Comment faire 2020 pompes…[]

Hello and welcome. I BANDELIER Bruno, The Professor Karate of net. Today,
I’ll make you a little video a little bit special I called, “How
2020 pumps do once? ” The purpose of the video is not to boast
or anything, or say that all world is able to pump 2000, it
is not the goal. The purpose of the video is to show you how, with perseverance
and by setting a specific goal, you get to do things, even ourselves,
initially we do not believe too. We have one small voice that does not believe too.
I will show you a small thing. This must have 10 or 15 years, this thing is
a challenge during a telethon, I will explain. It was an association
called “Neuro 2020”. One day, it must be ten years,
preparing the telethon with the association. As the association is called “Neuro
2020 “I said I going to get a challenge and I will make the challenge of 2020
pumps on the day of the telethon. I did not know not if I could make them.
I did not know at all how long I will put. But, in fact, two or three
Telethon month or so, I say, “Here, during the telethon, I will do in 2020
pumps “. Even me, it seemed impossible, I had already struggling to make 20 or
30 in a row. So, I thought, but that’s all. I say I start the challenge
and then we’ll go. So I got there. I would show you how a little after
I did, but above all how I done to prepare?
So to prepare, it’s not complicated. Already, I set this goal with
really a certainty. Initially when I launched the challenge, I had
so I never know if I could. But deep down, I knew I could do it.
I said, “even if it means that I spend the two-day telethon to do
pumps. I would make one occasionally, I would arrive well in 2020 “. So I had
said, I would get to. And after, the level of training, do the same
pumps, it’s still an endurance training. There is no need to be very strong,
what it takes is to be enduring. And, I started. Every morning I was
10 pumps. I rested a minute or two, I do not remember exactly. I n
redid 10 until you get to a hundred pumps. And the next day, instead of
do 10 I’m 11; and the day after I made 12 and then so on
until you get to do a series of 50 pumps. After a moment, I could
to make sets of 50 pumps in a row Three minutes after, I rewrote 50.
Three minutes after I rewrote 50. So that’s getting a lot. But
Even then, I thought, at the end of ten series 50, the morning I started to tell me
How I’ll do in 2020 pumps? And here I’ve realized that when
I got to make 50 in a row, well 10, it was really easy.
10 pumps it got really … when I doing 10 pushups, I was resting 20-30
seconds and I could redo 10 pumps. So in fact, I like that. The day
the telethon, is the same. I did not know not that I would end up, but I did as
it. In As I had someone noted that every time I was 10
pumps. And in fact, I was doing 10 pushups. I’ll show you quickly, the principle
was simple. I just put in Seiza. I was one, two, three, four,
five six seven eight nine ten. I had. I was waiting 20 to 25 seconds. he had
I really relaxes me and I headed One, two … every time I was 10
pumps like this. In fact, it ended up endurance work and then, suddenly,
I arrived to the 2020. I you saying is not at all exceptional,
I think maybe everyone could get there in two, three months. Perhaps
or that there should be a little more during practice, but no matter. that
I wanted to say is that even I, at first I did not think I would get
to do that. Since I was 10 pumps in 20 seconds, I started 13 hours
; and at first I thought I would to the afternoon, but in the end in
1:42 minutes I had finished. A hour 42 minutes after I had finished. So,
I took an hour to 42 minutes 2020 pumps. I did not think I
would arrive. The following year, I think I
an hour and a half. So you see, I had even a little progress. So I
did it twice. I kept the picture, it must have 15 years in the table, it is a
dirty little while, but I never wanted delete it because I was still
a little about myself. Well, to tell you that in life when
you have something you want, do not be afraid of you set goals
ambitious, even beyond that at departure you think is possible; from the
when it does not seem unfeasible no more. I would have said 3 million pumps
yes sure … 2000, although it seems many initially telethon it lasts
two days so it did not seem possible to make 2000 even being two days
out of print. In the end, I put a lot less, but you see, you set goals
ambitious, and then called “Karate do” is the way of the hand
empty; Do it, it’s really the way. Once you have set a goal,
we must find the way to achieve it and go after. Do not go
right, left, and say “not today I do not do “. No, you have a goal,
you do it. Here, go to the end. After, you have to learn. There are times,
there are days when I might be a little pain everywhere. Ok, today is
a break day. I take my day off, I do that tomorrow. We must also listen
his body to go step by step. But when you have a goal, you must
go to the end. From the moment you have the desire to go all the way, your
objective is clear and you follow your Along the way you will get there.
So that was a bit the idea of video. It was not for me
praise because it is not exceptional. Believe me, this is not at all exceptional.
It was really to explain that Once you have a deep determination,
deep inside you, so follow your path. If you do karate, so from the start
you set a goal to go quickly to black belt and beyond after,
well, do it. You follow the objectives and then, first step, yellow belt,
after orange belt. And you keep way, path. Okay. The way it is
Importantly, Do the “Karate Do”. It is important to follow a path and have
a correct attitude throughout your learning. Thank you and says
soon on and Bye !

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  1. Incroyable ! Ça me donne envie de tenter le défi 🙂

    Sinon est-ce que tu saurais s'il existe des exercices en dehors du crossfit permettant d'une manière ou d'une autre d'augmenter ses capacités de karatéka et de combattant en général ? J'entends par là des manières peut être un peu plus bourrines et traditionnelles car on voit quelque fois certains qui par exemple qui se font volontairement frapper dans les abdos ou même les avants bras pour se renforcer… Saurais tu si ce genre de truc marche vraiment ?

  2. Thank you so much . I earners from Iraq and work coach in the Kingdom of Sweden. And I follow your explanation wonderful. Thank you very much Professor

  3. Bonjour. Je voudrai apprendre le karaté mais étant en déplacement quasi constant je ne peux pas allez en club, je voudrai donc apprendre chez moi et je voulait savoir si vos vidéo à elle seul pourrait me permettre d'apprendre même si je ne suis pas en club.

  4. Tres bon programme pour l'entrainement de la force a la maison et au dojo! Merci pour votre suggestion, sensei!

  5. Une fois j'ai fait 2000020 sur le dos ! Sa ma prix presque 2 heures en gros pour en faire :
    -vous vous mettes sur votre dos ,
    -mettez vos bras devant vous
    -vous les ramener
    – et voila le tuto si tu est arriver

  6. C'est plus ou moins la technique qu'a utilisé l'un des recordmen du nombre de pompes, sauf qu'il n'en faisait que trois d'affilée puis se reposait quelques secondes.

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