Danny Garcia vs. Keith Thurman | Full Fight | SHOWTIME BOXING

[ Bell dings ] Lennon:
Fight fans, here we go. It’s time for the bout
you’ve all been waiting for. Announcer:
This crowd going wild! My God.
Look at that. He is in trouble!
Look at his legs! The crowd is electric! Tyson bringing it on! Down goes Bruno into the ropes! A right by Barkley,
and Hearns is down! Oh! Down goes Chavez for
the first time in his career! What a shot
by Evander Holyfield! Castillo’s in trouble! What a fight! Lennon:
I-I-It’s Showtime! —Captions by VITAC
Ranallo: We are set
for the main event. Just the 10th welterweight title
unification fight in history, the third between
undefeated champions. Keith “One Time” Thurman. Danny “Swift” Garcia. Here’s Jimmy Lennon Jr. [ Bell dings ] Lennon:
All right, fans, here we go with the main event
of the evening. 12 rounds of boxing for the unified welterweight
championship of the world. And now, ladies and gentlemen
in attendance and boxing fans
joining us around the world, live from Barclays Center
in Brooklyn, I-I-It’s Showtime! [ Bell dings ] [ Crowd cheering ] Introducing to you first,
fighting out of the red corner, wearing
red, white, and blue trunks and hailing from
Clearwater, Florida. He weighed in
at a ready 146 1/4 pounds. He is undefeated
in his campaign, with a record of 27 wins,
no loses, one no decision, and 22 big wins
coming by way of knockout. Tonight, making
the third defense of his title, ladies and gentlemen, here is the hard-hitting,
undefeated, and reigning WBA Welterweight
champion of the world! Introducing
Keith “One Time” Thurman! [ Bell dings ] [ Crowd cheers ] And his opponent
across the ring, fighting out of the blue corner, wearing black-and-white
leopard trunks, from Philadelphia,
Pennsylvania. His weight —
146 1/2 pounds. His record —
33 wins, no losses, 19 wins
coming by way of knockout. Tonight, in his eighth
world title appearance, ladies and gentlemen,
please welcome the two-weight-division
world champion and the current undefeated WBC Welterweight
champion of the world! Introducing
Danny “Swift” Garcia! [ Crowd cheers ] Once again,
our referee in charge, now to give instructions,
Michael Griffin. Gentlemen, you guys received
my instructions in your dressing room. Remember to obey my commands. Protect yourselves always. I want you to touch gloves now,
men. You’re boxing at the bell. God bless you both. Ranallo: A Barclays Center
boxing record 16,553 in anticipation
of this showdown between undefeated
welterweight champions. Danny Garcia, fourth fight
as a full-fledged welterweight. Keith Thurman
has been 147 pounds his entire
professional career. [ Bell dings ] Will that play a factor? As the bell goes
to begin round 1. Thurman
in the red, white, and blue. With Garcia in
the black and white with yellow. Thurman said there would be
no feeling-out process. Leonard: There is
no feeling-out process. And when these guys
start off this way, it’s so tight,
so much is at stake, a knockdown
can happen early. Bernstein: Very surprising
that Thurman is actually starting this aggressively,
though. They normally throw three or four punches
less per round than the average
in their divisions. So they’re usually
very careful at picking their spots. Keith Thurman has been down once
in his career. Garcia has never been
on the canvas. But they are throwing
with bad intentions early. And that’s why I say, sometimes a knockdown
can happen, because these guys
are going at it, and they’re not really
protecting themselves. Danny Garcia is doing what he did
against Lucas Matthysse, trying to box
and make Thurman come to him. And Thurman is obliging. We’ll see how it works
for either end. Thurman only threw 11 jabs in his last fight
against Porter, even though it was a great
and winning effort. They want more jabs
from him in this fight. Thurman has nine
first-round knockouts, although, eight came
in his first eight fights. Garcia has recorded
four first-round K.O.s, all in his first
seven fights. But boy, they are throwing
thunderous blows. This has been initiated
by Thurman, who is coming out
more aggressive than I think some people
thought he might. Midpoint
of the opening frame. Pace beginning to settle down
just a tad. Thurman looking to feint,
walking down Garcia. Garcia unloading
with that lead left hook, one of his calling cards. And he just thumped Thurman
with that left hand. Those shots to the body are the key
for Danny Garcia. Yeah. Slow his man down. Bring those hands down. Garcia loves
to attack the body like it’s filled
with candy. Luis Collazo hurt Thurman in the fifth round
of their fight with a body shot, and Garcia thinks
he can do the same. Oh, but there’s a sweeping
left hook by Thurman! Garcia backed up. Right hand by Thurman
may have stunned Garcia after that hook. 45 seconds. Thurman misses
with that sweeping left hook. Garcia on the ropes. Garcia looks unsteady. Left hook to the body
by Thurman. Crowd already electric
here in round 1. Man,
what an uppercut by Thurman! Well, somebody’s “0”
has got to go. And the way
they are chucking leather, it could come early
in Brooklyn tonight. [ Bell dings ] [ Crowd cheers ] We said the right hand might be the key
for Keith Thurman. Here, he lands an overhand right
in round 1. [ Bell dings ] That stunned
Danny Garcia and changed the tempo
of that first round. Well, March
and that first round came in like a lion, as we begin round 2 between these
two hungry young lions who are determined to be the king of
the welterweight jungle. You know, Thurman’s
all-out assault, though, let’s remind you, leaves him open to
counter punches by Garcia. So Garcia
will try and counter him as he comes in. And he did it a little
in round 1. Well, Garcia —
that’s what he wants. Yes.
