂😂😂

  5. most people really don't know the difference between the two but I know this aiki jujutsu is hard style while aikido is consider a soft style .

  6. I see what he is saying. But I have seen so many Aikido masters do what he does. Steven Seagal has done that. He does a hard form.

    People think you can't punch or kick in Aikido, that isn't true. I have seen Masters dodge their opponent spin around, grab them by neck of shirt to ground and twist their arm. ANYTHING is possible in Aikido.

  7. +aikidoflow if I want to have both options, aikido and aiki jujitsu, like you recommend but to mainly use aikido unless I am overwhelmed, do you recommend starting with aikido only then learning aikido jujitsu after, or straight to aikido jujitsu?

  8. +aikidoflow if I want to have both options, aikido and aiki jujitsu, like you recommend but to mainly use aikido unless I am overwhelmed, do you recommend starting with aikido only then learning aikido jujitsu after, or straight to aikido jujitsu?

  9. The way I came to understand the difference between "do" and "jutsu" is similar to the difference between philosophy and science. "Do" translates to "way" if I remember correctly, and when practicing any form of "do", be it judo or aikido, is that there isn't just a focus on the physical techniques, but there is also a lot of philosophy. A "do" art is meant not only as practicing self defence, but it's also a lifestyle. It's meant to be something you commit your whole being and mind into, heck even your life sometimes.

    "Jutsu" on the other hand translates to "technique" (Science or art might also be a good ways to translate it), and from what I've come to understand, its focus was less about the philosophy and more about techniques. It's more direct.

    Reading between the lines, the explanation he gives isn't all that bad. Aikido is more about flowing with your opponent, redirecting force and not struggling against your opponent. It's what O'sensei Ueshiba preached. It wasn't just a tool for self defence, but it was mainly a tool of self development and betterment. Aikijutsu would be more direct, and more a science. How to most effectively take down your opponent. That is not to say that one is better than the other.

  10. Always the stupid comments, but that doesn't surprise me being in martial arts as long as I have….Does it matter what its called as long as it WORKS for you?…. I just call what I do now simply martial arts with Habatakukai in front… Meaning: A fledgling bird learning to use its wings, learning to fly and and searching for more knowledge in how to survive…. Which is what we do throughout our lives learning martial arts… One never stops learning… Habatakukai Martial Arts…. Keep doing what you are doing Azu & Co….

  11. All of you are wrong because you are having trouble with the americanized way you are translating the physical applications of aikido and aikijutsu to aiki-jujutsu, vs any other type of jutsu. Sometimes people try to make a distinction of jutsu and jitsu……there is none….its just a play on words. Jutsu or jitsu, depending on your spelling simply means "the science or study of". Ai "spirit", ki, "way"……so when combined together, it simply means the science or study of combining a particular thing or movement together in a harmonious method. Aikido in its most basic element, is the way to perform a movement in a harmonious method by intertwining the attackers movement into "nothingness". Ideally O'Sensei's concept was one of love and unity between two people to bring that harmony into play between two people. Hopefully by studying this concept, people would learn to bring that concept into their personal lives with everything they do. Aikido, was never developed to be a self defense system….it is a science of movement, but could be developed to high level of mastery of where one could defend and never harm the attacker. That is the ultimate reality and goal of an aikido master. Aikijutsu, aiki-jujutsu "or jitsu" is more combat oriented with the goal of not really caring about the outcome of what your opponent is in AFTER your application. In america, we have become of society of kicking someone's ass….so therefore it doesn't take much to become a so called master of aiki-jutsu once you have learned the 14 or so basic elements of techniques. You can have literally thousands of movements off of those 14 techniques of aikido, but to really become a master of the aiki concept, learning to defend without harming your attacker is the ultimate art……very few ever have the guts, time or dedication, and that is the difference of why the japanese view american aikidoist as a waste of time in their lives. I have been in the aiki arts ever since I was 8 years old and I am now 64….and I am still not a master….it is easy to kill, but to let live is even harder…….William Pierce, Sensei, 8th Dan, Hanshi…..Yuma Ryu, Aiki-kenjutsu

  12. It's all connected but throughout time, some went down specific paths and this styles emerged. Now, it's back but in a sport manner and is now coined MMA like it's just been created when it's always been there and in a non sporting way too. It annoys me when people talk about cage fighting as if it's the end all… be all… when in fact those cage fighters in a battle during war would die quick using those sport concepts that work so well in a controlled environment. I'm all for MMA as a sport to get in shape and compete but I don't agree with it being some battle tested system for war or the streets.

