COBRA KAI Season 2 “Johnny yells at Hawk” Clip Trailer (2019) Karate Kid Series HD

What happened here looks like since you threw a party I’ve been pretty sick if fire got involved Go ahead The dojo is closed to new students today, we just wanted to sign up after we start a tournament Do I need to say it again? Get out? Yes, sir. Sensei Let’s go. Let’s go. Move it come back tomorrow Bring your checkbooks Everyone fall in How’s it been a rager sensei yeah, you’re celebrating all weekend celebrating what my students are a bunch of pussies Diaz hawk up front Oh Did you attack your opponent when his back was turned yes sensei Diaz did you purposely attack your opponent’s injury? Yes sensei You think that makes you badass It’s a matter too tough a question Maybe you need some help Miss Robinson. Yes sensei to Cobras in the jungle one kills the strongest lion Yeah, that kills a crippled monkey Which cobra do you want to be the one that kills the lion sensei and why is that because it killed a stronger animal correct? Cobra Kai is about being badass. And the baddest badass is the one who beats his opponent when he’s at his strongest Not what his back his turn Not when he’s injured Is that understood yes That means no more cheating More fighting dirty From here on out those are pussy moves and you don’t want to be pussies. Do you no good That’s why I had you wear your white belts are starting over Diaz hawk fifty push-ups on your knuckles Miss Robinson warm them up. Yes, since they Fighting position jab punch ready? Yeah Inner peace Focus Balance You can learn the secrets of Okinawan. Karate true karate by joining the Miyagi Doh team because in Miyagi Doh It’s not about the money. It’s about the karate Defeat does not exist in this dojo in for a rude awakening. It’s Cobra Kai is about being badass Remember it doesn’t matter who anyone was before they stepped into this dojo all that matters is that we are all Biaggi, duh Know how to beat Cobra Kai I did it thirty years ago. I could do it again Cut great just make sure the Cobra Kai snake comes in at the end or I don’t want to really pop You

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  1. Man I LOVE JOhnny. Kreese has no honor. It will be interesting to see how him and Johnny interact this season. This is the best tv series spin off of a movie EVER. I hope it gets at least 5 seasons if they have that many planned. What I REALLY would like to see is Terry Silver come back for a season. He is a strong character villain that drives Kreese and it would be insane to see him and maybe even MIKE BARNES come back for something too.

  2. This is good. But this should have been part of the Season 1 finale instead of Season 2. I really liked the whole series but by the end most themes of the movie were undermined IMO. Cobra Kai were "the bad guys", Larrousso and his disciple were "the good guys" and Miguel who started as almost the main character that was picked on, ends up in a very secondary level being the bully and the prick himself, almost no redemption for him where as the focus turns to Larrousso and his disciple again.

    Also I hated that Season 1 was almost not resolved, they inmediately teased Season 2 instead of trying to close the series and wait for the fan reaction to tease season 2.

  3. I've competed in wrestling and bjj and imo what hawk did was wrong, but miguel was fine imo. Should you let someone else beat you if they get injured? It's a fight, injuring the other person and capitalizing on weakness is kinda the point

  4. Diaz is embarrassed, Hawk is pissed and disheartened. It will be interesting to see the evolution of these characters. Especially with John Kreese in the fold.

  5. I have never been so stoked for a season 2 of anything. Now all we need is a 2nd season of "Wayne." Anyone who hasn't seen Wayne, stop what you're doing and check that shit out right now.

  6. Looking forward to see the conflict between Kreese and Johnny. The former will push them further down the dark side while Johnny tries to move toward a more honorable path.

  7. My favorite quote: 'An optimist is someone that tells you to cheer up when things are going THEIR way.' Not everyone is blessed with a 'charmed' life like Daniel-san. He was totally rubbing Johnny's face in it at the dealership. I totally sympathize with Johnny in that life is a struggle and one must steel themselves-but unlike what Kreese taught him Johnny has a sense of honor. He's also fallen far in life and usually people like this rise very far because it's hammered out a resilient core.

  8. it all depends how you interprit the motto of cobra kai: both what hawk and diaz did and what johnny explains with his analogy can be what you take from the motto……. i´m glad that johnny turns his lifearound and wants his students to stop being bullies and instead fight hard but fair

  9. In my opinion Daniel has become a piece of crap. He's a rich snob who would rather spend his money to keep a poor man poor. He is the one who started the problem with Johnny in Cobra Kai just like he did in the original Karate Kid

  10. i hate it when i know something bad is gonna go down and i just have to watch through it until it fixes itself in the show. i feel like johhny accidentally tought miguel and hawk (Eli) the old cobra kai ways and now hes trying to change but its gonna be difficult since they already learned and they might "betray" johnny and since kreese is back too they might go with kreese.

  11. I love this scene so much. In reality Johnny was never a bad guy. He made a mistake and now is trying to redeem himself. But Daniel and Robby keep trying to put him down. See Barney Stinson was right.

  12. Funny, they all should have white belts because not one of them knows karate. Not one knows how to throw a proper punch or sidekick. It really is hilarious to watch. Really, they could not find anyone in the country who actually knows karate too be in the show?

  13. Hearing Johnny say 'Cobra Kai is about being a badass' makes him look immature lol. He's a grown man, it's about time he stopped caring about being 'badass' (as opposed to other things, like honorable and mature).

    Most everything he says here is correct though.

  14. I know the 2nd season is out and this sneak peek is old news but Johnny…Cobra hunting a Lion? House Cats hunt snakes, an African Lion or Cougar might not even pay any attention to any Cobra since they’re a fraction of their strength and hunting game capability…Lions hunt animals 5x their size, a Cobra isn’t even fighting competition it’s nothing but prey to any panther.

  15. johnny trying hard not to show his parental protective side toward his son in front of the other students but it comes out like that no matter what

  16. Every war is won by making use of your enemy weakness now you need to attack when your enemy is at his strongest? Thats just unlogical bullcrap. Yes honor fuck honor if you want to win. Thats reality we always love underdogs but most of the time underdogs lose because life is not about underdogs.

  17. See now we all want robby to join cobra kai and Miguel should heal and his sensei should join with johnny and make a great team

  18. Johnny has a sense of honor. Appreciate it. Just that the dark forces are circling, and they swallow him whole.

  19. Daniel's ego seems to be driving everything. Johnny ends up being a truth seeker, and Daniel, sorry to say, is a little like Kres.

  20. In boxing or MMA, no fighter gets any respect form the fans or the press for being dirty. In our gym you do a rabbit punch, low blow, or any dirty tactic, you are considered a pussy. Career fighters who cheated lost respect and never earned it back. Just look at what happened to guys like Antonio Margarito or James Butler.

    In combat sports, respect and honor is as important as the prize money. People buy PPV fights to follow warriors who beat the best at their best. Nobody likes a cherry picker, or a paper champion. Tyson regained championship after his incarceration, but he never got the same respect from the fans because Don King spoonfed him bums.

  21. Daniel Larusso attacked the Cobra kai dojo all the time and even provoked . with guilty Daniel Larusso Dojo Cobra kai has been divided . Daniel Larusso and johnny lawrence are the main characters of the Cobra kai series . it seems to me that in season 3 or 4 johnny lawrence will recover the cobra kai dojo.

  22. Honor is something occidental people never understand, honor isn't about the way you fight, it's about the reason you are fighting for. Remember Japanese the people who invented Samurai are the same people who invented Ninja.

  23. I didn't know there are still Cobra Kai schools around! Is he the real Johnny in the movie 'Karate Kid'?

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