100 thoughts on “‘Correct Boxing Technique’ with AJ Perez of Rumble Boxing

  1. Thinking of rhythm and moving as active recovery is a point i'd never considered before ! Such a good point

  2. Another detail people don't talk about is the torque of the hand. You want your jab to be a screwdriver basically.

  3. Thank you shane !!!! your tips helped me today i just knocked out a guy it was the breathing part that i never used to practice thnx so much :-):-)♡♥

  4. something that helps me keep my muscles engaged but not stiff is putting my mind in my joints, and keeping my joints hugging the midline. Relaxed but still engaged

  5. As a newly certified boxing Coach, other than solo practice, and combat sports related reading, I also heavily rely on the content from YT, IG, FB to stay up to date, I personally thank all of you for what you do, and I will eventually follow suit with my own Teaching!

  6. I actually find the breathing thing interesting, I've always stalled my breathing while taking a hit

  7. Hey can anyone tell me if a vertical backfist punch is illegal in modern boxing? I know a full on backfist is illegal but a vertical fist jab and a vertical backfist lands in a similar way.

    I'm talking about like the really really old school punching technique

  8. I've been told that when it comes to stance for us tall people, we shouldn't bend down the way Shane is doing it. But to slightly lean back while keeping the guard up.

  9. I've been told that when it comes to stance for us tall people, we shouldn't bend down the way Shane is doing it. But to slightly lean back while keeping the guard up.

  10. I've been told that when it comes to stance for us tall people, we shouldn't bend down the way Shane is doing it. But to slightly lean back while keeping the guard up.

  11. This was a really cool video and I like this channel a lot. I mean no disrespect with my following comment, but merely do leave some constructive criticism 😉:
    It's not lats in the "kinetic chain" assisting in throwing (!) a punch. The lats do the exact opposite, they bring the elbow down and back, help you catch a punch, when you miss and retract your arm (thus you train them via pull ups and dumbbell rows for example).
    It would be equally wrong to state that doing regular push ups trains your biceps – wrong for a similar reason.
    Have a nice day! 😊

  12. Shane, cool tips as always. Thanks AJ for solidifying the practice methods even more. I don't have a partner to practice with, but I will try to force myself to move more. I am just trying to master the punches and the shifting of my body and using the kinectic chain for now.

    I find that shadow boxing slow and then speeding up my tempo helps me.

  13. Shane I seriously really need some help I have tried so many times but I just don't know how to make that noise and like exhale and stuff like I can't figure it out could you make a video on it I always get so tired in fighting because of it lol thanks

  14. Man. I've been following your videos for a while now and I'm honored to see your growth. Your information is key and vital and needed for every experience level of martial arts. Keep it going king!!

  15. Yes😎the most important advice for sures👌👌👌speed is only good if your good at it!!! superfast hits' or hard hitting precision💪as technique is basically the main idea the more fights you get into the more experienced you'll be to know this.

  16. Authentic, knowledgeable, and great ability to communicate in an understandable way. One of the best guest teachers I've watched on FightTips!

  17. These are aqesome tips. Ive used alot of these tips to train my 6 year old son on getting comfortable with the basics and teach him the fundamentals of boxing. Great job guys and awesome videos.

  18. I don't understand why AJ is saying that the lats leads energy from the ground up. It's a pulling muscle that in a punching motion primarily helps pulling the hand back from the punch and stabilise the shoulder. The energy should travel through a anterior chain with the obliques and through the pectoral that both do an internal rotation and push motion away from you. The part of the chain are the deltoids by flexion of the arm and stabilising and triceps or biceps depending if you throw a hook/uppercut or a jab/cross.

  19. This was great. I totally agree, and really like the emphasis on generating power from the ground up. Years back, I read the Tao Of Jeet Kune Do and it really changed my life. One of the things Bruce really emphasized was the economy of motion. Transferring the kinetic energy from your foundation to your waist, torso, shoulders, arm, fist, or whatever strike you do. It like a wave of motion and force.

    When Bruce spoke of being water, this what he was talk about. Flowing and crashing like a wave into your into your opponent.

  20. People should keep in mind that all of this has to be developed into one fluid motion from the steps, obviously. But also have to be developed into muscle memory rather than concious thought. Think about breathing. You just breath. Manual breathing feels very unnatural. Same with boxing or just fighting in general. Manual fighting, I guess you could call it. That's all hesitation. You have to learn to just react but train for your reactions to be properly exicuted. This is a tip for sparing obviously. Take all the time you want with a heavybag but work on reflexes and pure reaction with opponents. If you're in a fight and you see an opening, within the split second it takes for you to even consider that opening it will be gone. You have to react.

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