He wants to counter. And especially, he’ll try
to exchange the left hook, which is his big punch. Right hand by Thurman, as we look at the power punches
last round. Very close. Yes, but the ones
that were really significant were landed
by Keith Thurman. Again, Thurman, though, was countered there
by the left from Garcia. For Keith Thurman, leading with the left hook
like he’s doing sometimes, big mistake in this fight. Shouldn’t do it. And I mentioned that
in the Keys. And especially against
another hooker. Yes, precisely. And the jab of Thurman, so far not in evidence
as you’ve seen. And there you see
Danny Garcia… Pops Thurman in the belly
with that right hand and darts out, and now trying to use
some lateral movement. And what I see here — these guys, both guys, are punching
with conviction. In other words,
they’re going in there and going for broke. They felt
the power of each one, but they want to win. Well, during
the fighter meeting, Keith Thurman acknowledged
our analysis — as Danny Garcia hits him
with a right hand — that in that
Shawn Porter fight, Keith Thurman’s jab went MIA. He said that wouldn’t be
the story in this fight. Well, it’s early, but he’s leading
with a lot of power shots. Yeah, and so far, not really throwing the jab
as much. A counter right hand
a moment ago by Garcia. Very, very effective. And Danny’s
got a good left hook, but his right hand
is also very good. Final minute
of the second. There you saw a punch
a little low. Three times
in three different fights, Garcia’s had a point
deducted for low blows, so… And another one there
on the belt line as he has to be careful
not to target the peninsula
below the Equator, as you hear
those shots land. Now it’s Danny Garcia backing up to the ropes
in the corner. What’s going to be effective
also are the counter punches. You leave yourself open. Because these guys
are really going at it. It’s a very fast pace. Jab there by Thurman, avoided the attack
from Garcia. So things settling down a bit
here in the second stanza. But there’s a nice
right uppercut on the inside by Thurman. And a left hand that lands
for Keith “One Time” Thurman. Overhand right. And another right. [ Bell dings ] Wow. Angel: Breathe.
Come on, breathe. Don’t hold your breath. Don’t drop your left hand,
Danny. Careful with vaseline now. Don’t drop your left hand. He’s trying to knock you out
with the right hand. He hit you with the best shot
he had. He ain’t knock you out.
His ass is out. Keep your left hand up and come back
with an overhand right. You either go right,
dip low right, come back
with your overhand right. Okay? Don’t wobble him.
Finish him. Get him out of there. Good? All right,
beautiful job. He’s gonna be like
a hurt animal. He’s gonna be throwing
a lot of wild shit. Go. Let’s go. Ranallo: Set for round 3… [ Bell dings ] …between the undefeated
Keith Thurman, the undefeated Danny Garcia, unifying their two titles in boxing’s glamour division,
the 147-pound weight class. And Garcia looks to attack
the body with the jab early in round 3. Leonard:
Both of these fighters
were talking trash, you know, like we all do. Oh. Oh, man. Bernstein: Big hook. Garcia doubled over. Thurman cuffing him
with a right. But you know the thing
about them, though, they’re backing it up. They’ve come to fight. That hook by Thurman
hurt Danny Garcia. He wasn’t able
to follow up on it as much as
he would have liked. Danny Garcia always
rising to the occasion on the sport’s
biggest stage. Oh, but there’s another
thudding right hand that landed
across the jaw of Garcia. And that time,
Thurman set it up with his jab and threw a straight right hand, which is different than
what he was doing earlier. Garcia was behind against
Amir Khan, Knocked him out
with the left hook. Was in a — Was the underdog
against Lucas Matthysse in what was his signature win, but dropped Matthysse for
the first time in his career en route
to winning that fight. And now a lead right hand
by Thurman. You have to look at
the concentration of Thurman. I mean, look at the way
he’s just pinpoint. Yep.
Ray, you talk about focus, and Thurman is totally focused
on the task at hand. Even just using those
rangefinder jabs has helped him
in this fight. Oh! And that was
a beautiful body shot. A right hand, and a left hook
and a right hand by Garcia. Great body work
by Garcia. Garcia rolled with
that combination by Thurman. Nice parry
of the jab there. But that one snuck through
by Thurman. Thurman’s
changed his approach. In this round, he has used his jab
much more effectively, and it’s served him well. I would like to see Garcia go to the body
a little bit more.
