29 thoughts on “Defense Techniques | Boxing Lessons

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  2. Mayweather a defence is very hard to perfect lets face it unless your a great you ain't gonna perfect it

  3. IMO this is definitely a great boxing drill to utilize when working the focus mitts, especially for teaching someone to not only defend punches, but to naturally cause them to counter punch as well, because if you teach the brilliant defensive concept of the shoulder roll without also applying the fact that you have to be able to counter in order for the method to successfully work the way it should, then one's opponent will just see them as a heavy bag and continue to throw punches and bunches with no fear of getting hit. Constantly being counter punched is so frustrating too, and it completely changes the game. FYI the only thing I might do differently than in this video would be having the person who's holding the mitts throw a straight right hand at the shoulder instead of a jab. The reason being is because if I roll my shoulder against a jab and then counter it with a right uppercut, I could still be exposed to a hard right hand from my opponent if he decides to throw a one two combination, due to the fact I'd have to slightly drop my hand and expose my face to throw a right uppercut…

  4. I just immedietly find another video when I already heard "This is a tribute for Floyd mayweather jr," Mr. Running Hugging and cheating

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