Competitive Judo Training : Point System in Competitive Judo

ANGEL PEREZ: On behalf of Expert Village,
I’m Angel Perez with Champion Martial Arts in Miami, Florida, and today we are talking
about competitive judo. Now, we are going to go same thing but into what is a minor
throw. We are going to do a yuko. Yuko is a quarter point. You can have a thousand quarter
points, it will not make waza-ari; it will not make a half point. So, one waza-ari will
beat 100 yuko. This is what a yuko is supposed to look like; remember, it’s a minor throw.
He’s thrown in the side, his back did not touch the mat completely so the referee would,
“Yuko!” Yuko again is a quarter point, and again a hundred yuko is not a waza-ari. A
waza-ari, half a point, will always be as many yuko as are thrown. One more time, show
me. Now we’re going to show koka. Koka is the minor throw, the smallest throw of all
in judo. Normally, he’ll land on his butt. “Koka!” Minor throw. That is the smallest
throw in judo. Koka, minor throw. Yuko, quarter point. Waza-ari, half point. Ippon, match
over, automatic win.

5 thoughts on “Competitive Judo Training : Point System in Competitive Judo

  1. Yoko = Quarter point (i think its less than 20 seconds of osekome (pin))
    Waza-ari = Half point = Osaekome (pin) of 20 seconds
    Ippon = point + automatic win = Osaekome (pin) of 25 seconds

  2. and,
    shido is a minor infrigement. 4 shidos = Hansoku make = you lose immediatly and disqualified from the rest of the tournament.

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