Dana White: Lookin’ for a Fight – Season 1 Ep.2

Here’s Johnny! Dana: Oh! Holy fucking shit! Matt: Olly olly oxen free! Chef: This man made his first
Geno’s cheesesteak, what a job. Dana:They made
50 pounds of taffy
-they’ll have to get rid of.
-Man: Watch your skates! Dana: Did he just say he wants
to fight C.M. Punk? Nick: Yeah. Dana: Nice. Randy: Is this the offering
of a contract? [theme music] Dana:Hey, I’m UFC president,
Dana White.
And we’re always looking for
up and coming talent to sign.
Back in the day,
I used to scout the world
looking for new talent.But I haven’t
done that in years.
Now, I’m back on the road,
I’m looking for fighters,
and I’m bringing two
of my favorite people with me.
Nick “The Tooth”
is one of my best friends
going back to high school.He is a true Renaissance man.He’s done a little bit
of everything,
from music, to business,he even won a Brazilian
jiu-jitsu championship.
[music continues] Dana:Matt Serra won
The Ultimate Fighter,and he also became
the welterweight
champion of the world.He now trains some of
the best fighters in the sport
out of his gym in Long Island,
New York.
We’re checking out
the best restaurants,
the coolest places to hang out,having fun and then going
to see some fights.
I’m looking for
the next Ronda Rousey,
the next Robbie Lawler,
the next Conor McGregor.
I’m looking
for future champions.
And I’m willing to go
to any show
anywhere in the world
to find them.
For this trip, we’re headed
all the way up to Alaska.
Gonna do some dog sledding,paddleboard by glaciers,and check out a local promotioncalled the Alaska
Fighting Championship.
-Matt Serra: Big Cheese!
-Dana: Hey, how are you? We’re going to Alaska.
Tell me you brought sleeves. -I brought sleeves.
-All right, perfect. I brought sleeves. Yeah, Tooth! Yeah, Alaska.
Save it for Alaska. You’ve been training.
You feel good. What’s new, man?I watched the pilot episode.You know,
we do these interviews,
I see Nick the Tooth,
he’s a funny guy…. “You know, Matt makes me look
good, you know, he’s bald.” Nick The Tooth:He’s never
on time. He’s later than I am.
He’s got no hair.All we have to do
is settle the grappling next.
So it confused me, so I asked him, the second
I saw him on the plane, I go, “Dude, what are you….?
What do we have to settle?” “We’ve just got to
work out the grappling.” What’s there to work out? What the fuck
are you talking about? Dana: According to Nick, Matt makes Nick look
good in every way. All they had to do
was settle the grappling.I’ve fought the best
on the planet.
-That was then.
-BJ Penn, GSP…. Now you got the Tooth. We’re not gonna
mention that guy. I’ve fought a lot
of dangerous guys. Matt: It’s my match.
Show me my match. Show me what we’ve
gotta get squared away. [both grunting]
[both laughing] Nick:I’m just glad
you brought your gi.
Matt:I brought my gi.
Bring your Berimbolo.
See how that goes.[tribal flutes play] Nick: It was freezing.
It was cold.It was one of the coldest
places I’ve been.
It was even colder than Moscow.Matt:It was cold.
[laughs]It was cold as hell.[knock on door] Matt, I got your bag. Are you fucking naked again? What the fuck
are you doing, dude? Matt: I like to be
fucking naked! Nick: I know, I got your bag. Matt:I got to Alaska,
I was traveling all day.
And I was tired.
I couldn’t find my bag. They said the bag
would be right up. So then you’ve got the Tooth,“Where’s your bag, Matt?
You lost your bag?”
You’re not helping me,
so are you screwing with me? You’re fucking with me? Is the bag right next to you,
motherfucker? [Nick laughs] What are you gonna look like with two fucking spaces
right there?Nick: He couldn’t find his bag.
He hadn’t had his energy drink.
What are you doing in there?
Why are you naked all the time? Matt: I took a shower,
you dirty fuck. I washed my ass, unlike you. He’s Mr. Grumpy.
[mimics Mr. Grumpy voice] He’s like a cartoon character. And so, I’m like,
“Matt, where’s your bag?” -I’ll go get–
-No, I’ll go get it. Where’s– Man: Woo-hoo-hoo-hoo…. Dana:It was fucking
next-level cold and windy.
So you’ve got it that cold,
plus the wind,it was absolutely brutal.Matt: I was seriously thinking
we were getting a bigger boat.Man, it was cold in the boat.I mean, we were freezing
in Alaska. Cold!
Dana:When we go on these trips,
I like to put ourselves
in uncomfortable positionsin things we don’t
normally like to do.
I haven’t seen one
other boat out here.
There’s no people anywhere.You feel like you have
the whole place to yourself.
Very, very cool.[both scream] Matt: Got you, motherfuckers. I knew it! Knew it!
Like an Italian ninja. Dana: Matt has the coordination,
the balance, and the talent to get on that paddleboard