Yeah. Slow down that movement. Under a minute remaining
in the third round. Garcia was
going backward early, now here’s Thurman using
some of the lateral movement we thought he would use. Garcia targeting the body there
with the right hand, misses with the jab. Thurman ducks underneath
that jab. And the head movement
of Thurman timing the jab,
avoiding at that shot, as Garcia with the advantage in terms of working the body. Making that early investment in hopes that
it will pay dividends the longer this fight goes. Scheduled for 12. There’s a lead right hand
by Thurman, but again,
Garcia doing a good job of absorbing it, Ray. We are through three in BK. [ Bell dings ] Griffin: Time! Stay composed, man. This is not over yet. Yeah,
it’s way not over at all. Take him past
the dark streets. Take him past
the dark street, Danny. Yeah. It’s okay. He didn’t do shit
in the first round. It’s okay.
It’s not happening. You good. Perfect. You’re perfect. Bernstein: In the last round,
this is what Danny Garcia wants. A lead left hook by Thurman, and then he counters with
a thudding left to the body. And he thinks
he can hurt Thurman with that. Ranallo:
The beginning of round 4. Barclays Center
in Brooklyn. Mauro Ranallo
alongside hall-of-famers Al Bernstein
and Sugar Ray Leonard. Ray involved in an epic, welterweight title unification
fight in 1981 against Thomas “Hitman” Hearns. The same two titles
on the line tonight — the WBA and WBC belts. Leonard: So much respect. And that works
for these guys. I mean,
they’re fighting the fight. They talked the talk,
but they fighting the fight. Bernstein: And through
the first three rounds, Thurman is averaging — Oh. Ooh, nice body work
by Thurman. Body shot there by Thurman, but a nice counter left
by Garcia. He’s averaging
51 punches thrown around to only 34 for Garcia. So he is busier. After three rounds, let’s bring in
our unofficial scorer. Steve Farhood,
how do you see the fight? Farhood: Mo, I have Thurman
ahead two rounds to one. The second round
was the interesting one. Garcia dominated for 2:50, and then the last 10 seconds,
Thurman came on. I still gave
that round to Garcia, but two rounds to one — 29-28, Keith Thurman. Ranallo: Thurman trying to
paw at Garcia with the job, looking to establish
the range. Maybe trying to blind Garcia
momentarily to follow up. There’s
a lead right uppercut! Thurman landed it,
but he has to be very careful. If he throws that punch
from too far out, one of those booming left hooks
from Garcia will counter him. Yep. Garcia, Ray,
loves the counterattack. Garcia has let his hands go,
let both of his hands go. They have the combinations. That’s where
he can catch him. Stinging jab by Thurman, but Garcia responds in kind. They’ve taken turns
being the aggressor. Oh, good right hand to the body
by Thurman. Nice one-two by Garcia, targeting the chest and then going over the top
with the right hand. Lead left hand, but what a counter by Thurman,
backing up Garcia. And again, Garcia’s
never been knocked down. A granite chin. You know, he has only had
three fights at welterweight. Many wondered if
Thurman hit him with big shots, and I think Garcia’s been
stunned couple of times, would he stay upright? He’s certainly done that, and that left hook
was a big one by Thurman. Garcia has the biggest chin
and the biggest heart. And let’s not forget
that unbelievable shot he took from one of
the hardest punchers. Lucas Matthysse
sent his mouthpiece flying. Yeah, into the third row. And of course,
Matthysse at 140. Sure. Some wondered,
a 147-pounder like Thurman, how would he do
against him? Thurman’s fighting
a pretty good tactical round 4, I think. Using the real estate
in the ring, that lateral movement. Nice combination by Thurman in the final seconds
of the fourth frame. [ Bell dings ] Stop this this guy. Angel: Combinations, Dan. Combinations. Combinations, baby. But stay tight.
Nothing wide. Don’t take guesses. Listen,
there’s no guesses. Don’t guess. Stay focused.
Don’t do nothing stupid. Stay focused.
Use your right-left. Stay tight.
Use your right-left. Stay focused. And then come back —
combinations tight. Great shape, man.
We’re hardly breathing hard. Start off with a good jab. Ranallo:
Back here at the Barclays Center
in Brooklyn — “Showtime Championship Boxing
on CBS.” [ Bell dings ] Welterweight title
unification fight — The 10th in
welterweight division history — between Keith Thurman
and Danny Garcia. This is round number 5. Bernstein:
Coming into this fight, Garcia, according to ShoStats, averaged 53 punches per round
thrown. He threw 24
in the last round, and he has not been
throwing the number of punches that he wants to. Even though, granted,
he’s a counter puncher, he’s still going to have
to get a little busier, I think, in this fight. Thurman’s favorite fighter
of all-time — “Iron” Mike Tyson who hails from
right here in Brooklyn. When he was a kid, Thurman said he wanted to have
more knockouts than Tyson throughout his career. With 22,
he’s halfway towards equaling Tyson’s mark of 44. And speaking of
power punches, Al… Now those are all punches
outside of a jab that lands. That could be body punches,
anything. Thurman with the edge,
so far. Leonard: Garcia has a great jab
when he uses it. Absolutely. He should use it a lot more,
step in. And his left hook —
a thing of power. He needs to really
incorporate that. Double jab by Garcia. Backing up though,
near the ropes. Thurman, feinting,
trying to find his way in. Flashes the jab. Lead left hand and right
misses by Thurman. And Thurman avoiding that sweeping right hand
by Garcia. And Garcia gets popped
with a jab. What Garcia needs to do
to stop that movement, he has to
cut the ring off. Griffin: Break! No punches.
