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The daily Practice of Karate If you eat a bar of chocolate every day, you will see a result in a short time. Pretty plausible or! It is the same with daily karate practice. If you practice karate every day, you will be able to see and feel the result after a short while. My Master says, “through daily practice, you can achieve anything.” But it is also important what we practice daily to achieve something. If I want to improve my karate technique, my kata, my intuition for the partner exercises, etc., then I have to train regularly with specific exercises. Another sentence of a master is, “You learn Karate, by practicing karate”. That makes sense or! If I put the greatest possible attention, most practice time, in karate practice, I will succeed in karate. However, if I have more practice time with non-specific strength training, endurance running, swimming, etc., the range is great when listening to karatekas, then especially in these disciplines, I will be fine but not automatically in karate. A nice six-pack on the stomach or massive thighs do not help me to make a good Mae-Geri. In order to be able to keep the balance on one leg, especially the feet and their abilities are decisive. In addition, unilateral and / or mass-exerted weight training has a disadvantageous effect on posture, mobility and psyche. Balanced, specific mobility training, on the other hand, can do wonders for a karate practitioner. If the interested listener of this blog now asks how he / she should take the time, my answer is a counter question. How long does it take to eat a bar of chocolate with enjoyment? Fife-ten minutes? If you take 5-10 minutes each day with all your attention to practicing karate, you will be delighted, if not astonished by the result. In 5 min. you can run a kata concentrated 2-3 times. You can pick 1-2 ki exercises and practice. One can imagine a partner exercise, together with its imaginary partner, and practice in the mind. You can practice 100 Mae Geri etc. The training in the club / group would round up the whole thing. Anyone who dedicates himself to the Karate practice for 10 minutes in his daily life, makes himself a present. It will soon become a habit, for which body and mind are calling. A little bit overcoming at the beginning, with great effect on the personal Karate way.

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