In this corner, we have Knockout League
In this corner, Creed: Rise to Glory Who is the undisputed champion of PSVR boxing? Find out on Brotakuza! Konnichiwa, snitches! I’m B, and this is Brotakuza, and today,
we are gonna talk about two incredible Playstation VR boxing games in Knockout League and Creed:
Rise to Glory to find out which game is the top boxing sim for PSVR right now, but not
only that, I’m also giving away a $20 PSN digital gift card as a thank you to everyone
for subscribing and helping me reach the 100 subscriber mark, and in the spirit of the
holiday season, I want to give back. And for my anime fans, worry not, because
I will also be giving away a crunchyroll subscription in my next anime video. So everybody wins. Or, at least two people do anyway. I’m gonna tell you how to enter this contest
with 3 simple rules throughout the video, so keep watching to make sure you follow each
step. Now onto the matchup. So this will be a 5-round bout based on different
factors, and you cannot be saved by the bell….whatever the hell that means. Now, lets get to it! For Round 1, we’re going to compare presentation. On the Creed side, you’re immediately sucked
into its grandiose cinematic atmosphere from the very beginning, thanks to the iconic Rocky
theme, and if that doesn’t get your adrenaline pumping, nothing will. For Knockout League, the music is nothing
to sneeze at, but it kind of comes across as a generic copycat soundtrack that tries
its best to mimic the awe-inspiring sounds of Creed, but doesn’t quite live up to the
real thing. In both games you’ve got a trainer encouraging
and helping you along as you move up the ranks. In Knockout League, you’ve got Doug, a jive-talkin,
no-nonsense kind of trainer whose personality is actually kind of endearing. However, over on Creed, you’ve got the Rocky
Balboa himself cheering you on. And when you make it to the big stage against
Pretty Ricky Conlan, turning your head and seeing the Italian Stallion in your corner
is the energy boost you’ll need for a game that’s absolutely going to wear you out. So not only does Creed win Round 1, it scores
a knockdown. Creed 10-8 Okay, so contest entry step #1. Quite simply, subscribe to the channel. Now, for Round 2: Mechanics Creed sets out to be the ultimate VR boxing
simulator, and that shows in its mechanics. The key to victory is accuracy. Both in your punches, as well as your defense. Not only is accuracy important, but so too
is the velocity of your offense. Creed’s tracking system takes into account
the power behind your hits, making you work extra hard for the win. Also, the balance between offense and defense
is crucial in Creed, as wearing yourself out too when punching can result in sever fatigue
which makes your punches less accurate and powerful, and blocking less effective. However, and this is only a personal issue
I faced, and I don’t know if it’s been a problem for other players, but blocking
sometimes seems futile no matter how well I cover up and even when I’m not fatigued. It could be my camera setup, but I have my
PSVR configuration optimized at the perfect distance and angle, so this is a bit frustrating. Knockout League on the other hand is much
more forgiving in the accuracy department, wherein you only have to really swing in a
general area close to your target to connect, as this is a rhythm counter-punching game
reminiscent of Punch-Out on the NES. Also, there is no punch velocity factor, so
as long as you land the punch, you’re good. However, landing that haymaker doesn’t feel
as rewarding. So if we’re going for realism, then I have
to score another round for Creed, but only by a slight edge, because of the blocking
issues I stated earlier. Creed 10-9 Okay, and for contest entry step #2, like
this video. Easy enough, right? On to Round 3, let’s look at the physicality
of these games. Alright guys, this is where it gets good. The hallmark of both these games lies in the
fact that they are probably the best full-body workout you can get in VR right now. No matter which you play, you will likely
have to shower off after you’re done. In Knockout League, your best workout actually
happens outside of the ring, thanks to an incredible training mini-game called Reflex
Alley. In this test of reflexes and stamina, you
have to dodge dumbbells, block medicine balls and punch balloons in increasingly difficult
combinations the longer you last. It’s an amazing, groundbreaking cardio workout. While your opponents do get a bit trickier
and more difficult in Knockout League, once you’ve figured out the rhythm it’s a bit
less physically demanding. With Creed, however, because there’s no
one way for you to beat an opponent and vice versa, you’re constantly moving and punching
as hard as you can to get the knockdown so the cardio is more consistent throughout a
fight. And when you get knocked down, you’re actually
knocked out of your body, and you need to swing your arms with the Move controller as
fast as possible to run back into the ring. The more you get knocked down, the harder
it is to get back to your body, which is an exhausting element to the game. This is a tough decision, but I feel Knockout
League’s Reflex Alley alone is more fun and rewarding from a physical aspect for those
who looking to actually enjoy their workout and test their endurance, whereas Creed’s
training modes aren’t nearly as well fleshed out. Round 3 goes to Knockout League, 10-9. Now in Round 4, we’ll examine the Fun Factor As stated before, Knockout League is more
of a Punch-Out style arcade boxing sim that doesn’t take itself too seriously, and hosts
a colorful cast of opponents, each with their own fighting style that you must learn to
counter. The fun actually is in learning the rhythm
for each opponent, and once you do, it’s very fulfilling. For Creed, the fun comes in feeling like a
real fighter thanks to the more advanced mechanics. However, if you continue to either have issues
with things like blocking, or just find yourself getting destroyed by an opponent no matter
how hard you land your punches, frustration can set in to the point where you just throw
in the towel. Knockout League more clearly rewards you for
the time and effort you put into learning your opponent, whereas in Creed you could
possibly do everything right and still lose, which can be a bit off-putting. Round 4 goes to Knockout League, 10-9 Now, before we get to the final round, it’s
time for the last step in the PSN giveaway. All you have to do is leave a comment with
your favorite PSVR sleeper game, which is a game that you think is just as good as the
top games, but doesn’t get enough attention. Personally, I’m having a blast with Transpose. As I’ve stated before on this channel, I’m
a sucker for time travel and time manipulation movies games and anime, and this one is a
quiet goldmine. Now for the final round, let’s measure the
Longevity of these games. Because of the rhythm mechanic of Knockout
League, opponents cease to be much of a challenge once you learn how they operate. But again, Reflex Alley is a standout gameplay
mode that you will constantly return to in an effort to better your endurance and cardio,
and it’s just plain damn good fun. This mode alone will keep Knockout League
alive for a long time. But Creed has the ultimate ace in the form
of its PvP online mode, where you can challenge fighters from all over the world, giving you
an endless supply of fighting styles to keep the game fresh well after you’ve beaten
the main story mode. The only potential downside to this is the
PSVR community’s tendency to abandon online multiplayer over time, leading to empty lobbies. However, Creed could very well buck that trend
as time goes on, and we’ll have to wait and see. But for now, getting in a decent fight or
two online is relatively easy. So the final round and the match goes to Creed:
Rise to Glory 48-46 in a close matchup. Honestly, I think no matter which game you
choose, you will not regret it. Personally, I load up Knockout League to train
in Reflex Alley for a good 20 to 30 minutes to get the blood pumping, then head over to
Creed for a few rounds of fighting. If you were stuck on which game to choose,
hopefully this video helped clarify things a little better. That’s gonna do it for today. Don’t forget to enter the PSN giveaway contest,
and I will announce the winner about a week before Christmas. I will be back with another video well before
then. But until then…sayonara suckas!!!!

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