Let him go, man. Let him go. Ranallo: And how do you
cut the ring off against a guy like
Keith Thurman, Ray? In other words,
you don’t just follow him. As we see here,
he’s just following him. You got to step to the side
and step to your right. Beautiful. Good right hand. Yep, good right hand landed
by Thurman. Thurman is throwing
his right hand much straighter now than he was in round 1. Remember, he came in off
an eight-month layoff, so early in this fight,
he didn’t look — even though he was doing
very well with power shots, he wasn’t as precise. So the layoff has
something to do with that a little bit, too. And it was in this very venue
last summer that Keith Thurman
and Shawn Porter offered one of the best fights
of 2016. Seen on CBS, as well. And now Garcia looking to
dig away at the body with the left hooks. Now Thurman
trying to establish the jab. Catapult right hand that cuffed the ear
of the Danny Garcia. And Thurman told us he would be utilizing the jab
more in this fight. We’re starting to see it now
as this fight unfolds. Yeah,
he has gotten back to it. Oh! The left hook of Thurman
is good. We’ve come
to the end of round 5. Garcia with a flurry. [ Bell dings ] [ Crowd cheers ] He’s all yours, man.
Come on. Sometimes step up
instead of step back. Work and step up
and smother his ass. Tie him up. Ranallo:
And there is Keith Thurman Sr., the proud father
of Keith Thurman, Jr., of course, very pensive and — It can’t be easy, Ray,
to watch your progeny in action, especially
in a combat sport. Leonard: [ Laughs ]
It’s pretty tough. And here we are
in round 6. During the break
in between rounds, Garcia’s corner
was using the enswell to combat some swelling
around his eyes, especially his left eye. Left hook. That was — Thurman snuck it
around the guard of Garcia. Garcia just paws away
with the jab, blocked by Thurman. Bernstein:
While the conventional thinking
told us coming in maybe not so many
lead left hooks by Thurman, you have to say, though, he’s been effective
with that punch. That combination blocked by the high guard
of Keith Thurman. With Keith Thurman,
what looks so nice here is he’s moving,
he’s staying out of trouble, staying out of danger, using his jab,
up and down, up and down, and when he sees a shot,
he drops it — the right hand. Keith Thurman
dropped out of high school at the age of 16 to pursue a career
in prizefighting. And yet, all you have to do
is spend a few moments with him, as he attacks the body
with the right, to figure out that he has
an incredible IQ both in and out
of the ring now. He’s a fascinating man, and he and Danny Garcia
different in so many ways in terms of their style
and their approach to life. He’s a foot-loose,
fancy-free guy traveling the world,
looking to experience, as Danny Garcia —
a very solid family man who is, you know, leading
a very workman-like life. He’s got a barbershop
that he runs. And they’re two interesting men
and different. And Danny Garcia,
of course, putting together
an impressive résumé, when you look at
the former champions that he has faced, and again, tonight, looking to become
the first fighter in history to unify titles
at both 140 and 147, as we head into the final minute
of the sixth round. Very close round here. And neither man has been
as effective offensively as they would like. Oh, sweeping right-hand grazing the chin
of Keith Thurman by Danny Garcia. And again, both men
have to let both hands go, as, well,
Thurman has done that. This is the first round,
though, in which Danny Garcia
is leading in terms of
number of punches he’s thrown. He’s up by about
eight now. You see
what happened now? Oh, good combination
by Garcia. And nice head movement,
good defense on display by the Philly fighter. Lead left hook to the body
by Thurman. Two of the best at 147 unifying their
respective titles tonight, as we head to the second half
of this showdown. [ Bell dings ] [ Crowd cheers ] Birmingham:
Good work. Good work. Good work. Whoops. Sorry. Good work. Put that on my ear. You all right? Yeah. Okay. Keep that jab working
and that right hand. Not just the jab, add the right hand
nearly every time, ’cause he’s trying
to walk in on you. Yeah. He’s getting desperate.
He knows he’s behind. Yeah. Bang that body.
Bang that. Keep working the body
like that. Every time you get a chance,
like that, just like that. He ain’t doing nothing
to you, champ. He ain’t doing nothing.
Take him down the dark street. But you got to stay composed
and you got to stay active. In a smart way. Listen,
do not drop your left hand. Okay. Don’t drop it.
He looking for overhand right. He think he can knock you out
with that. He’s already hit you with it,
and you soaked it up. You soaked it up. He can’t hit you… Bernstein:
Yeah, for the first time, in the last round, we really saw an edge
for Garcia, though slight, in terms of what
he threw. And that was what
we heard Angel Garcia say “Stay busy.” [ Bell dings ] Ranallo:
Yeah, Angel Garcia’s behavior usually antithetical to what
his first name represents. He’s a provocateur and has a well-deserved
reputation for unacceptable
public conduct, but did you agree
with his instructions at the end of round 6 there,
Ray? Leonard: The body shots
and throwing more punches, using the jab. He’s throwing the shots
to the body now. Griffin: Watch your head, guys.