  13. +Aikidoflow
    Here in sweden our largest ju jutsu style is named Ju jutsu Kai, it's a bit softer atemi-waza-wise, our kansetsu-waza and nage-waza are alot more straightforward more direct, not as harmonious as in aikido but still safe for Uke, it looks like what you guys call self defence aikido.

  14. What is the minimum and maximum time range for a person to earn a black belt in Aikido? I know that the belt should not be the main focus but, it is a goal to be set. When I am transferred from one duty station to another I would like to know how much I can attain in the amount of time that I have in that station.

  15. Vricharde brought an interesting point, but brought it in a very complexe way unnecessarily. In short, the difference between both are found simply in the japanese language. DO means "way", in the philosophical term. Like way of life for instance. Its the philosophy behind. The principle of flowing energy between practicing partners, that can be brought in many day-to-day life aspects. For instance, the efforts put behind trying to avoid conflicts if possible. Where jutsu (or jitsu) means "techniques". This is the "martial" part of the art. It is the same techniques actually, but executed slightly differently. It isn't true that there is more atemis in aikijutsu than in aikido. Not from what I could see in my many years of training, in different schools, in different countries. The best practical comparison I can say between them would be that aikido, is more like a dance; a choregraphy with more circular and beautifull movements, whereas aikijustsu (or aikibudo), is more practical, straight to the point and the techniques are applied not with the "respect your opponent" philosophy, but with the "you gotta end the fight quickly and definitivley cuz you're on a battlefield" one. Like in the old samurai days. For instance, when executing mukae daoshi (my preferered technique). In aikibudo class, even when the attacker is already off balance, we are taught to continue the rotating movement until the end (because the attaker is trained to fall at some precise point in the choregraphy). The same technique, when trained in akibudo, as soon as you feel he is off balance, stop turning and execute the finishing move. By continuing the technique, you only risk loosing the grip, committing a mistake, or giving him the chance to evade or get his balance back. Not couting the fact that this extra second can kill you on battlefield; no time to waste…

  16. DaitoRyu Aikijiujitsu is the parent art aikido is primarily based on. Ueshiba was Takedas student ,he created a spiritual art form that was based on not hurting your opponent. using large cushioning circular movements. DaitoRyu Aikijiujitsu is about killing your opponent. it's samurai combat art. smaller circles ,tearing an arm out by the roots. it's brutal ,designed only to destroy your opponent instantly. aikido is a gentle form of this system. but also deadly if you apply the movements in original form.

  17. amazing how little knowledge a so called master has of his arts origins. it's why I love to study ,you need to know what your talking about before you speak

  18. Hey Azu , How are you?? very nice video, I trainning Aikido in the Brazil( Rio de Janeiro)..Aikijujutsu is more Hard, I like Aikijujutsu, Is good using in the Street..

  19. thanks guys,great vid and vids, from northern Illinois Lake county…keep the vids coming, take care and be safe!!

  20. And with that, thousands of Aikido students quit their school and joined the Aikijutusu school down the street.

  21. i agree with what your saying morihei ueshiba basically took away the violent parts of aikijutsu thats why why aikijutsu practitioners think aikido is worthless

