Hey everybody it’s Richard Mosdell here with
my daily karate vblog #16, wow already got to number 16 this is great. We’ve had a spring break elementary student
age spring break all this week, we’re into day 2 of 5, and one of the things we like
to do is have the kids read when they on their lunch break, or one of the breaks between
the classes, so they bring books from home. Reading is really important to give them some
time to relax, read what they want to read, have some of the teenage volunteers help out
sit beside them. So I wanted to share 2 books I think have
been great for reading more about karate beyond what’s just going on out there on the floor. So one has been ‘Karate, My Life’ by Hirokazu
Kanazawa, and Kanazawa Sensei is a famous Shotokan instructor, um way back in the 60s
and 70s when he became famous for traveling around Europe and the world, and this is really
humble, um he’s really taken a human, quiet, detailed approach what it was like for him
to become a student of karate to start way back in the 50s. He went and did it at a famous university
called Takushoku Daigaku, Takushoku University in Japan, which became famous for being one
of the center’s of Shotokan. He became one of the first people to win the
Japanese national championships, and a really really nice person. I’ve got to meet him several time in Japan,
and um this book is a translation of his experience of going forward and any person at any level
can really enjoy this type of book so I highly recommend it so look it up, the translation. It is produced by Kendo World, so look it
up on the Kendo World Magazine website. Of course the other one I want to bring up
is the book that Manga University published with me called Sonny Leads Volume 1. At first I wrote a book about my time in Japan,
and they thought it would be great to turn it into a comic book, and we got the best
martial arts karate illustrator in Japan, Kamobayashi Sensei, to illustrate inside. So let me give you a little of a peak because
some of you might be curious what is this thing, is it actually valuable, well let’s
start with the first part, that building on the cover the Nippon Budokan is where the
2020 Tokyo Olympic Games for karate will be held. It is the main martial arts hall in Tokyo
right beside the Emperor’s palace. I’ll give you a quick tour of the book. So is not supposed to be me. He is a compilation of several um well a whole
bunch of experiences, everything is this book is all fictional, but things like it actually
happened. It goes from right to left Japanese style
and as you can see the images are fantastic. And this is a story about what it is like
for Sonny to make a decision to have to leave his home town, his home country and go off
to Japan, and have his Japan experience. He doesn’t speak any of the language, he doesn’t
know what’s going on, he has to use the very few connections he had before he went to find
karate clubs. The way the clubs have been drawn here is
just fantastic, the way they wear their clothes, the way the dojos are, then he also have to
get a homestay, he has to find a place to work, and he has to meet kids and go through
all kinds of crazy experiences. Um so the book is fantastic that way. And in the middle is a Japanese glossary so
I’ll get to the middle here. In the middle is a Japanese glossary of not
just karate words, but words people say when they are conversing, and then from the back
to the front in regular English style here, ok there are some essays, one is what it was
like for me to be a full-time karate instructor in Japan. And then I’ve also detailed what the whole
karate world is like so we all know the old master’s names in karate, but do you know
what’s happening in karate right now? Do you what’s happening today or this weekend,
or what happens every year this month? Well, the back part of the book will explain
it. And in some ways a great glossary and a great
tool, if you were to to get off the plane in Japan right now and you wanted to go around
and start interacting with people in both mainland Japan and Okinawa this book would be your
guide. So there are lots of stuff in here. Um and one of the things I love about the
book is people will grab it, and hmm maybe I’ll read it and then right away run back
and say ‘I’ve gotta read read volume 1’, so we’re working on it. So that’s Sonny Leads and the value of reading
something more, squeezing more knowledge of a source beyond what we do just on the floor. I’m Richard Mosdell, thanks for watching my
vblog #16, and I’l talk to you tomorrow.

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