Watch your heads. Ranallo:
Of course, in Thurman’s corner,
Dan Birmingham. Thurman, when he was just
15 years of age, was already sparring with
the likes of “Winky” Wright. Chad Dawson who ended up losing
earlier tonight against Andrzej Fonfara
on this card. And let’s bring in
our unofficial scorer. Steve Farhood,
how do you have
this fight scored at the halfway point? Farhood: Mo, I have Thurman up
four rounds to two — 58-56. Momentum is so precious
in a fight like this. Garcia took that sixth round, little more active
than Thurman was. So he may have
the momentum. This could be a swing round, an important round to determine who has the edge
going into the second half. Ranallo: Ray, what do
you think about the way that Thurman
throws that left jab, as he just ate one
from Danny Garcia. Well, when Thurman
throws his jab, I’ll tell you what? And more than once, it kind of puts his man
to sleep, and he can drop
the right hand. Garcia rolling
with those shots. Those punches
were caught on his arms. Well, you know,
until he fought Lucas Matthysse, no one thought Danny Garcia could show
this kind of foot movement. He boxed well
against Matthysse, and he’s showing it
a little bit of it now here again
against Thurman. And he’s doing
an incredible job sticking those punches. But he needs to come back
to counter. Thurman missing
with that lead left hook, trying to gauge
the distance, as Garcia bounced a left hand
off Thurman’s ribcage. Coming up on the final
60 seconds of the seventh. Garcia unloading
a right hand. Lead right blocked. Oh, and that left hand
was right on the belt by Garcia. Al, you alluded to it
earlier. Yeah. He has a propensity
for going downstairs, a little too low
into the basement. What both fighters
need to do is once they throw
that right hand or left hook, come back
with another hit. Referee admonishing
Danny Garcia. Griffin:
Box. Box. Keep them up. I mentioned it. In three different fights
before, he’s had a point deducted
for low blows. They need to throw
punches in bunches. Ranallo: Thurman throwing
a check left hook. You know, Steve Farhood
made the good point. This could be
an important round. It’s been a very close one. There’s a left hook
that landed by Thurman, as he avoided the attack
by Garcia. Garcia, though,
rolling, as well. End of round 7. [ Bell dings ] [ Crowd cheers ] Birmingham: Drink some. Beautiful job. Be smart in there.
Be the boss. Couldn’t look better, man.
Come on. Hands up.
Push his ass back. He can’t fight
backing up. Just be smart. Believe in your shots,
straight right hand. Use those combinations. Stay focused, stay tight,
use your right. Nice and crispy. You don’t got to be wide
and all that shit. We’re not looking
for miracle shots. You’re not looking for anything
but those kill shots. Use your mind, come on. Use your mind, Dan. Think. Think, Dan,
knock him out, Dan. Bernstein: Danny Garcia
is straying low with this left hook
to the body. It was close
to the belt line, but maybe just
a little bit low. And again, he has had
a propensity in fights to do that. Ranallo:
Round 8 under way. 16,500, a record,
to see boxing at the Barclays Center
in Brooklyn. They’re seeing two of the very
best undefeated champions unifying
their welterweight titles. And in some ways, this fight has been kind of
what we might have thought — a tactical fight
but one with spurts of action. Neither of this men are known to be
super-high volume punchers. They both have power,
so they can create a knockout, though Garcia, at 147, we’re not 100% sure about his
power in this weight class yet. Good exchange. Any adjustments you would
like to see made, Ray? Let’s start
with Danny Garcia in the second half
of the fight. Leonard: Again,
as I was saying earlier, he needs
to cut the ring off. In other words,
go to his right to stop the movement
of Thurman. And, Al,
what about Keith Thurman? Anything you would like to see him do more
here down the stretch? Well, you know,
he’s boxing well, but he may need to sit down
on a couple occasions with some power punches. And there,
he’s trying to do it. Good defense by Garcia, slipping those punches
by Thurman. Danny Garcia’s defense
is underrated. He’s a better
defensive fighter than a lot of people
give him credit for. Again, Thurman not scoring
with any of those shots, and, well,
Garcia misses, as well. So, becoming
a defensive struggle here in round 8, although Thurman
just stung him with a jab. Well, it also displays the type of shape
these guys are in. These guys are in
tremendous shape. Mm-hmm. And a question — interesting question
for Garcia — as we move on is, he has had some trouble
at the end of fights. In the last portion
against Zab Judah, for instance,
he really faded a bit. Against Mauricio Herrera,
also fading in the late round. So he’s going
to have to show us that he can come forward
in those rounds. Those right hands
thrown by Thurman — they’re still landing. They’re grazing.
