Comment BLOQUER un CROCHET ? KARATE – Lionel Froidure

What’s up karateka friends! Today let’s defend against a real hook punch. I remind you that we already work on large hook punch on a previous video. We can see it coming. But still, it’s common on the street. But if he knows how to do a hook punch ? He launch it and it’s a real hook punch. I will try to come here and protect my head like this. And I go in. Your hand as 2 options: 1. I can go to the shoulder to slow down his attack, 2. The one I really like is to go straight on the head. Even if he’s protect with his hand and used to fight, I already took the center. If I am just here, he can go around to continue his attack. So I am trying to go there, take his center. I go in, protect myself while moving forward and then I can finish him with an arm lock. The idea is to NOT stay here, he is in the right distance. So I need to move forward. Of course I am using the other hand. Then I can go further and counter attack. I switch leg because to bring him of balance while moving. I am not using just my muscle, I won’t be able do move him. I am using my all body. Then I can finish and lock is arm. If you want more tips and advices of karate, don’t forget to subscribe. See you soon. Thanks for watching.

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