Cyberpunk 2077 Lore Panzer Kunst vs Panzerfaust

Thank you for Chippin’In for more Cyberpunk
2077 Lore. Many Cyberpunk fans view the martial art styles of Panzerfaust and Panzer Kunst
as interchangeable and have even suggested that CDPR should reference Panzer Kunst or
Alita in Cyberpunk 2077. This is quite understandable, given that Alita Battle Angel, based upon
Yukito Kishiro’s manga, was quite a decent cyberpunk movie. I think it is certainly worth
watching, if you have not done so already. The protagonist Alita is an exceptionally
powerful cyborg who demonstrates martial arts several times, which Academy Award winner,
Christoph Waltz as Dr Dyson Ido, reveals is a lost martial art called Panzer Kunst.
Panzerfaust translated as tank-fist in Cyberpunk 2020, but also known as armour fist after
the German anti-tank weapon used in World War II, is often compared to Panzer Kunst,
German for armour art. The names of all Panzer Kunst techniques and disciplines are in German
and practitioners are called Kunstler, German for artist.
Despite the similar appellations, Panzer Kunst is a rather different style to the Panzerfaust
from Mike Pondsmith’s Cyberpunk narrative. While they are specifically related to borgs
or cyborgs, Panzer Kunst is a style that enables the user to excel at cyborg combat, both unarmed,
and armed opponents including long range armaments. It also appears to be taught in zero gravity
conditions. The goal of Panzer Kunst is to develop enough speed and vibration to bypass
cyborg armour, thus striking the internal organs of an opponent.
Rosa Salazar the actress for Alita, and the director of Alita Battle Angel, Robert Rodriguez
revealed that Panzer Kunst was heavily influenced by Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do, and IP Man’s
Wing Chun Kung Fu. For example, the kata scene in the movie contained a Bruce Lee technique,
while the chain punch sequence you currently see draws upon Wing Chun techniques to maximise
spatial economy. In contrast, it was Adam Smasher that introduced
the Panzerfaust martial art to 2020, albeit it is unknown whether he invented it. Panzerfaust
is designed specifically for full borgs to exploit their nonhuman physical capabilities
to damage their target, rather than specifically fight other borgs. Additionally, the vast
jumping and leaping range common to Borgs allows them to perform long-distance kicks
and inhuman dodges. If trapped with a hold, Borg flexibility and additional range of motion
allow escape manoeuvres impossible for normal humans or those using Power Armor. The effects
of full-speed, charging strikes are devastating, with penetration comparable to shotgun slugs!
Only Full-body Conversions can use PanzerFaust ; the structural stresses involved would do
tremendous damage to muscles and bones in a flesh body. PanzerFaust cannot be chipped
like other martial arts. This combat art relies so heavily upon speed that the time required
to access chipware would ruin effectiveness; this skill must be taught. Also, if a ‘borg
learns PanzerFaust, because it requires constant training and practice, it’s the only martial
art they can learn and use. Any previously-learned Martial Arts or Melee skills must be forgotten.
So, what do you think Samurai? Would you like to see CDPR make some sort of reference to
Panzer Kunst in Cyberpunk 2077? Which martial art do you think is more effective? Was Alita
Battle Angel a decent movie? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section.
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38 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 Lore Panzer Kunst vs Panzerfaust

  1. Wow looks like we are going to be be given the option to learn any martial arts we disired….NICE 🙂

  2. siemanko zrob reakcje z trailera wieska na netflixie
    male urozmaicenie zrobi robote
    pozdrawiam serdecznie majster

  3. Wait, there is Panzerfaust martial art in Cyberpunk? Say about a homage to the other work of similar genre 😀

  4. I'd deem the source materials of Cyberpunk 2077 and Battle Angel too different to have Panzerkunst in Cyberpunk 2077. But a little easteregg would be nice.
    Which brings up the question: Kaz, have you read the manga?

  5. I believe that Panzer Kunst is the descendant of Panzer Faust. Alita's world is obviously far in the future from Cyberpunk 207.The Battle Angel manga make that obvious.

