Continuing Shotokan in Japan: JKA or JKF?

Hey what’s
up guys, Preston here with another episode
of Grappler going Abroad. Today I’m changing my pace a little bit, I’m usually talking
about Judo, Wrestling, BJJ, some kind of grappling sport. But today I want to talk a little bit
about my Karate training. Some of you probably do know that I train in Karate, some of you
don’t. I train in Shotokan. It’s been pretty fun. I started back when I first started getting
back into Judo in like 2014-2013 and with me moving to Japan, it’s kind of raised some
questions with me about whether or not I want continue my Shotokan training. By the time
I’m leaving for Japan, I should be either a 4th or 3rd kyu in Shotokan Karate. So with
me being this far along, even in the kyu rankings, I feel bad about just quitting Karate. Also,
I really enjoy it, especially recently. I’ve become a little bit more fluent in Shotokan.
My kumite is getting better. My kata is starting to look a lot better. I feel like I’m starting
to step out of the begginer-novice phase and into a more intermediate-advanced level. I
kind of want to continue that, I enjoy feeling like I’m getting better at something. Once
you reach a high level in Judo and Wrestling, I wouldn’t say I’m high level in Judo, but
once you reach a certain level your progress becomes a war of attrition. You improve in
inches, rather than leaps and bounds. But right now, in Karate I’m starting to improve
in leaps and bounds. So I kind of want to continue training. So with that in mind, I’ve
been thinking about training options in Japan. Now with me already doing Judo, and I’ll probably
be doing Judo with my school, assuming I get placed in a high school or Junior high school,
I’ll probably be joining the judo club there and helping out there. If not, I’ll be at
a community center or see if I can go to the police department and see if I can train with
them some times. With my commitment with Judo being first priority, I’ve started kind of
looking into other options for training in Shotokan in Japan. My first step in looking
at this was looking into what organization I want to go with. Because right now, my dojo
isn’t affiliated with a Shotokan specific organization. We are a USANKF school. So we’re
under the National governing body for Karate in the United States. So we’re a WKF affiliate.
With that in mind, I want to talk to my sensei who was formerly JKA about going in and seeing
if he can help me get my foot in the door in a JKA school in Japan. Because even though
they had a little bit of a scuffle back in 2014, the JKA and the JKF, which is the WKF
affiliate in Japan, are affiliated. My rank should be recognized in both the WKF and the
JKA. So with that being said, I think I am going to try and continue. I don’t think I’m
going to try and join the Karate club at my school or any of my schools. Because, spreading
myself too thin with club activities can cause some issues. Plus spreading yourself too thin
is kind of looked down upon in Japan. So I think I’m going to look for a JKA school outside
of the school system, rather than the karate club at my primary school. That’s all I got
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