  22. I've seen some comments in which some people said that adding atemi and working in right angles to your Aikido won't make it Aikijujutsu. I disagree, it will make it Aikijujutsu to a certain extent, of course Aikijujutsu has many other throws (Aikido is not that rich in throws), many pressure points for atemi,etc. People seem not to understand why Aikido looks today the way it does. Not because Morihey wanted to make a new martial art or whatever. Morihei was an expert in Aikijujutsu and he used to teach Aikijujutsu. But during the war and some years after Martial Arts were banned, so Morihei was forced to change many things about Aikijujutsu: first, to change it's name and second, to remove most of the too martial things from Aikijujutsu, thus trying not to piss off first the Japanese authorities and second, after the war, the Americans. Some might argue, but why Morihei's Aikijujutsu looked so different from the traditional system? Because if you look closer, everyone one us has a certain style, you have 10 aikidoists in a dojo hence 10 Aikido styles. Morihei had it's own Aikido style and nowdays the problem is that people are trying blindly to copy him. You must adapt your martial art to yourself, not to your sensei.

  23. Would Aikijutsu work better in mma? I know currently American taught aikido doesn't work as much. I am just curious.

  24. Sir in other words Aikido is the non-combative style of Aikijutsu while Aikijutsu is the combative style. I will just add strikes before the technique or apply the technique and add strike. For self defense on the street use aikijutsu and for training use aikido.

  25. the mans chatting shit in the aikijutsu there is three forms withing the aikijutsu there is aiki jujitsu where this is atem kyusho then the second form is aiki no jutsu then there is aiki jutsu…… the last

  26. Is aiki-jutsu just ju-jutsu with out kicks and punches? Just asking cuz the teniques were the same as they do in ju-jutsu.. Have read that the Morihei Ueshiba was good at ju-jutsu and created the aikido art in mind to avoid injuries from the defender and attacker what is why the moves are so similar to ju-jutsu but much kinder versions of the moves :3

  27. thanks for your videos, love them. Tell me if you believe i am mistaken, aikido is the complete philsosphy for living developed by O sensai including sword, meditation and aikijutsu as a way of cultivating oneself into a better person to help build a better society. Aikijutsu is the empty handed tecniques used to express aikido taken from many of the moves in judo, tai chi and juijitsu. And then there is the budo of sword staff and bokken training. thanks and God Bless

  28. Aïkidö is better. Do you think its founder did not know sharp movements exist? It does not risk your bones. Not everyone will be wearing a soft shirt. Use Ki. You can kill or heal with Ki.
    But first the Aï. The flow.

  29. So, could be said that Aikijutsu is more similar to Hapkido (in general terms)? or that would be wrong? .

  30. Daito Ryu Aikido/Takeda Ryu is not any less technical than Aikido, its philosophy promotes the respect of the rules of the Bushido and doesn't encourage violence, but rather communication and compromising and peace, and using violence as a last resource for defense purposes. It's just more violent than it's modern counterpart (Aikido) as it was intended to kill or at least cripple, and is more suited for street combat than simplified Aikido which is mainly intended to defend. And it's not any less technical. Aikido is more of a pacified civilized sporty version of the powerful Takeda-Daito Ryu Aiki Jutsu techniques.

  31. AIki-Do vs Aiki-Jutsu when both are essentially the same thing just one is Form (Do) and the other is Use of Force (Jutsu), the same difference between Ju-Do and Ju-Jutsu, Karate-Do and Karate-Jutsu. One is focused solely on Kata and Form while the other is focused on Practical Application and Sparring. Don't like my definitions? Ask a native Japanese speaker who trains in the Aiki-Jutsu. I don't care that your Karate-Do Club spars or that your Ju-Do club does Randori, they are Western Perversions and Abominations 😀

  32. Etymology suggests that aikido is the way, or basic blueprint, and aikijutsu is the individual customization or what the practicioner does with the blueprint

