Cuddle-Jitsu : the martial art of Love [english subtitles]

This is a message from the FFC (French Federation of Cuddle-Jitsu) My name is Jay And I am Grand Spiritual Chef Master of Cuddle-jitsu Salute. The Cuddle-jitsu Is an ancestral martial art I’ve just invented Which aims at blocking attacks with cuddles This art only counts one student so far Paninchiko Who comes straight from south-east Tibet He is a promising student and today Together, we will teach you the basics of Cuddle-jitsu So pay attention ! We’ll start with a punch attack. Paninchiko ! We’ll start with a punch attack. Paninchiko I block with the arm, perpendicular to the attacker’s arm My second arm goes behind his neck and blocks his neck I get my hips close to the attacker’s while my first arm goes over the attacker’s arm and joins my second arm and here I inhale I exhale And I forgive him And I forgive him and I take him down In foetus position down to the ground and then the smack At this point the attack is definitely broken Stop that Attack with a stick Attack with a knife Attack with a gun More love ! More love Paninchiko ! No ! Less violence ! Be sweeter !

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