and cruise around. The problem…
was the outfit. Nick: Have you ever
put on a wetsuit? -No.
-You’ve never put on a wetsuit? No, I never put on
a fucking wetsuit. -I’m not an ocean person.
-Do you know how to swim? Matt: I could do,
like, a doggy-paddle. Nick: If we’re gonna do this,
man, I need your pants off, and your socks off. Matt: Dude, never say
that again to me, ever. Nick:I was the one
suiting Matt up.
I could tell it was
gonna be a shit show.
I have to get you dressed
like a baby. -The fuck do you want me to do?
-Pull! -Holy shit.
-Are you serious? [groans] Nick: You’re like a baby. Matt: A baby that can fucking
strangle you unconscious. I’m gonna fuck you up. -Nick: I’m trying to help.
-Matt: I can’t see! [both laugh] Dana: Getting into a scuba suit.
Yeah, not Matt’s best look. [Nick singing]
Fat guy in a little suit.
[men laughing] Matt:Dana didn’t want
to go in the water
because Dana, when he gets cold,
he shivers and stuff.
He said he shivers,and when he shivers,
he can’t stop shivering.
Nick:That’s why
he’s the promoter.
That’s what he does.
He arranges things. He’s an expert
at arranging things.Dana: You know, I just
wanted to stay on the boat
and make sure everything
was good on the boat, and…
[chuckles] Here, I’ll take this.
I’ll hand it to you. Oh, fuck. Dana: Anything I can
do to help, Matt. Come on, Mr. Incredible,
you got this. Matt: You realize this has
disaster written all over it. Just get my footing here.
Am I standing in the right spot? Dana: Yeah, right in the middle, right where that black thing is.
That’s the center. Nick:At the end of the day,
Matt is the most
un-aquatic person
that I’ve ever met.
This is not meant for me.
This is not meant for me. I’m like a fucking Weeble.
I wobble. And so mad props
to him for suiting upand getting in that water.Matt: Dana, if anything happens,
put my kids through college. [all laughing] Matt: I will fuck you up. Nick: Not out here, you won’t. Matt: Motherfucker. [laughing] Remember this
when we’re rolling tomorrow. Remember this. [Matt sighs] All right, I did it.
Can I go back? [Dana laughs] Dana: [chuckling]I wanted
Matt to fall in so bad,
but that guy was treating that
fucking water like it was lava. He did not want to touch that
water, let alone fall in it. Matt: Ahh! You fuck! [men laughing] Yeah, thank you, you fucks.I wanted to get the hell out,and I felt myself,
like, I was gonna fall in,
and so I kinda just held on
to the side of the boat.
It must’ve look–
[chuckles] It looked pathetic. Dana:He’s hanging onlike he fell off
the Empire State Building.
[laughs] Matt: That’s it. That’s it!
I’m done! [Dana laughs hysterically] I got kids. Nick: Woo!So I was like,
“I’m cold already.
I’m gonna get some surfing in.”Dana: Captain of the boat said,
“This guy looks likethe biggest fucking poser
I’ve ever seen in my life,”
until Nick jumped
on that surfboard.
[upbeat rock music]And just for the record,
Nick was on a surfboard,
not a wakeboard,so there’s nothing
to slide your feet into,
which makes it
way more difficult.
Also, the fact that
it was 23 below zero,
there had to be a brutal
wind chill factor for him.
It was very impressive.Nice, Nick!Matt: You put him on
a skateboard a surfboard
or any kind of board,
that guy’s good.
Nick:It was incredible, man.
It was a great time.
Bucket list, right there. Dana: That was sick.
That was awesome.So, we’re in Alaska.I want to see a bear.
I would love to see moose.We end up finding this placethat brings them in
and takes care of them. -Nick: Oh, this is the shit.
-Dana:Living in Vegas,I’ve never been
to an animal preserve,
especially one like this.
This one was legit.
Nick: Hey. Hey.Dana: These things were, like,
behind this flimsy chicken wire
that literally, I could
push the chicken wire over. What’s up, big ol’ moose.
What’s up, big ol’ moose. You gonna let me touch you?
Huh? Nick: Whoa. Dana:The moose was barely
pushing on the fence
and it almost came down.Imagine if he wanted
to get through that fence
and really come at me.Look at him. He’s like, “I will stab you
in your fucking eye, pal.” All of a sudden
I hear this voice go, “What the fuck are you doing?” Woman: I turn around and here’s this
lady in full Green Bay gear. I’m like,
“Oh, we’re petting the moose.” Dana: So the chicks will all
dig him if he kills me, right? -Woman: If he kill… Yeah.
-Dana: All right, got it. What’s up, big guy? Nick: I’m looking at that fence,
saying, “Man, get that Dana.” Matt:Dana was reaching
through the electric fence
and playing with its antlers
before he got scolded
like a bad school kid. -Where are the bears?
-The bears are all the way out
by that boardwalk. You can kind of see