Yeah. There’s a right
that landed for Garcia. When Thurman throws
the right hand straighter, he tends to get in. That’s what Dan Birmingham
told him — to use the jab
and the straight right hand. Right hand to the hip
of Danny Garcia by Keith Thurman, who’s looking to use
lateral movement. Wide sweeping punches
that were blocked by Garcia. Garcia prefers to stand
right in front, bring Thurman in,
and counter. We’re headed to round 9,
scheduled for 12, here at the Barclays Center
in Brooklyn. Right uppercut
lands for Thurman. [ Bell dings ] We will go
inside the ropes to give you this fight
in microcosm, as we go back
and take a look at some of the moments that were
important in this fight. Keith Thurman landing
some power punches early in this match. There they traded left hooks. Both men landed good shots. The straight right
of Thurman, when he has thrown it
as a straight punch, has been
very, very effective. Garcia
wants to go downstairs. There’s an example of it with both the left hook
and the right hand. This really shows you
some of the strategy that both men are using and what’s important
for them. That was a seldom-used jab
by Danny Garcia. He’s not used
that punch enough. You thinking
he’s on not gonna land. You don’t know that. You him him with
a beautiful right hand, but it was like
a sparring right hand. And you got to go back
to the body, too. Come on, man. Where’s the water? Come on, Dan.
Pick it up. Be smart. Be smart. Keep boxing.
Use your legs. Be smart. [ Bell dings ] Ranallo:
The bell and round number 9, Dan Birmingham
in Thurman’s corner wants Thurman to keep boxing,
be smart. And while for Danny Garcia, they want him
to go to the body more. And there he goes
with a right hand. Bernstein:
We mentioned that Luis Collazo
in the previous fight had hurt Keith Thurman
with a body punch. Garcia thought
he was gonna be able to do that in this fight. Thus far, not yet. You see him concentrating there
to try and do it. Leonard:
But one thing about Thurman, he can be very elusive. He throws his punches,
then he slips out. He has great legs. ShoStat numbers on the jabs, and only — not a big edge
for Keith Thurman. He wanted to have
a bigger edge. But like with
all the other punches, he’s throwing a lot more. But in terms of landed,
not a huge edge. But his power punch edge
has been bigger. [ Crowd booing ] This is when you don’t want
to listen to the crowd. Yes. I was gonna say, I think they want to see more of a Leonard/Hearns 1
right now, Ray. I mean,
this is a great fight between two
undefeated champions, and it’s tactical. Well, in that fight,
after you hurt Tommy Hearns, he boxed. But he was, you know,
with all due respect, he’s was landing his jab a little bit more
than Thurman is here. Thurman with
the right uppercut, and Garcia
misses with the right and missed with that combination
as well, as it bounced off
the arm of Thurman. And Garcia trying to jab through the high guard
of Thurman unsuccessfully. As I said before, you can’t rely upon
one big punch, and this is what
Garcia’s trying to do, land that big punch. Let both hands go. And, Al,
Thurman known as “One Time,” but he’s gone the distance more times often than not
recently with the step up
in competition. Absolutely. He’s become much more of
a boxer/puncher, not the guy that’s looking for
big power shots. Though, we saw that
early in this fight. Again, good defensive moves
by Danny Garcia to avoid the combination. Left hook to the body
and the jab by Thurman. That forced Garcia
to pivot away. That was
a very good body punch. And a good left hook upstairs
by Thurman. And the uppercut, which he’s been trying to land
in this fight. You know, this part of the round
is showing us Thurman ends up doing just a little bit more
than Danny Garcia in many of these rounds. People don’t appreciate
Thurman’s ability to throw punches
from all angles, various angles. That’s a good point. But missing with a lot of
those punches, as well. That one bounced off the arm, and Garcia
swings widely, wildly, as we’re down the stretch
here in round 9. And they’re swinging
for the fences! [ Bell dings ] Griffin: Time! [ Crowd murmurs ] The uppercut
by Keith Thurman — he’s been trying
to land that punch throughout this fight. That was a good one. Danny Garcia
took it extremely well, because Thurman
was backing up a little bit when he threw it. Then later in the round, a right hand
behind the head right at
the end of the round. Danny Garcia —
That’s not Danny Garcia’s fault. He was trying
to throw that right and Thurman moved away. Good job. Good job. It’s all yours. All yours. We’re going home
with two titles tonight. Yes, sir. Now, be smart out there,
Keith. This is where
you slay the dragon. Listen, drop your knees, bro,
and stay tight. Come on, Dan.
