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Dambe is a form of traditional boxing associated
with the Hausa people of Nigeria, West Africa. Historically, Dambe included a wrestling component,
known as Kokawa, but today it is essentially a striking art. Dambe boxing is dominated by Hausa butcher
caste groups, and over the last century evolved from clans of butchers traveling to farm villages
at harvest time, integrating a fighting challenge by the outsiders into local harvest festival
entertainment. Dambe was also traditionally practiced as
a way for men to get ready for war. Many of Dambe techniques and terminology allude
to warfare. Today, companies of Dambe boxers travel, performing
outdoor matches accompanied by ceremony and drumming, throughout the traditional Hausa
homelands of northern Nigeria, Southern Niger and Southwestern Chad. The name “Dambe” derives from the Hausa word
for “boxe”, and appears in languages like Bole as Dembe. Dambe Boxers are called by the Hausa word
“daæmaænga”. This is Sharif Gani, a renowned Dambe boxer
who started fighting in 2002. He is 24years. Sharif Gani was introduced to Dambe boxing
by late Dan Garba Garmum Garkawa. As a child, Dan Garba loved Sharif who grew
up seeing people fighting Dambe in Alawata house. Sharif Gani loved Dambe fighting as he grew
up. And it was an adventures he was ready to take
on when the time came for him to decide to fight. Sharif Gani makes N40,000 from a fight. He finds Dambe very lucrative. Dambe fight involves wrapping one hand with
cloth. The wrapped hand is used to hit the opponent
until he falls to the ground or stops fighting. Sharif has seen many Dambe fighters die during
the course of his career, including his friends. He intends to quite Dambe in a year or two,
as he plans to get married and then settle down.

25 thoughts on “Dambe, Traditional Hausa Boxing: Inside The Brutal Life Of A Young Fighter | Pulse TV

  1. just head butting each other like bunch of rams, no technique, young men pounding their brains cells to mush because of joblessness

  2. Thank you so much for posting this. I love Dambe and wish more clubs would develop around the world. This is my favorite martial art. I dont want to learn anything else.

  3. The knew Overwatch character is inspires by Dambe. Instead one arm wrapped in cloth, it's a single cybernetic arm. They guy is Nigerian too.

  4. it needs better organization and presentation that's the difference between 3rd world and 1st world nations…the Nigerians and the people of Cameroons have pieces of those arts in Haiti once the ufc fixes it with money and Hollywood presentation then you'll put value in your heritage…Dambe is how people naturally fight…men change overtime women kept that natural instinct worldwide (one hand grab the head and hit with the free fist) that's how humans naturally fight…no jabs…jab is evolution over time from fighting with shield (jab) and sword (straight right) it's why professional boxers who use the most jabs (shield) usually wins if the fight make s it to decision

  5. I don't believe how horrible the editing is…it does not capture truly the techniques used in Dambe. It looks like they are just head-butting one another.

  6. Great video documentation works by your channel. I really like it. Regards. Gurukulam communication are also promoting kalaripayattu the traditional art form of kerala must visit & Suggest us. Thank you .

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