the white roof. Matt: Oh, check that out. Hi. [kissing sound] -Hi.
-Hey, bear. Matt: He’s whacking off. Dana: Then we go over…
and the grizzly bearsliterally come out
of the fucking den
and walk right over
to the fence where we are. Dana: [speaking quietly]
Holy shit. -Nick: Is it big?
-Dana: Yeah. Dana: It’s right there. Just
came walking up over that hill. Nick:It’s big, it’s round,and it’s like a fricking
500-pound squirrel.
Dana:I was told that the
black bears will run from you,
and that the grizzlies
will straight up kill you.
Could you fucking imagine
being out in the woods and seeing one
of those fucking things? Nick: Absolutely fucking not. When I was looking into Alaska,
one of the places I looked intoand I’d heard about
was a place called Humpy’s.
Matt: Here we come, Humpy’s
Here we come! Dana:They have
this eating challenge.
You have to eat
all this food in 60 minutes.
My security guy, Kea,
is this massive Hawaiian guy
who played football for UNLV.
I knew he was the guy.
Woman: Man vs. Food
wall of fame. Dana: That dude did it
in 12 minutes. So this thing takes
60 minutes to do, this guy did it in 12 minutes. Ten minutes, Kea. I’d be happy to finish it
in an hour. I wanted that fucking picture
on the wall worse than Kea did. Dude, listen to me… We have to have your picture
on that fucking wall over there. It’s important. It’s imperative. [men laughing]
All: Oh! [whistling]
Fuck yeah, I’m excited. Start the timer. Matt: [laughing] Ooh… -Woman: Marks…
-Matt: Ready? -Woman: Get set… go!
-Matt: Bada…. Go! Go! Go! Chew it like a man.
[imitates dog bark] [rock music] You’re going on that wall,
I feel it. Time check. [slow dramatic music]Dana: Kea was having a hard time
putting down the crab.
Eat that thing like a pelican. Fucking throw that thing
right down your neck.There were a couple times
when I thought he might cave.
There’s only 25 people
that have ever done it. Nick: Champions are made,
not born, bro. This is where it all happens. Dana: The weird thing about
that challenge is one minute you’ve got nothing but time.
Then all of a sudden, it’s like,“Wait, this food isn’t moving
as fast as it should be.”
Now it doesn’t look like
we have enough time.
Matt: Time check! Dana: Losing is not an option. We can’t get this fucking
close and then lose. -There’s no way.
-No way. No, we’re fucking
invested here, bro. Woman: Dana:After eating all that
food, Kea had to finish
with a huge scoop of vanilla
ice cream on top of cobbler.
That was his dessert.Matt: Oh, he’s getting
his second wind! He’s getting a second wind. Dana: I know we got this, because Kea don’t skip dessert,
let me tell you. You gotta scrape the edges and you gotta get a little
bit more and then you’re done. Matt: Come on, champ. Dana: Holy shit.
Fucking did it, dude. That’s good. You’re good. He fucking did it! Yeah! -[cheering]
-Yes! Yes! I had always wanted
to go to Alaska. And it lived up
to all the expectations.Super cool place to go,and then to have the opportunityto go there and see a fight,
it’s a win-win.
All right, where’s our drinks? -Thank you, sweetie.
-Thank you. We got, like, six of them.
You guys are the best. [dramatic music] Matt: I didn’t know what to
expect as far as the fights. With, uh…
With Alaska.They had a lot of tough guys.
Very tough guys.
Look at this!The guys were bringing it.Look at this shit. Oh, my God. Wow.Dana: You know,
Matt’s a funny guy.
He’s fun to be around,
but he’s no joke.
He sees every detail
when we go to these fights.
He’s gotta go under the leg.
He…. No, you’re fucking it up.I was trying to help out one kid
that was going for an arm lock.
No, the left arm’s
gotta go underneath. He’s gotta mess
with his balance. He’s going the wrong way.He went for an arm lock
like two or three times
and he kept losing the angle and
getting squared up with him,
and it just was killing me,because all he had to do
was redirect the kid’s energy.
See that? That’s fucking–
That’s a basic mistake. Dana:He’s watching so close,
and remember,
this is one of two guys
to ever beat Georges St-Pierre.
He didn’t just beat him,
he knocked him out
in the first round.Matt: It just kills you when you
see somebody doing something
where you feel they could just
end the fight if they just knewthe proper way
to execute the technique,
it could really
make a difference, so….
No, turn and look him
in the face, there’s no… Oh…. Referee: He’s out!
Get up, get up, get up! [light applause] What a shame.
I gotta show that kid something. He could’ve had that fight,
more than once.Dana: The fact that he
takes the time to go back
and work with these
local fighters is incredible.
For these kids,
it’s completely invaluable.
