64 thoughts on “Conor McGregor’s Boxing Coach | Hardest Jobs in Sports

  1. Mate he's doing the whole country of Ireland proud for stepping in the ring with Floyd Mayweather
    but he's still gonna lose

  2. Conner is better at boxing then you think.He is more known for making people go to sleep with his left hand. And he's going to beat the old Gramps. He has more courage than the scary cat so he had to go to his league. Plus , the MMA is a harder league.

  3. Does this guy thinks he can land a punch? No. But the thing is.. Conor will and Floyd as a man to a fucking man he's fucked

  4. I dont like Mayweather but i think Conor has no chance…your coming into a sport fighting 1 of the best all time with no experience in a pro or amatuer boxing match and expect to win. JUST KEEPING IT REAL!!

  5. The maker of this video has lost all hope in Floyd. It's good to see that some have awakened to the reality that McGregor is going to shred Mayweather like the paper champion he's always been. The mask is coming off this Saturday.

  6. Idk where these players heads are at but I can ashore you that he has experience throwing punches and actually his right hook is his must well known move not a kick, yes connor is an amazing kicker by all of his fights were won do to a punch to the head. They make it seem like he is coke crazy uncontrollable freak that kicks and can't keep his mind straight at the bench press… umm no. Do you think Mayweather gets kicked in his fights? Do you think he prepares for a elbow to the neck? No. Yes Mayweather has a lot of experience in the ring but connor as different experience in the ring… much difference. All you can do is pretend he is a crazy person and make him look bad or that he doesn't stand a change. He does. When an mma fighter gets in the ring with another fighter that only throws punches, they look down at them and think they are an unexperienced fighter. Sorry if anything is illiterate or hard to read it is late and thank you for reading this.

  7. Why are so many people acting like this is a real video, this is just a joke, this channel has a whole series with stuff like this so don't get so butthurt

  8. Looking at these comments… I'm just dumbfounded. Guys, he's an actor performing a skit. If you don't understand that its fake then you really have a problem. It's a bit of humour people, have a laugh.

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