Demostración con makiwara – Karate Do

Youtube subtitles download by (title) However, the origins of Okinawan Karate has always been shrouded in history since it’s origin 600 years ago The only mention of the Okinawan arts is by classic texts These various texts point to the Chinese origin of Karate that was developed in Okinawa However the “te” [hand], or “ti” as called by the native Okinawans, is not clearly described in the classic writings on the subject The martial art that is shrouded in mystery, that is what this “ti” is “I heard there was a parent and child that practiced this so called “ti” in Okinawa” “I traveled to a particular dojo to investigate” *Introducing eachother* Mr. Onaga Yoshimitsu is the person that was met on this day Mr. Yoshimitsu has inherited the art that supposedly transmits the “ti” that is noted in the classic texts Mr. Yoshimitsu’s own daughter is the demonstrater of this so called “ti” *demonstrating* Instead of “punching”, the term “stabbing” [penetrating] is a better match to descibe the technique “Curl your toes a little bit please” “At this point, the punch is stopped” [describing non-penetrating punch] “If we open the leg like so, the “water” (energy) will flow, the water is the power” “The moment she opens up, she closes quickly, the water flows like a faucet, please observe” *demonstrating* “Here is a kick that keeps exposing the body for an attack” *demonstrating* “To raise the arm and strike, that is the kind of side kick that she demonstrated” A twist and turning from alignment, movement from within that causes the punch to be launched A clear demonstration of technique that is distict from other modern Karate styles “‘ti’ is not about offensive attack” “‘ti’ is not about ‘how to kill'” “it is about how to win in the moment you are about to be killed, pure self defense, not to murder” *silence* “‘ti’ is… she is small is she not?” “Please, touch her” “She is soft” “She is small but…” “She can win against a large person, she can kill a large person” “The theory, practice, and logic of survival, this is ‘ti'” *demonstrating* This is, for me, the long awaited and searched for ‘ti’ *demonstrating* *music* (credits) Subtitles End:

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  1. 美智子先生は凄いなあ。力に頼らない空手を美智子先生から指導受けたいです。

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