Matt: Come here, come here,
give me an arm lock. Now, you’re here, right?
This is where you were. You kept looking for it,
he kept losing it… …and then you kept
squaring up with him again. Keep the weight on me.
Keep the weight on me. When he’s here,
and you have him, and you can’t extend…. Exactly. Get the arm. I’m not trying to
extend anymore. If I come here, he’s got
to make a decision, he’s done. -I heard Jarvis say, something–
-Yeah, fuck, man. That was it. That was the fight. Dude, yeah, man. Fuck, man.
It’s right there. You’re gonna watch it,
and you’re gonna kick yourself, but that’s good. You know.
Hey, man, I was 26, getting knocked out
by a spinning back fist. Don’t worry,
you’re ahead of the game. Announcer:The Baby Bear…Dana:So this kid
that was fighting,
his name was
Zach “the Baby Bear” Eastlick.
He was a tough, gritty kid.The kid he was fighting
was actually the champion.
-[horn blows]
-Here we go. Oh! Oh, my God. Look at this. Over the top. Ooh! Look at that shit. -Spun him around.
-Yeah, he did. Spun his head around
like theExorcist.Matt: He’s lucky
he gets out of this. [announcer voice booms] Look at that shit.This kid, Zach, was winning,
landing punches,
and just putting it on him.Fucking dude is tough though,
man, he keeps coming. That was a fucking jab! Like a Rock ‘Em
Sock ‘Em fucking Robot Did you see the big chunk
of blood fly out of his mouth?I like that he was very
aggressive, he was going for it.
It was a good fight.And he busted the champion’s
nose up. Nose was bleeding.
There’s a knee. [horn blowing] There’s a lot of blood
to mop up on that one.Football, you know,
you can be up 40 to nothing,
odds are the team
with 40 is gonna win that game.In fighting, you can be up
four rounds to none
going into the fifth round, with
three seconds left in the fight
and the guy who’s been
losing the entire fight
can pull off a win.That makes fighting different
than every other sport, and that’s what
makes it so exciting.This kid, Eastlick,
was fighting this great fight,
you know, fighting the champion,and it looks like he’s
got this fight won,
and he ends up getting
caught in a submission.
Nick: Oh, man. Oh, he got it!
He fucking got it! Matt:And it’s pretty
heartbreaking, man.
He was winning that fight.Dana had his eye on him,
he liked his grit,
he liked the way he was coming
forward, throwing punches and
that one mistake might have
cost him a contract.Dana: And he’s a kid that,
had he won that fight,
I would have absolutely
brought that kid
intoThe Ultimate Fighter. -Dana: Great fight, man.
-Thank you, I appreciate that. -It was a tough fight, man.
-Yeah, tough fight. -[whispering] Right there.
-I know, right there.That kid’s got a chin from hell.Man:Yeah.I really appreciate you guys
just giving us the opportunity to, you know, for you to come
watch what we have to offer. Dana: It’s awesome, man,
we’ve had a great time here. I guess we’re coming
to your gym tomorrow. Zach Eastlick:
Yeah, in the morning. Matt: Is that a ninja turtle? Get over here, kid!
Get over here! Where are you?
Hey! Hey! High five.
Head butt? Oh, my goodness, he’s a biter! That’s illegal! Matt: Is there anything
in particular you’ve got a question about,
or anything? About something that happened
last night or….? After it was all over,
it was like…. It was very simple-minded
for me to be, like, if I just could’ve definitely
triangled the foot– Matt: Hindsight’s 20/20,
man, you know. I love sharing my knowledge,my experience that I gained
on the mats and in the cage.
When somebody’s got you
in a knee bar, okay, Nick, could you
lay down a second?I’ve been teaching
as long as I’ve been fighting
and I enjoy doing it. Yeah, so when he’s got you here, and you feel like you want to
get out and you’re almost out, actually, what you
want to do is grab him and bring it in
even deeper here. See, know he’s got my thigh.
It’s not on my knee joint. So, now I grab him…. Now I’m dominating, okay? What else, homies? -Good?
-Let’s roll. Matt: I gotta
strangle the Tooth. Nick:There’s been
a lot of tension brewing
between Matt and I.And he keeps telling me we’re
gonna take it out when we roll.
People are asking,
“Why is he so upset?”
It turns out it’s because
I keep using big words. Not to be a prick,
but this is my ocean right now. You’re stepping into my ocean.Where I come from, I’m an old-
school Renzo Gracie black belt.
There’s a code,
you know, where you don’t– It’s disrespectful,
like, you know,I’ve been around for a while
on the mats, like….
You really think
we’ve got something to settle? Matt: I got your
Berimbolo for you, man. [Matt laughs] Dana:Matt and Nick
start to grapple.
I mean, it looked like