  6. failed to see the movie

    bet that there will be a lot of people whining about lack of full conversion

    i think that they could implement special armor called "BATTLE ANGEL" (or a melee weapon)

    (had to watch lots of fighting scenes and listen over and over to your explanation to understand things) so in my simple mind "Panzer Kunst" turns user into ultimate ninja assassin who's hits are focused on passing energy to break things while "Panzerfaust" turns user into overcharged hydraulic hammer that smash everything
    depending on situation and hardware it's nearly impossible to predict outcome of "one on one" battle …. so i'll focus on mental state

    full borg don't need to focus on limitations wchich allows for more focus on combat but leaves alot of space for mistake

    organic brain in i'ts nature is unpredictable wchich is both advantege and disadvantage because pain and fear can slow you down but at the same time allows to avoid critical damage and go over limits (not to mention that survival instinct pushes for full use of everything on battlefield)

    so i would say that Alita have bigger chances of defeating Smasher than the other way (sorry MIKE)

  7. what i would like is to pile driver somebody on the sidewalk (you don't get up from that)

  8. Alita battle angel was pretty good. And I think panzer kunst is better for the fact you don't have to go full Borg to use it and you could use other styles on top of it.

  9. yes what a lot of people do not bring up is bruce lee told people use what work for you it is a mind set i stay with if you are not strong then speed is your ally things like on the ground everyone is the same size never take a stance in a fight it gives away what you are using and allows someone if they know what style you are using and how to beat it and from what you say about this style bypassing armor it sounds like Dim Mak and that is a hard thing to learn yes you can hit organs and such with force alone but they are soft and shift the force very well the key is to wait for a inhale or when their blood is pumping to give that force something to bounce off of think of it like a balloon that is half full you can hit it around all day and it will not pop but blow the balloon up with air till it is full now the air has no where to go and the balloon will pop and you talk of vibration in the style it sounds like if you put meat in a pot then shake it very hard the meat hitting the sides of the pot will then hurt the meat if that makes any sense

  10. Panzer Kunst – Precision attacks to strike at the soft parts of highly armoured opponents. Panzer Faust – Join the fun. Be an armored opponent too and blow through the enemy. Armor, soft parts and all. Having the martial art mentioned as a comic/movie poster somewhere would be nice. Panzer kunst is more effective IMO since you are not just stuck with one martial art. The movie is enjoyable, though having read the manga books a bunch of years back, the cuts are a bit jarring.

  11. As other's already said, an easter egg referencing to Alita would be cool, but otherwise I don't think it's a good idea to try to mix the two worlds together. Alita was a good movie though and I really hope it gets a sequel.

  12. best combination of martial arts in pen and paper cp 2020 was boxing and wrestling, it was easy to learn (1) difficulty, boxing was giving +3 to punch, and +3 to block, wrestling was giving +4 to grapple and hold, +3 to throw and +2 to choke.

  13. Loved the Alita movie! Definitely worth the extra $ for IMAX. Wish I hadn't put the manga on hold some years ago. it's a pretty interesting world. As far as referencing Panzer Kunst goes, I wouldn't mind finding an easter egg somewhere but I've generally been getting sick with people saying "They should reference that or that in the game".

  14. I enjoyed Alita a lot, and I didn't think I would! From the trailers I really thought the weird anime eyes on Alita was going to bug me but then I watched it and it didn't at all! It would be cool if there's an Alita easter egg BUT I've been noticing so many (well meaning) CDPR fans wanting to know which easter eggs there will be, which completely defeats the purpose of easter eggs! The Witcher series had so many great easter eggs and references and most of the fun was in finding and figuring it out! If we're just handed a full list of easter eggs… where's the fun in that?!

  15. Trust me when I say that as dope as Panzer Kunst is in the movie, it's actually nerfed in comparison to the manga, haha! Seriously though, that movie was dope! It was accurate to the source material, well acted, well casted, and had stunning visuals. The Alita film isn't perfect, but it's a great watch!

  16. ALITA Battle Angel is an AMAZING movie!!! I’ve been eagerly awaiting the next one since I walked out of the theater the day it was released!!!!! 😃

  17. Well, by the DVD to boost earnings, because the money men are saying a sequel isn't justified by earnings – but then the money men did a miserable job predicting 2008.

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