Mandi velled to puv the gry, down by the parni-side Up jelled a mingri to lel mandi’s gry Mandi made a put at him, delled him on the point of the chin and dordi dordi dordi, can’t mandi kor Home is for some, “couldn’t care less” Has to be, Romany Pikiejopeddler and Diddikai No fixed position entailed and bleak
unknowable future wish granter and wanderer [Israel] “You know something…” “Travelling people, is good people” You know I can’t be found Sitting home alone If you can’t come around Oh please, please telephone Don’t be cruel To my heart that’s true Baby, if I made you mad
[Israel] “Gypsies have got to move on like the rest of the Gorgia people” For something I might have said
“and Gorgia people should give Gypsies a chance” Please let’s forget the past
“Before they sit there and slag us off” The future looks bright ahead
“they should get to” Don’t be cruel
“know you first” to my hear that’s true
“and then if you’re a bad person, say it” We live in the places we live in, and
these lives transpire within their own particular place, neither one thing nor
the other, yet both at once ripe for a deciphering Jelem Jelem, lungome dromensa [Israel] ” ‘He’s a Diddikai’… that means he’s a” “…he’s not a… he’s half…” “… He a cross-bred” Maladilem bakhtale dromensa “Gypsies started to move on” “They wanted, to get away from the tents” “and the Romany wagons” Jelem Jelem langome
“They wanted to go into proper” Dromensa
“Gorgia trailers” “As that’s what them’s for. They’re not for Gypsies, they’re for Gorgias” “They’ve got a light. They’ve got water Maladilem
“erm” bakhtale
“we’ve got, you know” Romensa
[Amanda ] “mod-cons” [Israel] “mod-cons” “Then it went from that” “They just got, houses then “So they thought a house would be good thing”
[Angelo*] “I want both” [Ruthie*] “You want both? You can’t have both. You’ve got to make a choice” [Israel] “and now look, look, look what it is today” Jelem Jelem Langome dromensa
[Amanda] “Fair-do’s the children live in a house now” “Why do they live in a house? Because we want best for ’em” Maladilem bakhtale dromensa [Sophie] “I’m going to be working myself” Jelem Jelem
“The only thing different is” Langome
“I’m going to be teaching them the” Dromensa
“language. I’m going to be teaching them norms of a Gypsy life” Maladilem bakhtale dromensa Ay, Ay
[Israel] “There’s only a handful of people left that are proper Romany Gypsies” Romale
“Most of them’s all been, all been cross-bred” Ay, Ay
“I don’t think there’s that many Gypsies left now Danny, proper true Gypsies” Chavale
“There’s just, just been…” [Amanda] “No” [Israel] “It’s all gone” [Amanda} “It’s just that it’s been diluted Ay, Ay Romale
[Israel] “I think it will die out though” Ay, Ay chavale *Excerpts from “Angelo My Love”

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