if you grappled
with your three-year-old
She would’ve done a better jobof staying out of submissions
than Nick did.
[grunting] Nick: We’re not even
warmed up yet. Matt: Oh! What you don’t realize about
Matt, is that he’s super agile. He’s a four-stripe black belt
and a 20-year jiu-jitsu guy. Of course I’m impressed
by his skills. Matt: Oh, kimura again!I’m not a bully. I don’t
want to destroy The Tooth.
It’s not a big
accomplishment for me.
When the Tooth and I roll….I was just, you know,
showing him some technique.
I don’t think I was
too hard on him.
Dana:It was an absolute
fucking beat down.
[both grunt] Let’s just say this.
Grappling, settled. -Matt: Good job.
-[light applause] You’ve been waiting to get
your hands on the Tooth, man. [sighs] Matt: I told him yesterday
we were in your ocean. Now you’re in my ocean,
motherfucker. I’m in fucking charge
of this ocean. He saw me on the paddleboard,
“You splashing me? Okay.” Nick: Thank you. -Good instruction, bro.
-Thank you, brother. -We’ll do more on the road, man.
-Oh, yeah. -Got gi, will travel. With a gi.
-[Nick laughs] Dana:So the last thing
we were doing in Alaska
was dog sledding. I was
actually pretty excited for it.
This guy is the real deal.He’s a three-time
Iditarod champion.
Dallas: Most of these guys
we’re gonna be running today
are ex-champions.Many of them have
won the Iditarod with me
in the past couple years.And almost all of them
have offspring that are now racing with me– -Have you won?
-Three times. No shit, man. Three of the last
four Iditarods. We’ll hook up some dogs
here and get going. We’re gonna start out
by teaching you guys -how to drive a dog sled.
-Cool. Why don’t you come on back here.
We’ll take a look at the sleds. Stay warm, stay warm. When you guys are mushing you’re gonna be
standing on the runners. To monitor the speed, you’re
just gonna use this right here. This is what we call a track. If you look on the bottom, we’ve got a whole bunch
of spikes in there. We spend most of the time on
the race monitoring the speed. We’ve got to keep them
at an even pace for a long ways. Nick: Look at these dogs, man. Hey! Dude, where the fuck am I?
is what I want to know. This is Alaska. [dogs bark] Dallas: You ready
to rock and roll? Dana: Ready when you are. Dallas: [calling to dogs]
Hike! Matt: Man, they book.Dana: Dogs love to run, huh?Dallas: This is what they’re
bred to do. This is their life.
We’re selecting the parents
based on their drive and their desire
to run and pull, and then their athleticismand how good they are
at running 1,000 miles.
So the first criteria is always
that desire to pull. The guy lines us up
for the drag race.We’d already gone
through all the instructions.
He showed us
how to do everything.
Now we know exactly what to do.They get the dogs in line.Next you put your brake on
and stay in this position.
What do you think happens?Nick the Tooth frickin’ cheats
and pulls his brake
and moves his dogs up about
three feet ahead of me and Matt.
So they guys aren’t gonna pull
the sled back and get him again. So… we just left it.
We went that way. -[dogs barking]
-Dallas: Alright, alright. Dana:We get in there,
I told my dogs to go,
and they took off
right from the gate.
Matt: Hike, hike, hike! Go, go, go! Nick: My dogs are fighting! Dana: Kiss it, Tooth!
Nick: Oh, man! According to Nick,
when he said go, his dogs all started fighting
with each other, he said. I don’t know if that’s true,
’cause I was too busy winning. Matt: Look at Dana gloating. Nick: Jesus, we’re never
gonna live this down. We’re never gonna
live this down, Matt. Dana:Matt and Nick
were so far behind me,
I don’t even know how
they could be that far behind.
So… I won. Nick: This is bullshit! -Dana: That was awesome.
-All right. Nick: My dogs are inbred! [dogs barking] Dana: Rough day for the Tooth. Nick: Kimura in the morning,
losing dog sledding at night. Oh, my God. Dana: Thank you, sir.
Thank you, guys. -Matt: Thanks, guys.
-Dana: Awesome. Matt: The best part
about that whole day was just pushing the Tooth
headfirst into a mound of snow. [grunts] [laughing] Dana:Even though we didn’t find
a fighter to bring into the UFC,
I was really impressed
with the MMA scene in Alaska.
And obviously going to Alaska
was an amazing,
truly once in a lifetime
experience for all of us.
[dogs barking] I’m gonna illustrate to you how
I can get inside your head. Matt: You fucker! Dana:This place is
a Las Vegas institution,
I’ve been eating here
since I was a little kid.
I say he pisses himself. Matt:Like right out ofMad Max,
I’m excited.
Man: Fifty thousand volts, that’s what you’re
gonna experience. Three, two, one. [taser zaps]

