Dave’s Details Ep. 5 – Belts, tie your belt & uniform info  – Matrix MA LE3

How’re we doing today. Right, so today’s Dave’s
Detail is on belts and belt tying. So, errrm, I’ve got two belts with me today. I’ve got
my belt (black belt) but obviously for our club we wear black so this is going to be
a bit difficult to see. But, also a little while ago we, for a charity which we got from
Simone Hopkins I believe, she did some rainbow belts in aid of a charity supporting LGBTQ+
teenagers that have been made homeless/kicked out of the house because of their sexuality,
so we helped support the charity which was very nice, but it also means we’ve got these
really cool rainbow belts. So I might use this as it’s really really bright & you can
see what I’m doing. So it’s tying belts and while I’m at it, I’ll
talk a bit about clothing when you tie belts. If, get me bag, hang on. *noises, noises,
theme tune, noises, errrm, noises* *rustle rustle rustle* That’ll do.
Right, differences. When you’re in your Gi, when you are in full uniform, gonna chuck
this over my head really quick, don’t think it’s my size, but it’s close enough. *struggles
with tight sleeves* Your gi, your uniform stays outside your trousers. Trousers on,
Gi top over, then you tie your belt. The belt holds you Gi in place, etc when you
tie it. It holds it, you neaten it, make sure it’s
looking good. That’s not the correct knot, I know, just
tying it quickly. It goes trousers, Gi, belt on top. You go not tuck you Gi into your trousers.
Ok, and vice versa if you have a T-Shirt. it can be a club T-shirt like the dragon ones
or a summer camp one that we have each year. Tuck your T-Shirt into your trousers.
So I’m going to do that now for this demonstration, because it is Correct!
So your T-Shirt gets tucked into your trousers, which means you can see where the elastic
is for your trousers, that’s where your belt goes. It goes, I’m going to use this one as it’s
going to be easy to see, short end, then the rest. generally as long as you have the right
length belt for your size, shape,etc. Long bit goes over the top and round. The bit that
you take around your back holds this (the rest) goes over it, you neaten it up, gonna
get a bit closer, not sure if I’m in frame or not. The bit that you took all the round
goes over, under it all, neaten. Over, tie. One knot. There we go.
Stripes go into the middle, little cap on the end, easy peasy.
Now, like I say, before people get funny, I know people can be really mean on the internet
and things like that, rainbow belts are not part of any martial arts syllabus, before
anyone takes that out of context. It’s a charity belt, we did some good with it, it felt really
really good. But, belt tying for you guys, there is a certain
way that is truly correct. The reason we tie it that way is that is the best type of knot
that holds your belt together (again, not sure if I’m in shot) But top & bottom comes
in, that’s the cap, it holds it as one piece. It also means that it doesn’t separate very
easily at the back and you end up with belts that sort of do this, you get a weird figure
eight going everywhere…..rubbish. Now I will concede, if you can tie the knot
properly, great but there is quicker ways than doing short end, long end and getting
it right. You can find the middle, put it on your middle, round the back and then they’re
both the same length. Great, lovely, fine, wonderful. Ok, down side of that is even though
the knot is correct, at the back it gets messy, because one bit is not on top of the other.
They cross over and again this is where you get these separations, because they cross,
rather than being one on top of the other. If you tie them the way I said the first time,
like that, where they would normally cross over is effectively at the front. It’s embedded
somewhere in the knot. So you don’t get that messiness.
So if we can, one more time, short side, long side. Just work with the long side. It goes
round, it comes forwards. The bit that you’ve moved goes over, under everything. Then the
bit that’s on top goes over, through the middle, pull sideways, not up & down. If you pull
up & down like that, then the knot isn’t tight and your belt falls off really quickly. So
that way round, it means you’ve got no cross-over at the back, one sits on top of the other,
it’s neat, knot is good, these should be the same length give or take and it sits at the
top of your trousers. Now this is for us, as we have these with
elastic. We have tons & tons of kids, so getting them to tie old school tie trousers can be
difficult. But even then, it would be the same. So you’d pull them up, do the tie, Gi
would go over the top then belt on top of that. But the same knot, the same belt tie.
We get people come in and they’ve got five knots and they’re all rubbish. Or they’ve
only gone around once, that’s the other one, when people just, sort of, you know……
It’ll be a messy knot, the belt looks like that and every time the kid does a front kick,
the belt slaps them in the eyeball *blows raspberry* rubbish. Or, the belt is a fraction
too long, cos some kids or tiny or really thin. So they try & put it round three times.
Now, if you’ve got enough to tie the belt, then that’s fine. But if it goes all the way
round and you’re left with sort of, like this, you don’t stick it high and make it like a
corset, just so you can get a knot in the belt.
*blows another raspberry* rubbish. So, your belt is part of your uniform, we
like your uniform to look smart, so should your belt be. Don’t let yourself down.
So when you’re tying you belt, tie it properly, help us out, make yourself look good and it
also helps so it doesn’t fall off every five minutes throughout a lesson.
The way we tie a belt is the best way to try and keep it around your middle. Right, other
than that, thanks very much annnnd, see you again. Bye

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