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Hey what’s up! Erik Silva here! And I’m Junior Silva We’re Luta-livre black belt and we’ll show you some basic techniques And today, I’ll teach you the kimura from guard [Kimura from guard] Once you have your opponent inside your guard Remember to close your guard near his shoulder Always press your knees I want to kimura this arm But is very common this kind of movement Catch his wrist And try to catch your own wrist after cross his arm This kind of movement allows your opponent to react Once I try to grab his wrist He automatically reacts even if I’m fast He will take his won hand, under my back And it will be very hard to break his grip So we need to resolve this issue Then, I need to isolate his arm I need to prevent any grab or escape So I start the movement with an over hook the other hand will rotate his shoulder after I grab my own wrist now, I try to submit him, like an arm bar when I force my elbow in His automatically reaction is, to turn his arm this movement will reduce the pressure the next step to put this elbow, over his armpit without release the over hook, I cross my elbow over his armpit his head should be always down this arm start to cross his arm now I have the begin of the kimura and he can’t grab his own hand, or break my grip Look the details, never live your thumbs down, always use all your fingers together in kimura now, let’s see more details So, after you isolate his arm A very important detail is… Your elbow should always pressure his shoulder If I try to kimura with my elbow relaxed, it will never works hip out and other extremely important detail, is that I never live his hand go near his back because he will grab his own hand So I bring his hand near my head his arm should be in 90º like an “L” And now he can’t grab his own hand and always remember, force your elbow over his shoulder and now I have to turn all my body in direction I want to force his arm I try don’t stretch my arms, but turn all my body another detail is… To avoid his roll to escape, I can catch his shin with my foot so I put my hip out and stretch my leg once here, his knee is in danger, but you don’t need to submit him in legs, but with the kimura To avoid his roll that’s it every one I hope you enjoy this technique oss [EVERY WEEK, A NEW TECHNIQUE]

24 thoughts on “Como fazer a Kimura da guarda | Luta livre, Jiu jitsu e Judô | Cerrado MMA

  1. Excelente explicação do detalhe da técnica.. Já apliquei bastante técnica na prática nos treinos na Academia aqui em Manaus.Obrigado professores Eric e Jr..OSS!

  2. Muito bem explicado a mecânica e a dinâmica dessa posição, parabéns Srs Mestres e q Deus ilumine e abençoe tbm com sabedoria!!!


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