100 thoughts on “Deontay Wilder Takes Down Luis Ortiz in the 10th | SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING

  1. Wilder's reckless style works so well for him, you cant prepare for that. He should stick with it. If wilder had standard boxing technique, he would have got his 1st lost years ago, but probably be more respected by the boxing community smh

  2. Wilder really needs to get called out on those cuffing punches~some of which hit the back of the head, but others land on the legal part of the head to hit. He hittin dudes with the lace part of the gloves that have about 1 oz of padding. These are clearly illegal shots, and if you merely watch the first half of this video about 60-70% of these blows are illegal cuffs.

  3. Wilder showed us here in this fight that he can take a punch,go the distance and that he don't need to use skills to win,just heart and determination.This is a true Champion people!

  4. Shit was a joke…… never seen anyone, whose prepped to lose a fight, lose in such an obviously ugly way. Long gone are the days where there were really shitty matches when a boxer literally wouldn’t get touched and take a fall, but now we’re forced to look at staged sparring matches and it looks even to the extent to where the contender looks like he has a chance, but only to be pummeled and hit all about the top of the head like a whack-a-mole in a TKO….lol…. js

  5. I want dw to be great So much I can tell he fights more with his heart than his mind and that may be his biggest downfall

  6. Eddie Hearn saw this and said "FUCK NO"
    i said Eddie Hearn not AJ because no fighter is afraid of another fighter period but Hearn don't want it I know AJ will take it but Eddie nah

  7. When you're a bum but your opponents really suck then you're Deonte Wilder. Pfff "The Bronx Bomber"! These days anyone can hold a belt. That's why sometimes the winner may get the title but the higher purse goes to the more popular fighter. It's politics and it's rigged. Throwing Hail Marries and hoping they land or Hollywood drama.

  8. Ortiz can definitely stop Joshua and Whyte belts coming back to the U.S with Wilder as soon as Joshua gets some balls and except it

  9. It don't impress me he stilled ducked Shannon until he fight Shannon I'm not impressed he is not a beast he's nothing check this out he can fight a fan that called him out but he can't fight Shannon who step to his face this bitch scared and he trying to play the Mayweather role money contracts he's no champ Shannon is 46 years old this punk is scared I don't care what nobody say.

  10. If you seen him swinging like that in a street fight you’d think the mans cant fight. But shit he be connecting ain’t no doubting that.

  11. 😂😂😂😂 👿💨💨💨💨Ima keep uploading this video in many new google accounts because anthony joshua is such a BIG PUSSY MATE #BONZEBOMBERHAHA

  12. Wilder with the tendon strength beat down a tough Ortiz. Ortiz would of stalked and beat up Whyte, and dualed it out with Joshua in King Kong style possibly getting a KO. Hats off to Wilder.

  13. Wilder's athletic ability allows him to stray from proper technique! He reminds me of Roy Jones Jr as far as speed and athleticism! Anything can happen in a fight,but I'm betting wilder beats Joshua!

  14. lol there is some bum down in the comments saying wilder is not the real deal and he is a expert

    and 39kos is noting lol he said Ortiz was noting lol Wilder is the real deal and AJ don't won't wilder to get 40% of there fight.he is scared you dam AJ bums.

    Edit: the Bum name is Mitchell Kim he said he us to box lol.

  15. All you Brittttonns talking SHIT can expect this same scene with Joshua! Straight-up!!! You mo'fuckaz are just annoying at this point. You know Joshua is scared. And Eddie is even more scared of losing his milking cow. Oh, and the whole of England is even MORE scared of losing their short-lived fictitious rise to the boxing spotlight. You people are FRESH to this. We on the other hand have evolved!

  16. Call this boxing…. The days of a real fighters are gone. Tyson could come out of retirement and unify this belt… What a joke!

  17. when the commentator said "look how calm he is tho" Ortiz at that moment fell into the sunken place. Ortiz was thinking like damn " im about to get knocked tf out smh damnn this nigga hit hard

  18. Ending seems a little fishy. Ortiz was winning the fight by a large margin, all he had to do was cover up and could throw the last 2 rounds and still win. Instead he comes out looking uninspired and just starts eating bombs from Wilder. Where was the elusiveness and footwork that he showed the whole fight.

  19. Wilder has been outboxed in all 40 fights. Literally. He cant box… But the power in that right hand is a personal gift from GOD. So its like GOD punch vs life of hard work? GOD punch every time

  20. Bullshit. Why didn't the ring doctor signal the ref to stop the fight so he could examine Ortiz to see if he was OK when he was first hurt like he did for Wilder in round 8? Bullshit.

  21. When the knockout came I saw cups of beer fly over my head lol I was on my feet for I don't know how long until the fight ended and lost my voice by the end of the night from screaming lol it was absolutely awesome.

  22. I heard that Ortiz had a very high blood pressure and other illness coming in this fight. He ignored doctor's advice and fought because he needed the money. Had Ortiz been health and a bit younger than I believe he would've defeated Wilder.

  23. Wilder took a pummeling in this fight too, but still, his punching power litterally turned this fight around. A guy who can take a couple of big punches, and still can throw some dynamite punches. That's scary

  24. I don't like David Fields as a Referee, instead of giving the fighter a chance to stand and beat the count he tends to stop the fight prematurely

  25. 'Chicken legs windmill' wilder's flaying punches in this short clip are a joke – like a drunk fighting in a parking lot. He never EVER get away with this against a top level opponent. Or even a half way decent opponent – as Tyson Fury clearly showed.

  26. He didn't knock him out, Ortiz just tired out, lost all hope, wilder caught he's so light, its easier for him to keep at that rate, but he does have incredible power, but I think AJ has the heavier and stronger punch

  27. this dude fights with torn biceps and broken arm, he aint about this boxing shit, he is all about heart

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