Stop doing that noise shit. Don’t make noise. We don’t need
no fucking noise. [ Bell dings ] Griffin:
Hold on. Hold on. Hold on. Ranallo:
So the tone much different
in the respective rounds. Keith Thurman’s trainer
Dan Birmingham telling him, “you’re going home
with two titles tonight,” Al, while Garcia’s corner
a little more urgent. Bernstein:
Well, you can sense the urgency
from Angel Garcia. They understand that
while these rounds are not — there’s not
a wide disparity, you can feel that Keith Thurman
in the majority of them seems to be getting
more work done. Leonard: Well, you can also see
Thurman is moving. I mean,
he moved lateral movement. And he’s putting his punches
together now. He’s used his jab
a lot more now. He’s doubling up. And mind you,
some of these rounds, even though
Thurman’s been busier, some of these rounds
have been close, so we may be seeing
different looks in the judges’ scorecards. One thing we can say for sure,
according to ShoStats, well over 100 punches more
thrown by Thurman, so he has been
busier. Ray,
you’re the resident expert, especially when it comes to
the welterweight division. What do you like most about each of these
undefeated champions at this stage
of the fight? Well, with Thurman,
Thurman is just — He’s multi-talented. I mean,
he’s very versatile. I love what I see in him —
the confidence. He’s thinking
the whole time. He’s moving
the whole time. With Garcia,
Garcia is not giving up. But he has to find a way
to slow his man down. We’ve reached the midpoint
of round 10. Garcia feinted then landed the left
to the body. And the only way
he’s gonna do that is to really work,
constantly work the body, and as I said,
cut the ring off. And almost make the ring
smaller, shorter, Stepping to the left
and stepping up to the right. Good counter right hand
by Garcia. Garcia swinging wildly,
missing with the left hook. Under a minute left
in the 10th. This has been a better round
for Danny Garcia. There’s no question about that. And he’s thrown more punches
than Thurman. When he does that,
guess what? He does better, which is obvious,
but still. I love
the concentration. Lead left hook, right uppercut
lands for Thurman. We are headed to
the championship rounds in this, the 10th welterweight
title unification fight in history. [ Bell dings ] [ Crowd cheers ] Danny Garcia was able to do
some things in the last round he hasn’t been able to do — jabbing, double jabbing, and the second one gets through
the guard of Keith Thurman. Thurman’s still concentrating
on throwing that uppercut, and he would land this one. He’s landed four or five
really good ones in this fight, and I think he thought
he would hurt Garcia with them. They haven’t hurt him badly,
but they’ve landed. Come down like that. Now you go up top. Now you chipping to the bottom,
go up top. But I mean sharp,
sharp to the top. I don’t need wide —
nothing wide. Straight right hand,
left hook, okay? Sharp, all right?
Yeah. And work the body. When you’re throwing
the right hand, dip, left. Birmingham: He’s gonna
get desperate now. He’s winging everything. He’s trying
to get you out of there. He knows he’s behind. Box smart. Box smart, champ.
Come on. [ Bell dings ] Ranallo: The first of our
two championship rounds between these two undefeated
welterweight champions unifying their titles — Keith “One Time” Thurman, Danny “Swift” Garcia. And you know that Thurman has been hurt before
to the body. Al, you mentioned it. And his body language
in the corner after that round led me to believe
that maybe Garcia took a little wind
out of his sails with those body shots. Bernstein:
Well, it’s possible. He landed some
very good body punches. And speaking of
how they will do in terms of stamina, Garcia’s been 12 rounds
7 times. Of course, he’s won them all.
He’s undefeated. And Thurman has been 12 rounds
4 times and won every one. Although two of those
Garcia decisions were questionable against Mauricio Herrera and maybe against
Lamont Peterson. Leonard: You know, I like what
the trainer, Dan Birmingham, said to Thurman — box smart. That’s what he should do. In doing so, though, he’s got to do enough
offensively to make sure that depending on where those
scorecards are at this point, he doesn’t give away
this fight. Remember another welterweight
title unification fight, Oscar De La Hoya
and Félix Trinidad. Yeah,
that’s where De La Hoya. Ooh, nice body work
by Thurman. Body shot there
by Thurman. De la Hoya seemed to be ahead
in the fight, but boxed later
in the fight, and apparently
gave away enough rounds for Trinidad to win, although that was
a controversial decision. But if you’re saying
that Garcia is aggressive, is that he has
the aggressiveness, because Thurman’s really
in control here. Yeah, he’s controlling
the real estate for sure. Now, he’s not throwing
that many punches, although that is a nice
right hand by Thurman. And the crowd doesn’t want
Thurman to move like this. And, of course,
let’s not forget it’s a partisan crowd
for Danny Garcia… Yes, exactly. …from nearby
Philadelphia. And, again,
this is the sixth time that he has headlined here
at Barclays Center in Brooklyn. Under a minute left
in the penultimate round. Thurman stuck the jab. Now Thurman backpedaling, doing a little shuffling,
using the jab. So he’s adhering
to the advice from his trainer
Dan Birmingham. But, Al, you don’t seem
that impressed. Well… In terms of
what he should do. You know,
he might be winning. It’s just
a very close round. And the question is,
can you afford that? Danny Garcia doesn’t like
to come forward like this. It’s not
his normal game plan. But he’s trying it
because he has to. But the thing about it, a champion
has to close this show. Well said, one of the greatest
champions in the sport. And now they’re
trying to do just that with 15 seconds left
in the 11th. [ Bell dings ] Are we going to hear,
“you’re blowing it, son, you’re blowing it”? You might hear that. No, I don’t think so. [ Laughs ] Here. There’s nothing you can do,
bro. He’s running, bro. He ain’t going to win
like that. Spit. Spit. He ain’t going to win
like that. He’s running, bro.