  33. This is Gonzalo, Karate student. So, are these 2 different martial arts, or two aspects of the same? Ossu.

  34. This teacher is wrong. the aikijutsu is a martial system to kill !!! I practice aikijutsu and it's really scary to train such a system … The techniques are deadly in advanced degrees, with the purpose of breaking, dislodging, tearing, cutting, severely injuring either joints, soft limbs, bones, eyes, throat, ears, testicles, cervicals, elbows, knees, wrists, fingers, ankles, lumbar, etc … aikido is only one of the five styles that belong to aikijutsu; there are four others that together are completely lethal !!!! this teacher knows nothing but aikido with a few hits. however, aikijutsu not only uses kicks and kicks … it is extremely dangerous in the hands of average individuals! There are only two schools in the world that make aikijutsu completely genuine. I trained him in special aviation forces in the army of my country and believe me it is nothing compared to traditional aikido, even the closest thing to aikijutsu is traditional Japanese Jujutsu. This teacher lies when saying that aikijutsu is aikido with blows NO !!! it's as if we say that jujutsu is judo with kicks and punches !!! Well, no!!! Judo is an Olympic sport where practitioners exclude keys to ankles, fingers and cervicals. we can not say that jujutsu is judo with striking, just as aikijutsu is not aikido with punches. regards!!!!!

  35. I would respectfully disagree. As an Aikijujutsu instructor, there is a lot more behind the differences than just adding strikes.

  36. Bad info from my studying. Akijujutsu you are attacking the throat, aikido you're going for the center. Aikido you let the balance of the opponent fall in to capture by giving it opportunities, in akijujutsu you proactively capture it, aikido treats the hand as a sword while in akijujutsu it's a knife … there's lots of differences but this video gave none of them

  37. Wow…answers my question. Currently I'm 1st Kyu, @56 yrs. old female, Military Veteran and looking to promote to Sho Dan in 2019. I'm thinking of taking Aiki-Jujitsu perhaps while learning Laido…

  38. Who cares? Its all based on same principle. If it is all about the blending, it will be just like tai chi as aikido was copied and modified art from tai chi.

  39. Hi. To know the difference between Aikido and Aikijutsu you do not have to go to Japan or any magical place, all you need is Ipswich Suffolk. Sensej Tanaka, I highly recommend. Japan is in Ipswich. Screw it because it's worth it.

  40. This is stupid. Yes, you break balance, use kuzushi. The rest is tsuguri and kake. Do is way of life or style. Jutsu is application. Period. The difference is in the angle. Hit someone with your elbow, fine, hit them with the planet even better. Use gravity…add your weight to gravity. Its physics, nothing more.

  41. I've studied Hiriki Ryu Aikido since 1987….. O Sensei taught Atemi.
    O Sensei did not name his martial art.
    A council voted on the name being Aikido.
    The other thought is this: Why add insult to injury if you do a proper throw? People that do not know Ukemi or falling arts fall horribly and bruise and break bones. Falls are awful!!(ask anyone who slipped on ice)
    Aikido jujitsu,Kokyu Ryu Aikijitsu,so on and so forth are Aikido core forms. It was often. Quoted that O Sensei had strong legs and would at times kick students….though many kicking techniques aren't taught…..but I digress.
    There are similarities in both. Aikijutsu family is about 12,000 moves. Aikido? Roughly 3,000 moves. Yoshinkan Aikido…1500 moves(Simplified) I hope that helps?

  42. Both Of Aikido & Aiki-Jutsu It's Deffernt but Aikijitsu Use More Combat In Defence That Deffernt

    Just Nice 👍👍


  43. Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu DVD by Katsuyuki Kondo

    Kondo Sensei demonstrates the subtleties and awesome techniques of Daito Ryu in this DVD. For anyone who hasn't seen Daito Ryu before this is an excellent introduction. Besides numerous technique demonstration, there are 2 full Daito Ryu public demonstrations, Daito Ryu history, interviews and more. DVD contents are:


  44. In martial arts you can stop at any point, so in Aikijutsu couldn't you just as easily change the strike to a push and achieve the same effect? Based on your examples the sparring partner still hit the mat.

  45. I study hapkiyoosool, Korean ajj… It's all about redirection and joint manipulation. There are nerve strikes but that's aiki… Making ukis body react via reflex actions to get them off balance

  46. Thank You for Video self-defense. My Question is Aikido vs a person trying to Kill you by 45 guns . How I can survive myself by Aikido Style? Just my question. From movies.

  47. Have the newbies in the background staring at the camera rather than practicing passed their 10th Kyu test yet?

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