College of DuPage Faculty Member Works to Create National Martial Arts Team

Silat is a general, general term. In Malay
world it means Martial Art, so if I say Island Silat – Island Martial Art.
Most people want to know specifically what style, so Silat alone has 150 known style.
At COD is called Seni gayong Silat. I brought the art and then started with
one student and then it grows and it’s still growing.
We created the course in 2005 and it has been running since then. This is the
first College that ever offer Silat that I know of. We are also in the process to
put Silat sport in Olympic game. When I was in Colorado during the national
competition, I was leading the team. We went to Colorado Springs Olympic
Training Center. We had a meeting over there, trying to push Silat sport in
Olympic. We may not be able to do it next year in in Tokyo, in August, I think,
but maybe the following event we might be able to make sports Silat as Olympic
Game. At the national level they’re doing very well, they are all within one
and three. I think it’s because they spend a lot of time training and I thank
College of DuPage for giving us the additional training time here at
at the school. Being able to participate and represent the country itself, it’s,
exciting. This is why I encourage even new students come over and join
this course or this Silat because we are the pioneers.
I invite more people to come over and think about this, you represent Illinois,
and then you represent United States. Having my students represent Illinois
and USA – I’m very proud. And again I thank you College of DuPage for
supporting our goals and objectives. [Music]

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