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  10. I love this show. Was really cool to see Serra go backstage and show that kid the proper technique. He’s one hell of a teacher.

  11. This is the same reason podcast are so popular now. At least these guys do interesting things unlike the Kardashian’s and just take our oxygen from us.

  12. That's gotta be the slowest eating challenge I've ever seen. Guy just looks like he's eating regularly, not even trying to go fast. lol

  13. WHat a GREAT feakin show. Love the combo of silly ass funny stuff , the cool guy stuff they get to do and then the fights? My kind of reality show!

  14. the only thing dumber than challenging Serra to a grapple match in front of cameras is the tooth's support of the DNC.

  15. Was that Michael venom page hitting that left high kick to the head right before Serra goes “holy shitt”?

  16. What is nice, is that Matt didn't want Nick to feel bad, so even day after he was like encouraging and being very nice to him. Nick just got his ego beaten, and he thought everyone cares, when in reality no one really did.

  17. Matt Serra at first may seem loud and like an asshole but he really is a great, caring, cool coach/human being. Ive seen him help out so many random small time fighters.

  18. Nick seems like the type of guy to go to a bunch of high school girls and ask
    “ hey how old are you guys”

  19. At 17:31 the bearded guy looks to have a huge head…like it was a deliberate photo shop of a big head on another body!

  20. Those dogs even know how to shit on the run! You cannot stop the race/run for a dog to have a toilet break! Those sled dogs are real performance dogs…

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