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Kai Content So today I want to talk about the reasons why Daniel is essentially to blame
for most of what we are seeing today on the Cobra Kai series. Daniel has done a lot of bad, and Daniel has
created a lot of trouble. The trouble Daniel created, has now led to
to an entire Generation Now finding themselves in a situation where they don’t know how to
proceed or how to handle it and Daniel’s responsible for this. Look at what he did when it comes to Mr Miyagi. He comes from New Jersey to California moves
into town hooks up with Miyagi, and starts going around tormenting Johnny Lawrence. I mean, that it’s a horrible situation and
that’s actually what happened with him, he went around doing this he went around making
the lives of people absolutely miserable and now he finds himself 35 years later doing
it all over again and the funny thing about all of this of course is the fact that he
has not repented whatsoever. Look at what he did to Robbie, as soon as
things did not work out between him and Robbie, he threw Robbie away, I mean who does that? I’ll you tell what, Mr. Miyagi would never
have done that to Daniel, he was always there for Daniel despite my feelings about Mr Miyagi. So can you imagine that Daniel, reality is
even worse than Mr Miyagi. He is the worst character in the entire Karate
Kid series he is a bully he’s a liar he’s a cheater, and if you don’t know why I’m saying
that he’s a cheater please going to watch my Mister Miyagi video. When it comes to Daniel, there are so many
things I could say about Daniel, but just to get down to it, Daniel is someone who should
not be idolized he’s done nothing but wrong and it is because of him why Sam is here today
causing problems, and making lives of people miserable. How many times do you need to destroy Johnny
Lawrence’s life? because, that’s what he’s done. Daniel has destroyed Johnny’s life multiple
times and he has no sympathy, empathy or regrets. Do you think he feels bad about what he’s
done? No he doesn’t, because Daniel doesn’t have
remorse at all about what he’s done and he’s going to keep doing it because no one’s trying
to stop him. No one’s told him no you can’t do this, so
he thinks he’s better than people. He came from New Jersey nothing. Heads to LA and starts ruining lives right
out of the door. All people can do is shake their heads Daniel
was and still is a terrible bully, and always will be the bully in the original film and
a villain throughout the entire Karate Kid series, Cobra Kai franchise, and whatever
there is in the future. Let me know what you think if you agree that
Daniel is a terrible character, a terrible person and someone was created so much trouble
over the course of series, and now his daughter Sam is out there doing same thing. As they say, like father like daughter. It’s just absolutely upsetting and it’s just
painful to witness. Please don’t forget to like share and subscribe,
because that’s the only way we can continue putting out this content for you. let me know if you agree with my take on why
Daniel is to blame for most of the bad things that have happened in both Karate Kid, and
Cobra Kai, and we’ll talk more in the comments catch you on the next one.

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