He keep running. You got to fight. Listen,
you got to beat him up, Dan. Why are you not doing
left uppercut to the body, why? When you throw the right hand,
left uppercut to the body. Swallow. Swallow. Man: There you go. Beautiful job. Your fight, champ.
This is your fight. Your left arm okay? Finish strong.
Finish strong. Big breath, baby.
Big breath. Come on. Come on. Come on, champ.
Come on, champ. Come on, champ.
Come on, champ. Bernstein: An odd moment
at the end of the round. Danny Garcia started to head
to the wrong corner. And, uh,
Keith Thurman said, “No, no,
it’s the other place.” [ Laughs ] Lennon: This is round 12! [ Bell dings ] Ranallo:
The bell and round 12! The third time in history two undefeated champions
have met to unify the welterweight title, and Keith Thurman,
Danny Garcia looking to put it
all on the line, as Thurman stings Garcia
with that straight right. In the last round,
Garcia threw 45 punches. That’s the most he’s thrown
in a round in this fight. Was it enough
for him to win it? That’s the question. And where are we
on the scorecards, obviously? You know, is this fight
within reach for Danny Garcia? Well, who knows,
he could be ahead. Ray, if you were
in their respective corners, what would be the advice
you would’ve given your fighters going into this
12th and final round. Leonard: Go for it.
Just go for it. Close the show. I mean,
but the thing about — I’m sure that
in Thurman’s corner, they feel that
he’s won big-time. And they want him to stay away
from any lucky punch. You know, there are
a lot of rounds here that weren’t
super-definitive. Were questionable. So I would tend to think Keith Thurman might well
be ahead in this fight. And he’s fighting like
someone who he believes that, because Danny Garcia
unable to cut off the ring. And it’s not that Thurman’s
not throwing punches back. He’s actually
thrown more punches than Garcia in this round. But he’s moving back. And Garcia being exhorted
by the crowd — the chants of “Danny!” [ Crowd chanting “Danny” ] Yeah. Thurman has to fight
a little bit more. There you go. Nice left hook behind the guard
by Thurman. Avoids the jab,
goes to the body. And, you know, Danny Garcia
has done a better job of jabbing his way in in the last several rounds
than he did earlier. Show them
you’re the man, throw some combinations. Under a minute remaining. Garcia with a right hand. Thurman comes back
to the body. And, of course,
anything Garcia throws that looks like it lands will cause the crowd
to erupt. It’s the bull and the matador
in round 12. Garcia working the body. It’s never too late,
guys. Thurman with a sharp right hand
that scored. [ Crowd chanting “Danny” ] Here in Brooklyn, if you don’t know,
now you know. Two of the best
go the distance to unify
the welterweight titles. [ Bell dings ] [ Mixed cheers and boos ] Good fight, Danny.
Good fight. So a record crowd here
at Barclays Center on its feet. 16,533 fans witnessed a fight
that went the 12-round distance. Ray, give us your assessment
of what you just witnessed. Keith Thurman talked trash,
and he backed it up. So impressed. He did an amazing job. Danny Garcia also fought
with his heart. I mean, there’s nothing
to say bad about either guy. Bernstein:
A look at the ShoStat numbers
are interesting. Danny Garcia more accurate
with his punches according to ShoStats, not throwing as many. And that’s why
we see a disparity in the number landed. Now remember, it’s all by
what you land per round to how the fight is scored. But that’s a fascinating look
at what they are. They threw over
a thousand punches combined. And let’s go back
and listen to what was going on
in the corners. Birmingham: All right,
you got his attention now. He’s gonna be scared of
your punches coming. Angel: Overhand right.
Drop your knees. Don’t jump out.
You’re supposed to jump in. I told you
not to do that. It’s okay.
You took his best shot. It’s gonna be an easy night,
but you got to be careful. Yeah. Don’t be — Don’t be
too crazy about it. You got this guy
on his heels. Stay composed, and you got to stay active
in a smart way. Listen.
Do not drop your left hand. All yours, man,
you’re looking like a champ. You’re looking great
out there. Just don’t get careless. Keep the hands up,
keep pumping the jab, trying to be first. We’re going home
with two titles tonight. Yes, sir. All right,
be smart out there, Keith. You’re boxing beautiful. Ranallo: All right,
Jimmy Lennon Jr. is ready. Let’s find out who will be
a unified welterweight champion. [ Bell dings ] Ladies and gentlemen,
after 12 rounds of action here at Barclays Center
in Brooklyn, we go to the scorecards. We have a split decision. [ Mixed boos and cheers ] Judge at ringside John McKaie
scores the bout 116-112 in favor of Keith Thurman. Judge Kevin Morgan
sees the bout 115-113 in favor of Danny Garcia. And judge at ringside
Joe Pasquale scores the bout 115-113 in favor of the winner, he is still undefeated. He is now the WBA and WBC unified welterweight
champion of the world… Keith “One Time” Thurman. Ranallo:
Keith “One Time” Thurman — Trainer Ben Getty
looking down and smiling. [ Mixed cheers and boos ] Keith Thurman
unifies the WBA and WBC titles via split decision.

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